Friday, May 2, 2008

Faux Pas of the Week

So my dear mother has given a pair of my pants for alteration at our tailor's, and instructed me to hand over 40 bucks to my driver and ask him to pick it up. 'He knows where it is', she tells me confidently.

But when I get to the office, I'm in a bit of a hurry and busy thinking of ten things at the same time. As I'm getting out of the car, I just about remember to tell him to pick up the pants. I notice his strange expression only as I'm slamming the door shut and realize it is due to the fact that I have just tossed him a hundred rupee note, with the words:

'Bhaiiya, Mera Pant Uthana'


  1. Ha!! Quite the entertaining indeed.

  2. HAHAHAA!! You're not alone though.. I have said to my BIL "Please bahar aake kapde utaar do".. as in please pick up the clothes (from the clothes line) on this terrace.

    - Shruti

  3. lolll hilarious..i can just imagine the thoughts he will be having all day ;p

  4. umm... did he follow the instructions...??

  5. Hahah, good one. reminded me of an office picnic on the beach when my friend (female) said " Shall I remove everything" in front of everyone present there.. she actually meant to take out all the bread slices from the bread packet...

  6. Dear Yashodhara,

    You write quite well and nice to follow the shenanigans of your family through your blog

    wanted to speak to Vijay, please ask him to call me up

    best wishes


  7. Duh duh, let me start by echoing everyone else sentiments and say HAHAHAHA. Let me proceed to say - if anyone in the world was capable of saying such a thing, it must have been you.

    Sigh - I wish my job had these kinds of perks.

  8. My English is all over the place in the last comment. My apologies. I shall use the lack of excuse as my excuse. Well if you can use a hectic life schedule as your's it's only fair :)

  9. ROFL!!!

    I keep doing this often....can't think of any from the recent past to quote though....

    Aaaaah....I was getting a pedicure while talking to mom on the fone...and I told the guy..."bhaiyya thoda aur karo" as he was finishing massaging the foot..

    and my mom in an alarmed voice asks me..."kisse kya karva rahe ho?"

  10. LMAO, Y! Thou art inimitable.

    Congrats on 200th post and the weight loss et al. Have been Net-deprived, just getting back to blogs :)

  11. LOL!!!

    BTW< congrats on hitting that 200th post!

  12. i have only one thing to say to this.. HEHEHEHHEHE :D

  13. Hahahhahha reminds me of the time i yelled at my dhobi "kapde nikalna jaldi!!!" and have several neighbours stare at me while i ran inside the house oblivious to everything :D

  14. Just chanced on your blog and this by far has made my day.Lol! Never have laughed so hard...
    Btw, wat is peanut's name????


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