Monday, November 13, 2006

That's IT, folks

I am undergoing a personal transformation! I can feel it happening in every bone of my body.

I am becoming an Info Tech Genius!

Were it even last month, I would never have have professed to be an Info Tech genius. My best friends wouldn't call me an Info Tech genius. In fact, my 'best friends' have often gone as far as to call me an Info Tech moron.

Evidence of my earlier Info-Tech Moronity:

a. At IIMB, we had a random IT course - there was a test, with some really weird marking system (negative marks for wrong answers). I looked at the paper and quickly realised I knew none of the answers. But thankfully, having studied Probability, I made some calculations and realised that if I answered everything randomly, I would still pass.

Except, I ended up getting a .67/20. Yes, that's right, a point-six-seven on 20. That's when I also realised I was going to fail all papers requiring Probability. To my credit, it wasn't the lowest in the batch. Some people (well, two) got 0 and (-1) respectively. How sad is that! Morons!

b. It got so bad at one point that my friends from IIMB thought that they could con me into believing that Software was Computer stuff that was easy to understand and Hardware was the more difficult stuff - and that the IT test that I had failed consisted mostly of Hardware.

Just to clarify: I didn't believe it, folks - but that they could even try and pull that one on me shows what little respect I command in this field.

c. You know those jokes where people call up the IT department and say 'My computer isn't working' and the IT guys say 'Can you first just check if your computer is plugged in/Switched on', etc.

I don't think that's funny. What's so funny about that??

d. In fact, when I call the IT department in my company from my extension, they look at the Caller ID and then don't pick up for ages. When they do pick up, at least once I have heard them whispering to each other 'it's YOUR turn, YOURS'. On my best day, there is at least an audible sigh before the person on the other end of the line deigns to say 'Hello (again), Ma'am'.

(You will be pleased to know that I am now getting the better of them by calling from a different extension each time)

BUT, things are changing!

Evidence that I am an Info Tech Genius:

a. I know more about the internet than my grandmother. Get this:

- When I explained the concept of email to her, she asked 'do I need a computer to get email'. Hah!
- When I told her about Search Engines, she asked 'Can it look for Dadu (my grandpa)? I get worried when he is late sometimes'. (I know, I know, How sweet, but still..) Double Hah! I write this, I realise that she actually knows more about the internet than me and is clearly a visionary in this regard - considering that you no longer need a computer to get email and pretty soon, there will be a way to track wandering grandpas with astounding accuracy.

Dammit! Moving swifly along...

b. Oh what the heck..this set of arguments is falling apart. I am still an IT Moron. But hey, not everyone is good at everything, right? At least, I have figured out how to get onto Orkut ( and even write testimonials - the joy of discovery!). AND not only have I started a blog, but I have even inspired other people to start their own!

If you don't believe me, you can check out and you will find evidence of this, in the author's credit to me!

And what's more, nowhere has he used the words 'If an IT moron like her could do it, I knew anyone could'!

Thanks for that, Mahogany. In fact, thank you ALL for your kind support as I blunder my way through an increasingly InfoTechhie World.

God Bless Bill Gates and all the other big IT-type guys.



  1. lalesque lalesque - not only are you an 'IT moron' but clearly you're not very good at probability theory. in your ITM quiz with a +1 for a correct answer and -0.33 for a wrong answer with 4 options per question the expected value is zero :) At least you helped prove that probability theory works!!!!

  2. So there's hope yet for us martals? That what you're saying?

  3. Obviously, there was a typo there, and that should read MORTALS....

  4. awesome sense of humor!
    discovered ur blog thru sue and have been loving it


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