Saturday, September 1, 2012

And the Winners!


Updated list of people who are coming for the Blogger's Lunch on Sep 8th :)



....TheMadMomma and Sonia we shall miss you :(

*PriyaSreeram and Nisha just happen to be a 'little' far away from Delhi-NCR :(

First of all, thank you all for the fabulous participation to the Just Married, Please Excuse Contest.

Now I know why all those reality show judges always say stuff like '' It was just so hard for us to make this decision ...we really debated this...all of you were so great...etc etc''. What's that you say? Reality Show Judges don't say that anymore? Well, someone sure says it - and anyway, that's not the point, the point is that I'm saying it now. Jesus, stop arguing with me, let me go ahead now and announce the winners, huh? 

Wait...Okay, slight teensy-weensy leeeetle problem - I probably should have told you guys earlier, but we hadn't budgeted to send the copies abroad. Therefore, we can ship only within India. *Ooopsie* But hey, look - I could have conveniently chosen to ignore the foreign entries - but my innate sense of fairness kicked in - and some of those stories were the best ones. So please, guys, do me a favour and let me know the India Address to which the books can be couriered, huh? Someone in your family or friend circle you think would enjoy the book as a gift, maybe? Now let us go ahead and announce...

Wait...Maybe I should explain. I've read each and every of the entries quite carefully myself. I've asked a small select group of people in my inner circle for their carefully considered opinion. I've made an excel sheet and awarded points on various parameters and applied my own patented formula to pick the winners, which has included only a dash of Eenie Meenie Mynie Mo. It's all been quite traumatic. Fortunately, the stories were truly great and this has helped preserve the remnants of my sanity - and once again I thank you. 

If anyone is still awake after that completely unnecessarily long-winded preamble, here we go:


The people to join us for lunch at Mamagoto, Gurgaon on Sep 8th (apart from winning copies of JMPE) ARE - 

(This assumes all of you are based in Delhi-NCR, of course. Email me if I've got it wrong.)

*Dipta ( for sharing how terrible he can make things for his lovely wife)
*MadMomma ( for the very filmy dose of stories)
*Aneela ( sharing the general looniness of her family, including herself)
*Chandni (the only abduction story in the mix)
*Nm (for wearing her sari inside out)
*Sia (for her sleeptalking and scaring her new in-laws)
*LivinginGurgaon (for stinking up the joint just before two elderly ladies visit)
*Ritz (for making Dahi just how I would have done it)
*Nibedita (for not one but three funny stories)
*Shagun ( for her not-marrying-you-for-sure mister story)
*Sonia (for several funny stories that are even illustrated with pictures)
*PriyaSreeram ( for her Kumbhakaran Saga)
*Nisha (for the amusingly written champagne saga)
*Numerounity (for actually asking her mother for a story since she was so keen to win)

And the others  who shall have signed copies of the book sent to them (or friends/family in India are:)

*Sundar ( a story definitely worth reading)
*Parama (for her funny conversations)
*A (for asking if about the Queen's Chembur branch)
*R (for saying 'Baraah Dadi' in response to an important question)
*Momofrs ( for her assorted funnies, including tumbling down the stairs on honeymoon)
*Pepper (for the Shoe saga)
*R's Mom ( for dancing at her Tambram wedding)
*Chandrayee (for her Lord of the Rings story)
*Ashwathy (for the drama she described, including one hapless younger brother's ass being kicked)
*Spiritual Flame (for the reverse Kumbhakaran story, where she's the one left out in the cold).

Honorable mentions: 

Great stories by Parul and Priya - my author friends.
Manav and Anirban, who are such good friends of both mine and my husband's that it would have been blatant nepotism to declare their rather cute stories as winners. (Manav, I know you hate the word cute...but it a manly way.)
SJ who has started a blog of her own just to enter the contest!
The last minute and very wonderful entry by Kirti, who posted four times wondering if she was too late.
Funny story of 30 years ago in the comments section by Peristalsis and one nice one by Shilpa.

Oh heck. They were all great !

All Winners: You're supposed to say hi to me over email at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com right away, please - along with the mailing addresses and mobile numbers ( Indian ones please).

Please note: And if anyone has any strong objections about my selection, please write to me at my very special hitherto secret email ID at yashodhara dot lal's real not fake email address at gmail dot com.

Much love to you all, and many thanks once again!

*Heaves sigh of relief and collapses*


  1. Congrats to all the winners & I wish you had linked up the winner posts :D

  2. Congratulations to the winners, I know judging 50 entries is a difficult task.

    All the best to all participants

  3. I was keeping my fingers crossed and refreshing your blog at periodic intervals

  4. Thanks Y, for picking my entry. Glad that you liked it, even on the expense of me being left in cold..
    But really disappointed that book will be posted only in India.. I was really looking forward to read it ASAP after reading such smashing reviews about it. But anyways I will think of someone in India, who will also enjoy it..
    Can you please also tell where we can actually buy this book. I am based in Sydney.
    Thanks again. It was a pleasure to be a part of your contest, and I have also read all the stories posted by other bloggers. Really your job was tough one. Each one was enjoyable. Thanks everyone for giving a glimpse into your world and congrats to winners.

  5. Congrats to all the lucky winners


  6. Have great fun at Mamagoto, Gurgaon...Happy dining!!!

  7. Yaaaaayy!!!!!!!Thank you so much Yashodhara. Off to gmail to send an email :)

  8. A veritable array of lovely experiences.
    All very deserving candidates! Congrats.
    It was a great learning experience. Thank you very much, Yashodhara.

  9. A veritable array of lovely true stories, beautifully told.
    All very deserving candidates. Congrats!
    A great learning experience for a first-time entrant like me.
    Yashodhara, Thanks a lot.

  10. Congrats to winners.Really enjoyed reading funny incidents from all the entries.

  11. Thanks for choosing my incident!! Looking forward to reading the book!!

  12. Thanks!! Looking forward to reading the book!! I enjoy reading your blog posts, so i think the book should be even more fun!!

  13. Congrats, guys! My spirit will be with you all at Mamagoto! Enjoy!
    Y, write more books, have more contests:)

  14. Thanks a lot Yashodhara...sent you an email just now :-)
    Congrats to all other winners as was nice to recapture those funny moments.

  15. Thank you :-) Sending a mail to you right away.
    It was fun participating!

    Congrats to all winners!!!
    Damn, should've been in Delhi. Need a Mamagoto meal *sulks*

  16. yeaahhhhh! when my cousin, Diptakirti had posted this on Facebook tagging me and saying "Parama Ghoso, this contest is for you to lose (people outside Delhi win copies of books, author signed)", I told him that I will be glad with a book and he can go for the lunch!......and this is exactly what happened!
    Congratulations winners...and congratulations, yashodhara

  17. Thank you! Thank you! It feels great! Am I allowed to make a "I-won- Miss- Universe" kind of a speech? :P

  18. I won, I won, I won..woohooo!

    Thanks thanks dashing off an email right away :)

  19. Congrats to all the winners. Good job Y.

    One question Per your text in the email - Go Here for your chance to have lunch at the spanking new Mamagoto restaurant in Gurgaon - with me and my Chief Editor :) - 10 Delhi-based bloggers get to join us, and 20 people win copies of the book.

    I do not see names for 20 book winners here though? Am I missing something?

  20. Wow!! Feels good to win :)
    Thanks Yashodhara.
    For the book, as well as a chance to read so many awesome stories which really had me in splits :)
    Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who participated. Its good to know that the universe conspires against everyone equally ;)

  21. Wow!! Feels good to win :)
    Thanks Yashodhara.
    For the book, as well as a chance to read so many awesome stories which really had me in splits :)
    Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who participated. Its good to know that the universe conspires against everyone equally ;)

  22. Now that AA Mom mentioned I do not see 20 people (other than Delhi) who won. Was hoping my name came in the 20's list :)

    Just to eager to get your signed book Y, hence asking--am I too missing something?

  23. Horizon, I replied to AAMom on email and subsequently updated my post to say that the lunch winners also get the book - but clarifying it here for you as well.

    There were a total of 20 people who were to win the book. This included the ones who would come for the lunch - it was not meant to be 20 people 'outside' of Delhi who win. The total budgeted books were 20, and I've actually declared closer to 25 winners.

    Incidentally, I'm only too happy to send a signed copy to anyone who was nice enough to participate and requests it. So all you have to do is send me an email. :). I hope this clarifies. Thanks!

  24. Congratulations to all the winners!! I can honestly say I have never laughed so much as I did in the 3+ hours it took me to read all the contest entries. Thanks for the wonderful contest Y!!

  25. I thought I'd congratulated everyone- guess old age is catching up with me. Congrats, everyone, and have a blast.

  26. whys yous nots likes mys entrys?
    OKs.. chills.. just-a-jokings

  27. Hey!! Dunno how I completely missed this!! Congrats to the winners! Lovely reading!!

  28. Thank you so much Y. I am looking forward to reading the book :)

  29. Congratulations winners! And that was a great contest Y. Loved reading all the entries :)

  30. My folks received the book, Y. Waiting to get my hands on it when I visit in November. Thanks again!

  31. Yipppe yippee yea yea...Thanks Yashodhara...Wonderful contest and you r such a wonderful author...I canr help but read thru ur pages while in offic en all :)

    Thanks for a contest where results r decalred instantly and magnanimously!!!

  32. *Dhchakkkkkkkk* *heart break* *Tears* *Sobbing in a corner*
    Obvisouly because I didn't win!

    But hey Congrats to all winners. It was fun writing mine and reading each one.

  33. congratulations to all the winners. Any way I appreciate the opportunity as an NRI to participate in the contest though your budget constrains went against me or ....

    Happy to hear that things are going well for you.


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