Sunday, September 9, 2012

So Totally Worth It

The last few days of my sabbatical have seen a couple of very nice things that I've been able to accomplish.

I of course have an 'army' of maids which people make a lot of fun of. But with my three small children and then my father-in-law at home, it makes eminent sense for me, so I don't really bother - and laugh along to the barbs like 'why don't you get them uniforms' and stuff like that.

My cleaning maid has a problem - like many of this set of people do - of an alcoholic-no-good-abusive-husband - who just blows up her earnings treating his friends to Pepsi, Paan and the drink, apparently. A long time ago, she had asked me about opening a bank account because she said that was the only way she could save any money. I kept putting off this request - and was quite ashamed to note that years had passed since her initial request to me . I finally went to the bank last week, figured it out for her, opened a joint account - and somehow managed to get an approval for her documents - she just got her a chequebook and atm card, and I'm trying to teach her how to use it.

The other one, who takes care of the twins - has had the dream of studying - she had to drop out in Class 8 and leave her village to come with her family to Delhi. So now that the twins have started pre-school, I've managed to find the most lovely imaginable retired teacher who has delightedly taken her on - she goes two days a week to this lady, and in between, my father-in-law and I are supplementing her education so that she learns the basics of English and Math. I also told her that Peanut now has started reading pretty well so she can learn with her. She very sweetly replied ''Yes, Peanut has been teaching me, but sometimes she is too busy...''. I was tickled at the thought of my 5 year old 'teaching' and then being 'too busy' - but suggested a game format which would involve the very competitive and bossy little Peanut to impart more of her worldly wisdom.

The maids are very happy and I feel a great sense of relief.

In other updates, we had some bad news but are taking it in our stride - our landlord needs his place back - we just moved in January to this really beautiful apartment and now we have to move again! Most importantly, we need to find a place within the same complex. But strangely, it's not really bothering me. I have a feeling it will happen and we'll be just fine. The broker I spoke to today was quite impressed with my book, he saw the notice with the extract that I had put up on the notice boards, and said 'Aapne toh Vijay-Sir ke baare mein sab kuchh bata diya!'. Ha ha. I just hope this influences him to find us a great apartment. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, am terribly terribly excited that two of my old college buddies are coming over today - with their baby daughters, whom I have never met! Can't wait to see them :)

P.S- Umashankar, thanks for the kind words in the comment section, and to answer your question - reviews can be posted on your blog; and/or Flipkart or Goodreads! Thanks Many. Even if you can just do a rating on Flipkart/Goodreads/both would be great. 


  1. Hi. Sorry for delay. Here is the review I promised.

  2. Hi Y, completely empathise with the cleaning maid's problems... Mine suffers too (as I'm sure a lot of their ilk do).. Wish you luck on finding a new apartment, I'm sure it will work out well. Do write more on the guitar bit...! Cheers

  3. Wow! Y you have finally opened an account for your maid. This is really a great work. Appreciate it.

    Nice post! enjoyed reading it.

  4. You lost me at 'army of maids'. I was too overcome with jealousy to continue :p

  5. Nice to know about the maids and that u are supporting them so well :)

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with the title of the post. It warms the heart to learn how you are helping your household helps in turn.

    Here is wishing you get a suitable accommodation fast. Now that you have truly made Mr Vijay famous, just as the broker observed, it shouldn't be a hassle after all!

    ps: Thanks for making me part of the post! I have posted a review of Just Married, Please Excuse at my Blog here.

  7. And...I also appreciate your initiative to provide education to one of your maids.

    Thank You!!!

  8. Wow, I hope to find such great resourceful maids soon! And shifting...ouch the thought hurts. Good luck


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