Friday, May 23, 2008

She's Back and this time, She's Rambling!

...Okay, okay, quickly, gotta do this quickly. There's been so much happening but I just don't get time to blog about it. Hey what's this ओह माय गोद , नो नोट गोद, गव्द okay, sorry about that, I got excited because I saw the hindi scripting feature just now. Have I really been away that long, Blogger? How much you've changed. Sigh.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning in Delhi. One of those alternate non-working Saturdays and the possibility of a whole lazy two-day weekend stretches before me. It's been so lovely, the weather. I remember I came to Delhi just about this time last year, a couple of months before delivering Peanut - the weather was nothing like this.

I mentioned it here in this post, and it was one where I wrote about our 'awesome twosome' - our help in Mumbai, Zareena and Vinod. Well, I think I haven't really had time to mention it, but Zareena was totally broken when we decided to relocate to Delhi a couple of months back. She was very emotional when she heard about it, and was quite depressed for a few days - having become fond of all us, especially the baby.

She came with Vinod to drop us to the airport when we were all leaving, dressed in her 'outside of home' Sari, with her long hair open, looking quite tragic - no more tears while waving us goodbye, but a shaky little smile. Funnily enough, that's one thing about Mumbai that I'm really missing - having Zareena around.

I'm not missing the equally valuable driver, Vinod, though - for the very simple reason that the young man has decided to relocate and has come to Delhi to continue to be with us. That's something which I'm really glad about although I've felt slightly worried about his settling into this city - he was just so comfortable in Mumbai, had lots of contacts, stayed with his elder brother there - but he seems to be doing alright and claims to like the city well enough. In fact, in Mumbai, he had an offer from his earlier 'Model Memsahib' to come back to her, for around 50% more than we can pay him - but he decided to just stick on with us because he seems to like us. Good for us. Given how difficult good help is to find, it makes to keep the ones you can. Couldn't take Zareena with us though. She calls occasionally but apart from hearing her familiar yell 'KAISE HO, THEEK HOON MEMSAHIB, KAJAL KYA KAR RAHIN HAI, BABY KYA KAR RAHIN HAI', there isn't really that much you talk about on the phone with her.

Anyway, so life goes on and I'm quite excited because there are going to be three new babies - yes, three! - amongst my close family and friends over the next few months - that's really good because I have these visions of Peanut growing up with all of them, even though none of them are in my city so far. I guess I'm hoping that they will all converge to Delhi like we did, realizing that it's just so much better to be with family around this time.

After joining work, I've been really busy because there is so much going on and it's all very exciting stuff - I think the best thing about my new workplace is the energy that we've got going on over there - it's a whole new business, and a whole new world, but I'm able to apply the stuff I've learned over the last few years quite well - it's good to be in a place where you can make a difference and also keep learning something new everyday. But we're little short on people and so it's quite madly busy during the week. Oh, by the way, any one of you interested in working in a great Internet business, in marketing ? Let me know.

Wow, I didn't want to convert this post into a recruitment bid, so let me smoothly move on. Peanut is doing fine, she's almost 10 months old now. She has been irritating Vijay by refusing to say Papa, doggedly repeats Mamamamamamama whenever he tries to get her to say it. I try to tell him that he needn't put forth his case in the form of his own personal cheer - he sits down in front of her and chants 'Who is the best? Pa-PA...Who is the best? Pa-PA'. She watches with an amused expression and then quickly crawls over to me, going 'Mamamamama'. The other thing she's learnt to say quite well is 'Nai-nai-nai-nai-nai-nai' which is typically used when we're trying to get her to sleep at night.

I'm a lot less tired now, having recovered from a cold over the last week and deciding that I will get in some exercise every morning no matter how bad I wake up feeling. Peanut's been consenting to sleep by 10.30 p.m. and nowadays I actually can't remember in the mornings, whether she wakes up with the same frequency at night as before - so I suspect keenly that this might be why I'm feeling better rested but here I will unsuccessfully search for that anti-jinx thing and end up quickly changing the subject again.

Actually, I think I'll just post later because I can hear Peanut playing in the other room and she seems to be finding something very funny indeed. During the week, I do come back to feed her every day at lunchtime and that is really important to me - but now that my time with her is cut down on working days, I tend to cling on to her the same way she clings on to me while I'm home. And that's pretty much why the infrequency of posts.

And how are all of you? Good, I hope? Let me know if you're still there?

See you later!

I'm sure you understand.


  1. ofcourse, we're still here!
    and i'm interested in the marketing jig, is it a wor-from-home-in-another-country kind of opportunity though?

  2. very much here!! and grt to hear the updates :)

  3. I was gonna mail you- missing you loads:) More later.

  4. go away. show pictures of peanut instead.


  5. lol @ Chandni's comment... do put up pics!!!
    And am definitely here... I checked your blog obsessively about ten times every single day!!!

  6. Es es! Here only .. waiting for reader to throw out ur name as updated so can scurry in here and read fastttllyy!! Good things on ur post :) Verry nice!

  7. Hello good to see you here, thought you were gone for good, its been so long. Mumbai not the same without you dude...come back! No, don't....enjoy the family and the space and lack of traffic.

    Very glad to hear that you are enjoying the work.

    Have fun and hope to see ya soon.

    Hugs to the peanut and hi to Vijay.

  8. Wow! you make Delhi sound like a city worth moving to !

  9. Seems to be a phase we're all going through, spending time with families to the extent that we'd rather even skip blogging. :) I've been doing the same.

    Hey Y, don't forget to do a post on when Peanut encounters her first mango. Summer and all that.

  10. good to hear from u agter really long..i was beginning to wonder why u had gone...

    how come everyone's raving about delhi's weather???i think i'm going to have to move back to that city....
    glad to hear u have recovered from the cold..

  11. its nice to know alls going well and things working out good!!


    Unlike Vijay, like a duh i taught kabir to say papa first! and he still doesnt say mamamama!! :p

    lovely post!


  12. Delhi in may? Fab weather? Do u just stay in shimla and call it Delhi? :P
    Am so tempted to respond to the recruitment ad but well, oodles happening at my end which prohibit any other life variable changing! :)

  13. Here, very much here.

    Happy to know that you are! :)

  14. lol@ Vijay's attempts to get Peanut to say PaPa, my pumpkin on the other hand has to be coaxed to say Mama, to her saying Dada is more amusing :D

  15. I second Mona on the working from home in another country thing.

  16. Later is fine Y...just fine but keep em' comin!!! btw...maybe an HR job will in your firm will make my senses perk up...hope V is doin fine...



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