Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Have This Sneaking Suspicion

...that I'm doing it again.

I'm packing in too many things into this sabbatical. Yesterday I sat down and listed all the things I've done that I'm really glad about - and the list ran into over 30 things already. In 3 months. Yes, they're a combination of big and small things - Big, like finishing the second book. Small, like hanging out one random Thursday afternoon with Peanut at the new mall Hangout, as a surprise. Big, like seeing my grandma several times a week. Small, like being there for Pickle and Papad when they come home from school. You get the picture.

But one of the things on my sabbatical was supposed to be TO RELAX. And not the hardcore focussed 30-minutes-each-day ''I will do yoga-breathing-meditation-and-read-uplifting-books'' thing. But the ''truly-lowering-expectations-from-life-others-and-self-and-just-be-ing'' variety of relaxation.

I've been so busy with everything in the last three months that it's gone by in a whirry blur ( or blurry whir, if you prefer...what a poem, hey?). I'm not saying that taking a break hasn't helped - it's helped immensely. At the very least, I'm in better physical shape than I've been in for about three years - that by itself means a lot.

It's just that the feeling of panic that I had when I saw that three months were already up wasn't a welcome one - it was like ''wait, wait, I've done so much, but there's Still so much to do...what about the reading I was to do? and the volunteer work? and the ...'' etc etc. That's ridiculous, right? I mean, here I am trying to get away from the whole 'superwoman' tag and relax. And now again, I'm trying to be superwoman-in-pajamas! No, no, NO. I refuse. From now on, it's total relaxation. Not taking on anything new for a while, and will figure out what to cut down in order to arrive at a less frenzied state of living.

So. RIGHT. That's my NEXT project!

*Do you have any suggestions on how we do this?*


  1. Gud luck with that :)

    Btw, am almost done with JMPE and really have this strong urge to be able to see pics of that dashing bride in pink-silver, Kajal, Zareena and so on ;)
    And loved loved reading the bonding between Vijay and Peanut, esp. being the total Daddy's daughter that I am :P

  2. Hmm.. suggestions eh.. just one.
    Just stop.
    One day just do NOTHING on your to-do list. Any in-between time, any time you find yourself reaching for a book, the next task.. hang on, take a deep breath, just go sit in the balcony and watch the clouds instead. FORCE yourself to stop thinking for a while. To just be. For 5 min at a stretch.
    Once you start doing it consciously for 5 min at a stretch, you'll learn to 'let go' for longer intervals.
    Basically, before each action, each activity you start, ask yourself - do i really want to do this right now? Does it match my overall 'purpose' of relaxing right now?
    I know.. general gyan ;)

    Been down that road not so long ago.. trying to let go of being superwoman, and just being.
    Not quite there yet. But am getting closer... :)

  3. Forget everything else, and blog a little more :)
    It'll help two ways - 1) You'll make a lot of people who love this blog happier! :D; 2) You'll get all the rest that you're now stressing about!!

  4. I am always glad by your work..."Super-woman" style.

    Well, as now you have decided to 'Relax'. I also feel this that you must Relax and "take life less seriously (Yashodharalal)". But I think again and I feel that the work you do are the work you love to do.

    So, finally I want to suggest some things you can do, ah sorry, not "do" but "do to relax".
    1. Take a cup of coffee and stand at the balcony and stare at the happening at the sight.

    2. Do not touch computer for a day. Just read your old dairy and try getting nostalgic.

    3. Settle with family to play a traditional games like Ludo or even cards

    4. Make collage out of old newspapers and magazines.

    5. Go for a long drive listening to your favorite songs.

    Wish you best. Have fun...

  5. Hey Y, You are doing so many things and plan to do so much more and that too with three little kids that you are tempting me too to request for a sabbatical
    .. by the way where you ever out of shape..?? I mean you look as if you have always been like this.. yummy mummyy :)


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