Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm only happy when it rains...

I was so tired of just sitting around at home that I insisted that Vijay take me to Landmark yesterday for some browsing.

I also put my foot down about not taking Peanut along. For one thing, everytime we go there with her, she picks out DVDs, toys and books ( based on whatever colors strike her fancy at that point of time) and most of our time is spent running around behind her, replacing the items. Although the last time I gave in, and let her take home this tiny Mickey Mouse, and it's really cute because she puts it to bed every night next to her. Consequently, we are now four people on one double bed already. Pickle and Papad can so go get their own rooms!

I digress.

Anyway, so the two of us went off to Landmark and I was looking forward to just being able to browse, and enjoy myself, pick out a nice read or two, you know, the usual thing?

About three steps into Landmark, I asked Vijay 'Er, is it really hot in here?'.

He shivered for effect and told me 'No. It's really cold with the AC and all'.

Uh-oh, I thought.

Sure enough, after wandering listlessly through the Indian Writing section (and seeing four names of people I personally know, two of whom I personally can't stand, right next to Rohinton Mistry's Such a Long Journey), and failing to find anything on Twins in the Parenting section, but attracting enough smirks simply by virtue of standing there looking like I am about to give birth any second, I figured it was time to go home.

I finally spotted Vijay, thanks to his 6 feet 2, browsing blissfully somewhere in the non-fiction section and told him I was ready to go.

'Already?' He said. 'I thought you didn't want to take Peanut so that you would have time to browse?'

'It's HOT' I said, weaving unsteadily.

'No it's not', he said but took my hand. He felt my clammy palms. 'You're sweating!'

We left, with our meager purchases. Clearly, I have figured out how to save money at Landmark. Never mind the other expenses that come along with pregnancy...and babies!

However, when we got outside the basement parking, we discovered it was raining! Beautiful, slanting rain. Driving home, my mood lifted considerably. When we parked, I waddled out into the rain, which was by now just a drizzle. I remembered the time a year or so back when we took a very befuddled Peanut out into pouring rain, and had a blast getting totally drenched. We're great parents, like that!

Next year, going to hopefully be five people doing that. Three taller ones having a blast, and two little befuddled ones.

I love the rain.


  1. "two of whom I personally can't stand"


  2. Five people in the rain sounds awesome!! Though one of you will have to drop out when you play Ludo in the hot summer days.

    All the best.

  3. OOOH! I am loving the imagery this brings! :)




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