The Story: 
Yashodhara, a quick-tempered gal from the big city is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town, in one word- Trouble! The young couple must learn to adjust to married life and to each other - whether it is Yashodhara's 'tamper tentrums' or Vijay's foot-in-mouth syndrome with a little help from their idiosyncratic staff, Zarreena and Vinod, their nutty friend Vivi and, of course, their respective families.
With the unexpected arrival of baby Anoushka a.k.a. Peanut, the battles escalate, fuelled by their vastly divergent views on raising a child. Will their many differences - so endearing at the start of their romance, actually turn out to mean that they are just incompatible? Will they ever manage to agree on anything? Or have they just bitten off more than they can chew? 
A fresh and honest take on marriage and parenthood, and all the chaos that comes with it. This is a story of self-discovery that will have you laughing out loud - and sympathizing wholeheartedly with its quirky and likeable cast of characters.


Swapan Seth ( CEO, Equus Red Cell and author of 'This is All I have to Say') says: It's an endearing Story, Hilariously Told. Poignant and Delightful. 

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It was as he stood up to welcome me that I got my first close look at him for the evening. Instantly, I realized that I could have done a better job of helping him with his wedding suit – the silver-white Sherwani that he had got tailored for himself was too broad at the shoulders, and in combination with his height, his skinny legs and the bright red turban on his head, made him now give an uncanny impression of a larger than life tube of Colgate toothpaste. I could almost see the words inscribed near the base ‘For Best Results, Squeeze from Bottom Up’. I was unable to retain the sombre expression that Vandna had imposed upon me and started to laugh. I had to pretend to have a coughing fit to disguise my giggling. He sat next to me, giving me the odd quizzical glance now and then, but otherwise resplendent and elegant, as far as human toothpaste tubes go.

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  1. Loved the book, will try to review it soon :)

  2. Been great reading the 'Just Married' posts on various blogs thanks to your contest.
    Looking forward to read the book soon :)

  3. And loved the excerpt here. Looking forward to read the book soon now :)

  4. Hi.. Super excited to read your book.. Especially after reading such wonderful reviews.. I stay in USA and unable to order it through flipcart. Can i order through some other means

  5. Been skimming your blog for the past few days after I read about your book on various blogs. You are fantastically funny! Not sure when I will be able to get a hold of your book but it is on my list. All the very best and here's to many, many more books from you.

  6. Thanks very much, Smitha, Swaram, Shweta and Enkay (you spoiled the run of S's but given your very nice comment, you stand forgiven ha ha ha)

    :-) Appreciate the kind words!

  7. to be honest i haven't read your book but soon will read it, by the way i have addded your name in the indian author list by wikipedia, way to go, title is awesome:) pen more books :)

  8. ur book title is nice, by the way i haven't got the copy, to your knowledge i have added your name in the list of indian authors in wikipedia, enjoy writing

  9. Hey Hi,
    First time commenting on your blog.....
    Badly wanna read your book, and tried to find the book in Dubai, all attempt failed, for some wierd reasons the online thing is not working.
    Asked two of my friends who came from India last week to get your book for me, and they din get it in Chennai & Bangalore, not sure if it was out of stock.
    My head is gonna break if i dont read this book very soon......

  10. Hey Hi, Commenting for the first time ...

    Badly wanna read your book, tried finding your book over here in Dubai, all my attempt failed.Online thing is not working for some wierd reasons.Asked two of my friends from India to get your book for me last week as they were visiting me, both of them didnt get the copy neither in Chennai nor in Bangalore not sure if it was our of Stock.
    My head is gonne break if i dont read this book very soon..... God save me.

  11. Hi, Just got your book delivered through Flipkart today. Enjoyed reading it and could relate to it at many places. Loved your style of writing.

  12. Hey there. I'm a long time lurker, sometime commenter at your blog. I know I'm ever so late but I have to tell you I loved your book. The Kajal-Vijay interractions had me laughing out loud to the total amazement of The Husband and kids who looked like finally they had proof that I'd lost it completely. Thanks for the always much-needed laughs.

  13. Thanks so much for your feedback guys, I really do appreciate it :)

    Netra - I hope you did get to read and that your head is safe, sound and intact!

  14. Hi yashodhara, totally enjoyed reading your book"just married please excuse ".you have a wonderful style of writing which makes even the most mundane things sem exciting & interesting. The kajal- vijay exchanges, and especially the vijay-anshul dialogues had me in splits, with mychildren wondering if i had lost it. Looking forward to reading your other books now..

  15. hi,just read your book..and I can't explain in words how much I love it.great job.

  16. hey yashodhara...i read ur book n hav fallen in love with the way u both call ur daughter peanut..

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  19. Hi Yashodhara,
    I really found this a very good and interesting read for many reasons
    a) Your writing style accentuates beauty of everyday interactions which many of us tend to dismiss. The fights, the instances, the interactions among characters (For example the fights couple had, the pattern of emotional exchanges and interactions in a family or when the news of pregnancy were shared with V, house help issues, etc etc) they were so simply, subtly and beautifully mentioned that not only one can relate to it but also enjoy it and realise these little things whether pleasant or unpleasant make each day eventful infact make relationships more meaningful.
    b) Emotional expressions OMG- they are something which everyone probably feels or go through but many times not expressed (For example – telling that the groom looked like toothpaste, that vidai scene, catastrophizing tendency of the character etc etc). You were blatant about them. This is something which I really loved about your writing.
    c) The way characters are portrayed in here and for that matter in all your novels-be it V and Y, Sid and Neha or Sahil and Trish, they respect each other, give each other space and still provide much needed warmth, support, empathy and contribute to each other’s well-being and growth and yet not loose their own individuality. I loved the way they assert themselves.
    d) Its not rosy and filmy but its great the way it is. Its definitely very different.
    e) Nevertheless your sense of humour. Awesome it is

    Thank You so much.

    P.S. Hope we all sort ourselves out and embrace ourselves and others and life.
    Loads of Love


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