Sunday, March 18, 2018

How I Became a Farmer's Wife

I'm very pleased to announce that my newest book 'How I Became A Farmer's Wife' is now on pre-order! :)

You can get it at

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it - which is to say, a lot!

It's about to get Muddy, Messy and Mad!

Mild-mannered Vijay is the perfect good-Indian-husband—responsible and predictable.
Well, at least he was, until he decided to turn Farmer. 

Vijay’s unsuspecting wife Yashodhara is caught off guard when, tired of the rigors of city life, he actually buys seven cows and starts dairy farming! As if she didn't have enough going on already, what with her high-octane job, three children and multiple careers. 
Plucked out of their comfortable urban existence in the steel-and-chrome high-rises of Gurgaon, the hapless family is thrown headfirst into a startlingly unfamiliar world, complete with cows and crops, multiple dogs and eccentric farmhands, a shrewd landlady 'Aunty' and the occasional rogue snake.
Things heat up further when some unexpected godmen land up as co-habitants of Vijay's farm, and strange goings-on ensue.
Will these earnest but insulated city-dwellers be able to battle the various difficulties that come with living a farmer's life? 
A laugh-out loud romp that'll leave you wanting more.

(Pre-order now at

Friday, January 26, 2018

Why I'm Glad I Had Kids. They're Amusing.

I'm hurrying my kids up for school and going "and don't you lose your Vogmasks! You know they're expensive!"
"Yes!" Says Pickle " 18 thousand rupees!"
"Well, 1800 but whatever." I am then overcome by guilt. "but if you ever do lose it, it doesn't matter. You know you're worth like a million million INFINITE rupees to me, right?"
"Why not dollars?" Papad pipes up, conversationally.
I stare at him.
"Just go to school".

I think I just got the most earnest, best compliment in the world.
By my seven year old, Papad. He hugged me tight while saying Goodnight and declared
"I wish I could get YASH tattooed on my SOUL!"


I hear my twins arguing about something. They are speaking rudely to each other. 'Tu ne kyon kiya?' 'Maine nahin, TU ne...'
I interrupt 'Guys, speak nicely. And you know you're supposed to say Aap to each other.'
They pause for a second to look at me. Pickle then turns back to his brother, and bows his head, making a sweeping gesture with his arm, announcing 'Papad, Aap bahut bade gadhe ho.'


And because some things are just worth recording for posterity - 

1. Peanut's old letter to our old help Rinki when she learned that she was getting married. 

2. Peanut impressed by the tallest building in Dubai

3. Peanut sends a clear message about her brothers

4. I find Papad's diary with the following filled in rather matter-of-factly

5. A rather formal invite to a small picnic gathering

6. Heartbreaking to know you're not the favoured one. It's hard being a twin.