Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Wondrous Nadi Shastra Experience

Unlike all my other posts, this one had me actually thinking about whether to go ahead and write it or not. As you can see, action has won out over abstinence.

There are three reasons for my having dithered over this:

a. It is a sensitive, hotly debated issue with a certain branch of my family.
b. I have no real interest in getting into an argument with the assorted folks out in the blogosphere, who may be staunch and fanatic defenders of this fascinating branch of astrology.
c. This post is a bit of a rant and therefore not really in keeping with the spirit of my blog (making light of life)

So, I start with a pre-emptive note:

a. To the Family Branch: if you ever chance upon this post and this gets your blood boiling - remember how much you love me for my many other sterling qualities, count to ten, and then call me before coming over so that I can leave town.

b. To the other Assorted Folks who believe in Nadi Shastra: Kindly chill out. I'm not here to debate the authenticity of your experience. I'm here to expose the clear sham that my personal experience was.

c. To Myself and the Spirit of my blog: Anything as ridiculous as this experience is still in keeping with the idea of 'making light of life'. Plus, it's my blog and I can and should write whatever I want on it, so there.

Here it goes:

NADI SHASTRA: You can read a glowing description of the same here, in order to get the background. Or, you can read the shamelessly lifted excerpts below, from a succint description by a blogger I found who has posted on the same topic recently - you can read her entire experience here.

From her post:

''....'nadi jolshiyam' or 'astrology that is sought'. Apparently, centuries ago, the period when every village happening was later made into a legend, a Goddess wanted to know about the people who would be born on earth. Her following of saints took up the task and wrote down the life histories of every human being who would ever be born on this earth, each inscribed into a leaf. Wars and natural calamities destroyed a lot of these but about a few hundred years ago, the remaining inscriptions were recovered and translated into a more recent comprehendable Tamil....These little biographies are said to be matched to a person by his/her thumb print and not the date of birth unlike other forms of astrology... even though the saints might have written the futures of thousands of people, each astrologer only has the leaves of those 'destined' to go to him.''

So, anyway, this is how it happened to us:

Vijay and I were living in Bangalore at the time, and the Brother in Law, Ajay, was down from the U.S, staying with us for just the weekend. On Saturday, we got an excited call from two of our family members, who were in Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu - the place that is the epicentre of all Nadi activity. They had been astounded by their own experience, wherein apparently, the 'palm leaf reader' had, on the basis of their thumb prints and a few basic questions, located their ancient palm leaves on which all of their life details were captured. These two members of our family are highly respected and intelligent people, their euphoria was very catching, and Ajay was most enthusiastic about the possibility of us going there and finding our own leaves. On a complete whim, we decided to drive - overnight -for ten hours, starting at midnight -from Bangalore to Chidambaram to experience this miracle first-hand. I was the most skeptical of the three of us, but decided not to play spoilsport because the trip sounded like it could be a fun adventure - I also think I have had a soft corner for Ajay, ever since the Drinking episode.

So we drove there that night, along a totally unfamiliar route in the pitch dark with our trusty Map of Southern India. Since it was such a long journey, we had each agreed to drive a third of the way - so naturally, Vijay drove for 8 hours at a stretch and the last 2 hours were managed by Ajay and me. The whole thing is a now a complete blur for me because none of us got any sleep. All I remember is we were trying to find our way to 'Vaitheeswarankoil', and Ajay at one point, sleepily rolled down his window to stun and confuse a local by asking him how to get to ' Veera Swamy Kaala' or something similar. We somehow made it there at around 10 a.m. on Sunday . And that's when our adventure truly picked up.

Let me dispense with the description of the holiness of the surroundings - largely because I don't remember anything about it. My head was spinning from the lack of sleep and the heat - but the head spinning cleared up soon enough by what followed. I do recall that the holiness of the surroundings were somewhat marred by the presence of a lot of signs advertising the many nadi-reading centers - we were ushered into one of these for our 'leaves to be found'. The deal was that the astrologer would take our thumb prints and then use those to find the right bundle of palm leaves - and then, ask us a few basic questions to ensure he had found the right leaf. Once he found our leaf, our detailed horoscope would be written up and handed over to us.


So anyway- he took our thumb impressions, all right. He then brought out an impressively aged looking bunch of leaves on which there were engravings in a certain dialect of Tamil (I am told) with the details of many people. And then, the astrologer proceeded to flip through these leaves and ask his 'few basic questions', for each of us separately, along the lines of:


'Does your name begin with S? T? R? N? A? V? Y?'...Yes, Y!... I was excited. I really wanted my leaf to be found.
'Does your name have two syllables? Three? Four?'...Umm...4....What was this, now?
'Is the first syllable 'Yo..?'...'Ya?'...Okay, fine. It begins with 'Ya'...

...and so, on it went.

Now, 'Ajay' and 'Vijay' were relatively easy names to find. Yashodhara, not so. In fact, I don't think he actually got my name at all - eventually I just blurted it out in frustration when I found he had arrived at a reasonable facsimileAfter all, maybe Ancient Tamil had a different pronunciation of it?! We then moved on to ...

(Date of birth)

'Were you born in the first six months of the calender year'? Yes.
'January?' No..'February? Yes.
'Before 15th?' Yes!
'4th?.. 5th?.. 6th?... 7th?' Yes!!
'1979?...1982? ...1980?' Yes!!!

This was followed by...

(Parent's names)

...In similar agonizing fashion as my name, my parent's names were spelt out.

After having gathered this information but still not having found my actual leaf, the astrologer announced that he would have to go and look for another bunch. So he left the room for a full fifteen minutes to look for this next bunch.
And sure enough, very soon after he came back, after cursorily checking a few leaves, he had found the leaf which had the above details carved onto it! What a miracle! Thousands of years ago (or in the last fifteen minutes, if you choose to be skeptical), these details had been painstakingly carved into this ancient, yet sturdily preserved palm leaf - I was one of the chosen ones, and destiny had led me here! And now, I was going to get the full details of the rest of my life in the horoscope based on this leaf. What an honour!

And that's when it truly began to hit me. This entire thing is such a brilliant play on our psychology, for a number of reasons:

a. The first thing that you are cautioned about is that you may not be one of the lucky ones destined to find your leaf. Or that it may not be the 'right time' for you to find it. Having travelled all this way to this sacred location for this very purpose, this warning automatically puts a lot of pressure and desire on you to find your leaf. The anticipation levels are really high and you are anxious to supply information about yourself to be as cooperative as possible, as this will assist in locating your leaf. This is why many people don't realize how many questions they are actually being asked in the process - sometimes close to a hundred, I'm sure, depending on degree of difficulty of your details (what thoughtless parents name their kid Yashodhara!)- and they also don't realize how very basic and ridiculous some of these questions are! ( Before 15th or after?..). There's some kind of fervent desire in the air, to truly believe -that hypnotizes you.

b. The 'astrologers' are very, very cleverly trained people. They can make some very impressive guesses about you based on your looks, how you are turned out, who you have come in with, your resemblance to those accompanying you, etc. For example, Ajay and Vijay are clearly brothers - so once the name of Ajay's father was found out, it really didn't take long to find out Vijay's father's name. This is only one of the obvious examples, but there were many other more subtle guesses and tricks along the way, including switching quickly between one line of questioning and another to keep you from figuring things out immediately - This also can cause you to believe that there is 'really something in it'. They are truly masters in this game and also have very sharp memories to remember the details they are gathering in the process - practice makes perfect, I guess.

c. Now, this is a good one: apparently, what is there on your leaf is actually only the details of your name, spouse's name, parent's name and your date of birth. ( Based on this, your full horoscope is then drawn up in detail, outlining exactly what your future will be-as are the details of your past life, in case you're interested. Ajay, incidentally, was Muralidhar of Kerala in his past life. I don't think I bothered to ask who Vijay and I used to be). But the smart thing about this whole deal is that while finding your leaf, the astrologer also throws at you many questions which are unrelated to what is to appear on your leaf (such as your profession, illnesses, financial status, family problems being faced, etc.) - and these details show up in the horoscope that they later write up for you (E.g. you have been suffering from a constant headache since 2001...this problem will get over next year...), making the predictions seem all the more credible and miraculously close to your actual life situation.

d. Finally, it's all rather fool proof, in the end. After all, if they don't get your leaf despite hours of trying - they can just turn around and tell you 'You're not destined to find your leaf..' or 'It's not your time yet...'. So really: it can never fail, can it?

I could go on, but I'm a little tired about this whole thing. In fact, I get tired thinking about how tired we were that Sunday - and how disappointed. We all had to go to work on Monday, and actually hired a driver to take us back to Bangalore overnight.

It happened a while back, but it can still get to me. It gets to me partly because they charge Rs.1400 per person for this beautifully enlightening experience -although in fact, I don't think it's about the money that we spent, but about how they make chumps out of so many, many people, who can probably ill afford it - and also many otherwise intelligent people - whom I should probably try and be fairer to, given that their experiences may be different from mine. But based on this one day, I just see it as a clever, thriving business, playing on the psychology of thousands of believers.

Hey - I don't claim to be a very rational person myself. I don't deny the existence of things like ESP, the possibility of Rebirth, of God or even Ghosts. But I do know that this particular experience felt far from authentic. Perhaps other people have had different experiences, which have been genuinely miraculous. But mine was not so. Clearly, blogger Sandhya's wasn't either.

Anyway: it is good to believe that, as my horoscope said, I will live to the ripe old age of 82, surviving Vijay by two years - he will pop off at 87. What's not so nice is that our two kids, a boy and a girl, will side with him over a rift between the two of us when I am 60 (ungrateful little wretches - turning against your own mother? Just wait till you're actually born!..)- but we will all be happily reunited within a couple of years, so it's okay. That's all I remember from my horoscope.

And, oh - the long life thing seems to be corroborated by my Orkut Horoscope of the day 'You will live to a ripe old age'. (Don't you think that's a bit of a strangely heavy prediction to follow the words 'Today's horoscope'? Never mind, it's a side issue...)

So - any Nadi Believers out there with a vastly different story? Please share, especially if you have personally experienced it. But kindly do not get offended by my version - in other words, don't get your Nadas in a knot.

I promise you all: by the next post I will have calmed down and regained my sense of humour.


  1. Hey, I thought this technique was called 'Brighusamhita'? Anyways, I have heard about it, but neither me nor my family have tried it out, mostly because we're not great ones for horoscopes in general, but I've heard from some people that its good.. But u're right that if we think about it, the way they get to it depends on this whole process of questioning, so yeah, it could be a sham... In any case, I think we should bother ourselves with the stars so much, although they do play a part sometimes... I wrote about this same palm leaf once long back..
    read it and you may find your thoughts echoed there...

  2. Hi Still Searching

    Thanks for your comment. You may be right about the name, it could be called by many different names. In fact, I personally have around six names for it myself, but let us not get into that! ;-)


  3. Hi Y, great read! I do sympathize with you- my 'astrologer' was just a few minutes away! :)

  4. i see you have finally learned how to create links on your blog. watch out world! techno duh duh is here here :)

    the story is most interesting though i had heard it earlier, from you and 'blogger Sandhya'. please stop using "blogger" as a title! next we shall have to call you 'guitar player Yashodhara'

    oh, and since we're on names. yes i'm sure "yashodhara" was really hard. i'm sure people laugh rudely when you introduce yourself. i'm sure people point at your head and said "but you're not bald." never look a gift name in the mouth!

  5. Couldn't agree more - thats a complete play on human psyche.
    When I first heard about this funda 2 yrs ago, I actually wanted to test it out myself (the geek that I am), so I went to this local Nadi presenece in Gurgaon. Being the first timer, I was actually excited to know my future, so I too gave in more hints than what he asked. And eventually he did 'find' my leaf. Since I had recorded the entire conversation, when I played back later, I realized the exact same pattern what you wrote - they just try to fit in the information based on the question/answers.
    My american friend was so convinced with this concept that he actually planned a trip down to chennai to one of its 'main offices', and purposefuly to find loopholes and not to get carried away, I too went along with him.
    Now being chinese-american, his name and his parents name wasn't easy to guess, so while they took breaks to find another 'set' I kept guessing what would be their next question - they omitted all the months except may to aug, now they'll ask something like before 15 july or after 15 july.. and thats exactly happened... but my friend was so carried away already that he refused to believe my reasons.. anyhow, they did manage to 'find his unique leaf' and told him some predictions.. the only one I remember now because he keeps talking about that one is - his would be wife will have a mole on her right hand. His recent girl friend though has a mole on her right wrist. so he is not sure whether to believe in the prediction (his argument is mole should be on hand, if that has to be on wrist, the nadi guy would've told explicitly!), or believe in his GF.
    But strangely, both the predictions for me are different for the initial 3 years, afterwards both tell me the same stuff... so I'll have wait for another year or so to establish their credibility!
    And your snippet "ungrateful little wretches - turning against your own mother? Just wait till you're actually born!..)" had me completely cracked up!!! lolz! :)

  6. Hey Yashodhara ! I am keen to know if your kids are now born and are they a boy and a girl :-) I also once went to the nadhi astrologer in Jaipur and had the same feeling you went through. You had visited him 3 years back, tell me how are the predections done for Ajay & Vijay shaping up?

  7. Do you realize that most Nadi astrologers are scammers? There are only a very select few that can really tell your future.

  8. Oh my God, I want to die!
    The same thing happened to me today. Um, okay, so I paid like a grand more, but all I could think while I sat listening to the pile of crap the guy was gibbering at me was, 'Shit, there goes my money, and the last vestige of self-pride.'

    The really sad thing is, I came across your blog today. If it had been yesterday, I would have been spared the experience. I didn't even know they only put in your birth details. But I remember thinking that the guy was asking waay too many questions.

    Armed with Google and an average set of brains, any person could do the same. But this idiot actually asked for my date and time of birth. Oh damn. :-(

    What a horrid waste this has all been. I am now going to kill the friend who suggested this in the first place, and then kill myself.

    PS: In my friend's case, she was overweight at the time, so the guy told her she would lose weight in a few years. He also noticed she was looking very dejected (she looked like a zombie back then) and told her she was going through a bad period. Then he topped it all by saying she would have a similar rift in her marriage like the one you mentioned, but it would all get okay. Shit.

  9. hi.. thanks for ur post!!! i paid 4500 rs in gurgaon i dont want to believve becoz whatever
    he said its scary for me his prediction waz like after marriage we wud separate...let c vat will hapn. we were 3 grls there he said the same thing to three of us about our mwedding life..

  10. Hi Sakshi,am planning to go to this nadi center in GGn? was his predictions about the past accurate? does it seem reliable? suggest pls

  11. hello every one i have done my reading in gurgaon sec 31 , dwarka sec 10, then i went to Chennai vaitheeswaran koil i have done my reading there as well with 3 different readers ......... its depend on the reader how he expain but up to some limit like 80-90% its true

    1. Thank you...Coz I got my reading done from Sec-31 Nadi centre...Over Internet ppl are SO Negative rather than being positive...Just tahnku for writing...:)

  12. T very fact that now you have 2 boys and 1 girl and so there is still one boy who will take your side nulls and voids the whole shastra !!!

  13. Bogus is the word from my experience too! My mum has spent thousands of bucks doing the rounds of these sect of people in Raipur. She first began with our family's details and then the bug hit her so hard, it was done for families of my maternal uncles (2) and aunt (1). It went to ridiculous limits of how my older uncle's older daughter would elope and get married at a tender age of 16 and that too at USA - and she's 18 and peacefully studying. As for me, am supposed to be married and a mum of two, however their charts are yet to discover how singlehood is a blessing. :P My brother and I have left no stone unturned to tease mom of the PhD she'd gain on these thesis.

    The generation that our parents belong to cover length and breadth of finding how the future for their kids will be to such an extent that most of the times they land up in a sham, if not scam. The amount of money that they dole out if were donated for a good cause, trust the returns would have been far pleasing.

  14. Your blog makes a very intresting read !
    Me and my husband too had gone to Agastya Naadi located in Kanchipuram in 2004.
    That time around I was undergoing infertility treatment and we were actually worried,just then someone suggested we check the Naadi Shastra @ Kanchipuram.We drove down from Bangalore,waited from morning till eve and when we were called inside we were asked exactly the same questions in the same manner by the guy there as you.He predicted my husbands future,number of promotions in job,two kids 'pehiley munna phir munni' were his words i still remember so well,my in laws health etc.
    My husband doubted him every bit,he said these guys just makes/collates a lil data when they go in and with their vast experience they'll know whos come for what,so,its as easy as it can get.
    The next time we again went to them with my brothers thumb print and we both were very carefull in answering his questions,infact while we were waiting my hubby even doubted that they may be having their ppl floating around to gather info from our conversations (remember the looong wait!).My hubby had told me beforehand that these guys will not be able to get my brothers patra (moreso because we were not co-operating with them in a way they expected) and he was sooo right.After a lot of smart questioning answering he told us that no patra mathches the thumb print and theres nothing more he can do!
    These are the two incidents and now after almost 8 yrs am still clueless whether to believe them at all because after a year of our visit I was due for a cycle of IVF and on visit to the Hospital I came to know I have concieved spontaneously (which was a surprise in itself!).I was blessed with a Son and exactly after 5 yrs I delivered a daughter.
    Till 6 yrs of my marriage i was unable to conceive and suddenly everything was fine!
    I still donno,it could just benothing more than a guess work!

    Whatever,it is,its quite a intresting thing (Mind you Am neither for it nor against it!)!!
    But,yes,someone actually proving it scientifically will actually do us all alot good !


  15. yesterday through skype online nadi astrologer have found my leaf. It's a series of questions. I have to answer either yes or no.
    It has taken almost one hour. After that they have found my leaf and showed me my leaf through skype. Amazingly they have told my father, mother and my name exactly, without a single pronounciation mistake. This is unbelivable. How could they told exact name of anyone? If anyone read an unknown name for the first time, often there shold be some pronounciation mistake.

    They have told my date of birth with month and year exactly.They have told my ascendant, birth star, which i know before. my father, mother profession, number of brother, my education with subject, my aim in future, current status also told by him. They have told also what i want to be in future? this is crazy thing. my aim is in my mind which is not happend so far. how do they catch exact things from my mind?

    During conversation there was a traslator who converts there language in hindi. But i am little worried now because i have heard many of such experiences that future prediction will be only 0-60% true.

    I don't know that this is astrology or something else? I know also little bit vedic astrology. There are not anything in any astrology by which one can tell past prediction in such a accurate way. There Future prediction also precise but will not happen commonly as per others experiences.

    Ok, only after 20 years from now on, i can say that future prediction will be true or not. Because if prediction will be true then it will happen within these 20 years from now on in my life.

    Total cost of this reading is 2800 rupees(for two kandams).

    Thanks to all
    ram kumar

    1. Ram, If they could predict so many things including what you want to become ( which is only in mind), it is pure higher clairvoyance of great sages. No body else can tell. Astrology wont tell what is in your mind, and profession, so precisely, unless your horoscope has clear un ambiguos indications. So , I think, you can trust, it, instead of going thro waiting time of 20 years. I repeat it is NOT astrology, it is called Tri kala gnana, a Siddhi, all enlightened masters get, which in english called, clairvoyance of space and time, this power one gets when his/her sahasrara chakra fully opens up. This happens to highly advanced meditating souls. there are things beyond human mind logic. I say you are lucky.

    2. Hey Ram,

      Which Nadi astrologer did you consult please?

  16. My experience has been very similar..
    I read somewhere that these scriptures were for a few chosen ones and that their eternal quest will eventually carry them to their naadi. So I start out one morning on a drive to know my fate through the hellish Bangalore traffic, with auto drivers and bikers frequently interrupting my attempt to establish a divine connection …. and finally, my GPS guides me to the place.
    I was asked to leave my shoes and to be seated. My fingerprint was taken. And after a while several information were collected -
    • My date of birth,
    • Time of birth,
    • My place of birth,
    • My full name
    • My Wife’s time of birth
    In about 15 minutes it was communicated that my leaf was found and I was asked to come and sit across the table with the reader. I don’t understand Tamil and they had a translator who doubles up as the receptionist.
    The reader asked an array of questions -
    1) Nature of job
    2) Numbers of siblings
    3) Whether or not parents are retired
    4) Whether or not they are staying together
    5) Nature of job of my parents
    6) If my mother’s name start with A,B,C etc .. whether or not her name sounds line Shweta and alike
    7) Same question about my wife
    8) My hometown
    9) Whether or not I stay with parents at the same place
    10) Starting letter of my father’s name (A,B,C etc)
    11) How has it been between me and my wife
    I was asked to wait outside for a while and Finally!! It was communicated in no uncertain terms that my NAADI has indeed been found.. and I’m back into the consulting room. Been asked to pay namaskar to the scriptures.. a small preaching about Agyastha Rishi and Lord Shiva
    A few immaculately accurate points about me –
    • My name (Already shared with them)
    • My age (DOB was shared with them earlier)
    • My moon shine (even I can find it out)
    • That I have been married for 3 years (it’s 2 actually)
    • That I’m into computer/technical profession (in Bangalore what else can one be)
    • My wife is also in similar profession
    • My father had a government job (anyone can predict from the trail of questions asked earlier during the scripture identification process)
    • My mother had a government job too (not too difficult to predict isn’t it)
    And then starts the real story, a long, about 20 minute long speech about my past life.. I was not exactly what you call a good guy in my past birth. I tortured my wife (dude gimme a break!! ) in the past life and that’s why there’s some curse on me that will keep giving me problems in my marital life in THIS BIRTH (I indeed have evolved in this birth.. even since I got married, forget ‘torturing wife’, I don’t get to watch a late night Barcelona match ‘cause my wife doesn't approve of it)..
    After a while, I politely conveyed my lack of interest in stories pertaining to past birth and that I’d be interested in my past (in this birth - always believed that if someone can tell you about your past he must be having something in him that a regular guy doesn’t)
    My plea was heard and the ‘reader’ moved on to the future chapters. Again a stream of cock-n-bull stuffs. Now this was getting boring and I started feeling irritated. No specific prediction, all very generic lines like you will have small problematic incidents with your wife, you have to handle her with care etc. Not even for once this fellow could say anything specific about the problems I’m going through, no reference to a specific incident about my life that would restore the belief I had earlier.
    I mentioned in certain terms that I would be interested in the chapter that talks about past (and no previous birth bullshitting this time… I want to hear about past in THIS LIFE) . I was given to understand that, THAT chapter is a very special one, and not too many asks for it. They can fetch it from Tamilnadu and if found they will give me a call back.
    Paid the money, back to my car and lit a cigarette.Those who are still interested,The address - ,No 16,3rd main,3rd cross ,hoysala nagar,ramamurthy nagar,bangalore
    Land Mark: Behind FMC
    Contact Number : 9448293251

  17. Nadi shastra is bogus as per my exp in ggn center

  18. My experience was a little different.

    I'm a skeptic at heart, or rather a "skeptic until further notice" and yearn to believe that there is more to life than getting a job, getting married, having kids, owning a house, teaching my kids to do virtually the exact same thing I did over my lifetime.
    So any chance I get to break free from this crazy, monotonous cycle, I hold onto it-and at some level, don't we all try do the same thing?
    Having said that, I might be a little biased (in favor of) the so called "Naadi Shastra". This bias is compounded by the fact that I'm a 22 year old engineering student who would rather travel and literally experience the world- much like Ranbir Kapoor started out in "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani".

    Now, I'm gonna steer away from b*#ching about the life I was supposed to have lived and focus on my Naadi experience.
    What I have learnt in engineering, which is applicable to virtually everything in life, is to critically think and question everything. So I was naturally skeptic about visiting a particular Naadi center with my parents and brother.

    It was similar to what you described but the number of questions were less than 10 in my case. "Does your name begin with a Sh, Sa etc?" They started off with the right letter from the very beginning with just my thumb impression to go on-I was a little impressed but tried to keep from showing it.
    "Is your birthdate before or after the 15th? First 6 months or last 6 months?" and perhaps with 3-4 more questions, my Naadi guy not only gave me my stats, but my mum's, dad's and my brother's (this included name, age, birthdate and a couple other facts I'm now forgetting about-this trip was around 5 years ago).

    But this concluded the impressiveness of my Naadi experience. The dude went on to the abstract realm and started predicting, or rather guessing things that can be expected of anyone from a middle-class/upper-middle-class background (I hate classifying things like this but the stereotyping that stems from such classification is what helped this Naadi dude figure out a lot about us).

    He continued with "You are focusing on an engineering future?" (Aren't we all?) "You wanna go abroad?" (Gee, you think?)
    "But there are some hurdles, and if you perform the following rituals, worth so many ruppes, your path will be cleared" (I now officially call B*#LS*#T).

    So to sum up, I still don't what to think. The Naadi guy seemed liked the real deal while he was counting off physical,quantitative or measurable facts about my family and I, but he took a nosedive into a hoax soon after.

    Guess I would still like to believe that there is something real out there regarding "Naadi Shastra", but these guys are clouding that little something of our heritage which is pure and truly phenomenal, with their own con rituals.

  19. hi i am planning to go to the gurgaon centre. is it real or fake plz tell??

    1. PL go ahead... I had my reading done in January 2012... Literally everything predicted has come true till now... I am into a peculiar profession which was predicted correctly, my would-be wife's details and time of marriage were perfectly accurate which I realized after getting married in May 2013 (as predicted). They are the good-ones... I'd still suggest you... Do not disclose a single thing about urself, no matter what. This is not to check them, but this will make the day memorable to you throughout life... All the best to you...

  20. Hi Everyone

    Me and wife went there (Nadi astrologer in 2011) with 2hrs , they found my wife leaf.and I am surprised that was our first visit. They told so many truth of my wife's life. like my wife sister died due to cancer. Told about all brother and sister and my self and all the information was true. we did not gave any clue about our family. and they predicted so many things about us at that time we did not believe becoz they told us , within six month you will buy flat., and that our financial position was not so good. but believe with in 5 month we managed to buy flat in very good locality. We are doing all UPAYs and my wife's health problem are decreasing tried to find my leaf but he could not...My request to all people please have faith and all your problem will be solved if the leaf is found.

    I never faith in any astrologer i met so many astrologer *big shot" but all of them were fake but once i have met these people I started believeing in them..all astrologer they will charge but NADI astrolger charge when leaf is found.They never lie whatever written on the leaf they speak only that truth.

    have faith

  21. Hi
    I would like to debate on this.
    It happened to me quite the similar fashion, but very few questions. I lived in Bangalore then and heard about NAADI from few friends from Tamilnadu. Never got a chance to visit chidambaram.
    In a different context, i was supposed to visit my hometown in Andhra. I was with fever but still traveled as it was difficult to get train ticket on another day. fine. i visited my family and my mother told me about this naddi centre opended new in my town. I was not ready mentally but wanted to give it a try. I was more curious to know how it works. I spent a whole a lot of time 3-4 hours on this. the story goes the same way as explained. leaf by leaf to find the matching one. I was trying hard to figure out the logic he was using. absolutely no logic. i can say it is some magic. i found this because every time he goes to a new leaf, he will start fresh questions without tracking my answers to the previous leaves. I could clearly make out that. Then he found a leaf that matches my nadi after a long 3 hours. He told me my name, mothers name, father name and siblings. he told me about engineering my job position etc...all present and past. then he gave me an audio cassette with future prediction of which so far many things are near correct. some how i still feel it is great but against nature to know all this. In my opinion, it is worth trying. it is a different experience.

  22. Nadi astrology is true. May be astrologers are fake. Choose the genuine one. He does not ask for money to make parihars. He only suggests you visit Rameswaram, Palani, etc.

  23. Hi ,
    Where do i find the real ones ? The true guy is no supposed to charge any bucks until he finds the leaf . Is the Gurgaon sector 31 guy true . He charges a lot i know.

  24. can anyone suggest a genuine naadi astrologer at chennai please?

  25. Hi, Got sucked in going to the Gurgaon center three months through a friend who had taken similar prediction ten years ago and everything had been coming true! These guys gave exact info on my past and present! Now the shocker! I had gone to the Panchkula centre aweek before and shockingly defying all science, two different set of people (reader and translators) at two different locations said the same things about me for my past, present and future predictions! Mind you, I had not told Gurgaon readers anything about goinmg to Panchkula before. Interestingly, the Gurgaon centre is sukshma (detailed) nadi so their predictions were about 10%more detailed then the Panchkula ones. This episode forces me to believe that there sure is truth in this. Though, only time will tell if what both centres have predicted will come true or not. But would definitely want the people who have taken predictions (and are sounding very critical) to let know for the knowledge of others, if the predictions have been coming true or not. Would highly appreciate and this would be good for the others.

    1. Can you tell me which center in Gurgaon? I am also thinking of testing the concept of Nadi Astro..

    2. Could you please pass me on the address / contact number of the center at Gurgaon ?

  26. Hello all,

    I wanted to google the authenticity of Nadi astrology and came across this blog. We only have one Nadi centre here in Sri Lanka and few of my relatives went there and claims their readings are true. So I went there with my friend last week and I was asked to come next saturday (7t Sep,2014)

    One thing I noted was that they only took the finger print and the birth date.Me and my friend were careful not to discuss anything personal like family details,friends there. They did not charge me anything yet and I think I only have to pay later.. So in case I get a real reading I will come back and re-post.

  27. Hi my experience is little different.
    I met one nadi astrologer two years ago. He asked few questions about my parents name and mine. But I surprised to hear he told me about my work which is hard to guess. But what he said about childhood life is almost ok. Nothing happened as he predicted about my future.still I am confused nadi is true or not!!!*

  28. Had similar bad experiences in Nadi astrology at Vakola and Bandra East. Vakola astrologer when confronted that nothing predicted had come true we were told they would need to get the leaves from Tamil Nadi. We reminded them that when we came the first time the leaves for allof us were found without any delay. 6 months down the line still awaiting the leaves from Tamil Nadu after reminders every few weeks.
    The astrologer frightened me and said my son will be a zero if I did not do the prayers recommended by them. Stupidly paid the Ra20,000. Only later realised they did not Hv my son's full name, date of birth etc etc
    The Bandra East Nadi Astrologer asked us to wait outside whilst they look for the leaf. After 29 mins I opened the door to check. Only to find the astroger asleep on the floor and the receptionist sitting and having a tea/coffee. Excuses were made of headache etc. they mixed up the dates of births of the two people I had given and we had to stop the reading after 5 mins and told them the astrologer was talking about the other person. As we were walking out we pointed out the piece of paper on the side with the chart!!! So was made a fool of again.
    Is there any genuine Nadi reader around????

  29. Hi dont believe on nadi shastra.They told me i will be having one daughter & one son.I was already having one daughter so took another chance for a son But it turned out to be their prediction failed.Now i am having two girl childrens.

    1. Then you should be verrry happy, you know we are now 51% percent of the planet and with it comes power, choosing if and when and who to marry, choosing whether or not to reproduce yourself...
      aaaaagh choices choices!

  30. Hi according to my experience there is only one leaf that belongs to you, the authentic places wait to get your leaf and the reading is correct but if they ask you any details other than your thumb print and I don't remember if they asked for the date of birth. To all the questions later on only a yes/no answer is to be given.
    We went to b-2/28 Safdarjung Enclave. Many of our friends also were happy with their experience
    All our predictions have come true. We went there 8 years ago. Please be careful and don't get cheated.

  31. There are many things in this world, which cannot be seen by eyes and beyond the logic of huimans. In india, I as a student of yoga, i experienced the power of yoga.. As an advocate, i have to work with logic. but i experienced many things in my life since 6 years, which is beyond my logic. In 2011 september one of my friend took me to a Naadi astrologer, at electronic city, bangalore.. Basically I wont believe in any thing except "MYSELF". But since 2011 september to this day whatever the Naadi astrologer said to me has become true.. I wont believe anything so easily. to test that naadi shastra, I took nearly 30 people known to me. I doubted it as a mind reading, by questioning. but How can an astrologer, without looking into the horoscope, tell the name of a person, his parents name and profession, brothers and sisters, whether he is married or not, his siblings are alive are not, married or not, his affairs, if married, wife or husband name, exactly what education and profession....????????????????.... how can he say that to my three close friends that they are the children of second wife..? How can they exactly say the two names, if a person is having two names...? How can they say Your extra marital affair.. and the child born to whom..? This is unbelievable to me and I m still under confusion.. but it is beyond logic.. In my opinion, In every profession, Black sheep are present and it is nature's rule that without dark, there is no importance for light. In the same way if anyone met a fraud astrologer and they cheated by him, it does not mean that every astrologer is fraud and totally astrology is fake.. if you get a knowledgeable,expert and good astrologer, definitely it will change your life.. for your kind information 90 % of the naadi Astrologers, especially at vaitheeshwaran temple, are fake.. You have to search for the genuine one. pls dont come to any conclusion with only one of your bad experience.. thank you... If you want to meet an astrologer, whom I met Near Electronic city, bangalore. his name is Janakiraman.A, Ph.No.9945586946.9943437157. All the best..

    1. Has he paid you to advertise for him..this guy is a real fraud..he stays in hebbagudi.he takes the leaf and then starts stay in rented suresh.I say wrong...he says which one..I say he knows I stay in own house..during this whole exercise ..I threw in a lie that I have a kid...the final analysis which in fact he extracted from me ..told everything including the fact that I have reality I don have any kids yet..He charges 650 bucks...any roadside astrologer who charges 10 bucks is better than him.


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