Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Be Careful What You Say to Peanut

...because almost 3-year olds may take things literally.

I was snuggling up to her last night and trying to express how I felt about her, and thought I would use terms she would understand.

Y: 'Peanut...I love you...more than I love chocolate, you know? And icecream...and...'
Peanut (eyes wide open with alarm): 'NO, Mama!'
I was taken aback by this reaction, until she continued

'You have to NOT eat me!'

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yes, this seems about right. Even from the last pregnancy, I remember the last few weeks being the most frustrating.
I have now completed 35 weeks, and while twins are considered full term at 37 weeks and most twins are apparently delivered before then, I may even go close to 40 weeks (gasp) which will mean end of July.
My doctor says she'll do an internal exam tomorrow to get a sense as to how long, but frankly, I don't believe here, because I remember her doing that 3 years ago and saying 'by 11th July, definitely!' and towards end of July, there I was, still overdue.
Anyway, the upside of all this is that I will be spending more time with Peanut. She's a bundle of laughs to be around now because she's talking and saying all sorts of things, including:

* ( When Vijay and I are hugging and she is dutifully trying to unentangle us, and we're frustrating her by linking up our arms again once she's unentangling our legs and vice versa)
'Thass not funny!'

* (Another time when Vijay and I were standing in front of her and smiling down at her, with his arms around me, she suddenly brightens up with an idea)
'I kin take a picture of you!'

* ( When her favorite uncle, Ajay draws a big fat man on her little slate, and asks her to guess what it is)

' Thass Mama, she got a fat tummy'

* (After biting into my cotton skirt and tearing a small piece off with her teeth, and seeing the horrified expression on my face, which is wiped out by her immediately following words)

'It was a mistake, Mama'

* ( After telling her Masi to put on the Annie DVD for her, and being told that they would have to ask me first whether it was okay)

'But Maasi! Why don't we just ask YOU?'

* ( After unsuccessfully trying to persuade me to let her watch TV in the living room at night, since it's 'dark and time for us to be in the bedroom')

'I gottan idea…ask what your idea is? ( I ask her what it is, curiosity getting the better of me) ...The idea is... let’s get Daddy to bring TV here in this room so we can watch Ceebeebies'

So I guess if I focus on this stuff, the waiting isn't going to be that bad.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Post on My Marketing Blog

I'm actually quite kicked that I have written more than one post. Ha ha.

Read here, if you're interested.

Oh, the URL is marketingsadirtyjob.blogspot.com.

Appropriate, eh?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bro!

I have this elder brother called Abhi. I also have a cousin called Abhi and a best pal named Abhi. Many Abhi's in my life. Guess what neither of the twins are going to be called?

But a lot of people who know me express surprise when I mention my brother. I guess I don't talk about him that much.

He's three and a half years older than me, just the same age difference that I have with my sister. But I spent a lot more time with my sister in my growing up years than with him. Frankly, we didn't really get along as kids. In fact, I remember glowering at anyone who made any passing reference to any resemblance between us.

Thankfully, there's this little concept called 'Growing up', which we're still in the process of doing. And I must therefore say a few things I've never said before. The reason I'm doing this in public on my blog is to make sure it doesn't go overboard and get all senty, which we both would hate.

So here goes:

* I really admire my brother for how responsible an individual he is. After my father passed on, he sort of seemed to grow up overnight and took care of a lot of things.

* He is really caring about the family. Despite being so far away, in England, it's pretty clear how much he cares to be around when it's really important.

* I think it's fantastic that he always knew what he wanted to be, and followed that dream to become a doctor. One of the oldest, noblest professions. I on the other hand, am in Marketing. Bah!

* He's a great father, and seems to have a way with kids in general. Is quite the fond Abhi Mamu, although he hardly gets to see Peanut. I'm shipping the twins to him, though, so that will make up for it.

* I think that's enough. He still manages to irritate me at times, and I think that will hold true till we're in our eighties.

But I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love him. Aaarrrggghhh!

Happy Birthday, Abhi. Big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So where are the Twin Moms?

...by which of course, I mean mothers of twins.

In general, it's really been hard to find good resources for twins. There aren't that many books that I've been able to find here, and even online resources have let me down. For one, do you know that in Babycenter, you can't even sign up as a Mom pregnant with twins? Ridiculous!

I mean, I know we're a minority, but still...there are just such few websites I've found that give you a proper week-by-week development update for twins, especially identical ones. Double bah!

So just do me a favor, huh? If you're a mom of twins who blogs, or know of such moms, could you please leave a link to direct me to the appropriate blogs? Would be much obliged.

I know a couple of such moms have already commented on my recent posts, will dig them out, but repitition will not be minded ( mound? nah...but minded doesn't sound right either...damn...should avoid the passive always).

Thanks muchly!



Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm only happy when it rains...

I was so tired of just sitting around at home that I insisted that Vijay take me to Landmark yesterday for some browsing.

I also put my foot down about not taking Peanut along. For one thing, everytime we go there with her, she picks out DVDs, toys and books ( based on whatever colors strike her fancy at that point of time) and most of our time is spent running around behind her, replacing the items. Although the last time I gave in, and let her take home this tiny Mickey Mouse, and it's really cute because she puts it to bed every night next to her. Consequently, we are now four people on one double bed already. Pickle and Papad can so go get their own rooms!

I digress.

Anyway, so the two of us went off to Landmark and I was looking forward to just being able to browse, and enjoy myself, pick out a nice read or two, you know, the usual thing?

About three steps into Landmark, I asked Vijay 'Er, is it really hot in here?'.

He shivered for effect and told me 'No. It's really cold with the AC and all'.

Uh-oh, I thought.

Sure enough, after wandering listlessly through the Indian Writing section (and seeing four names of people I personally know, two of whom I personally can't stand, right next to Rohinton Mistry's Such a Long Journey), and failing to find anything on Twins in the Parenting section, but attracting enough smirks simply by virtue of standing there looking like I am about to give birth any second, I figured it was time to go home.

I finally spotted Vijay, thanks to his 6 feet 2, browsing blissfully somewhere in the non-fiction section and told him I was ready to go.

'Already?' He said. 'I thought you didn't want to take Peanut so that you would have time to browse?'

'It's HOT' I said, weaving unsteadily.

'No it's not', he said but took my hand. He felt my clammy palms. 'You're sweating!'

We left, with our meager purchases. Clearly, I have figured out how to save money at Landmark. Never mind the other expenses that come along with pregnancy...and babies!

However, when we got outside the basement parking, we discovered it was raining! Beautiful, slanting rain. Driving home, my mood lifted considerably. When we parked, I waddled out into the rain, which was by now just a drizzle. I remembered the time a year or so back when we took a very befuddled Peanut out into pouring rain, and had a blast getting totally drenched. We're great parents, like that!

Next year, going to hopefully be five people doing that. Three taller ones having a blast, and two little befuddled ones.

I love the rain.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Giddily Happy.

...that's me being sarcastic. Again.
And by the way, as for those who really believe 'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit' - it's probably just that they don't have the gift. And I challenge them to tell me about a higher form of wit than sarcasm. Go on!
Anyway, I'm giddily happy because I think I've cracked almost all possible pregnancy problems between my two pregnancies:

* Acidity and heartburn - check
* Breathlessness - of course
* Backaches - yes indeedy-do
* Bleeding Gums - got 'em
* Blurred Vision - whassat..? can't see...
* Bustline increase - well, everything's increased...it's like 20 kilos, people!
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - just developing it. Can't blog much!
* Clumsiness - can I blame it on the pregnancy? oooh...
* Complexion changes - yes sir! Freckles as never before happening
* Depression - err...well...why not, I say!
* Fainting and Dizziness - Dizziness, I got. Fainting, I got not.
* Fatigue - absolutely. In fact, I can't possibly go on right to the end of the alphabet, I got upto only F!

Here's a promise from me to me. No more whining about how fat/uncomfortable/pregnant I am for the next few weeks. Just focussing on the positive side of life. Positivity. Spiritual self-healing. Meditative thoughts shared.

I guess I'll be back after 6 weeks or so then. See ya!