Monday, January 17, 2011

The Twins Who Pretend To Be Identical

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I've always been fascinated by the thought of twins. Well, I actually always wondered what it would be like to be have a twin. But being a mother of two beautiful twin boys is clearly the next best thing.
Funny thing about Pickle and Papad is that they're supposed to be identical but they really look quite different. They are 'genetically identical' - but they're definitely two separate individuals.
Pickle is the 'big bhaiiya' - he was born one minute before Papad but is definitely the gunda of the twosome. He sat up earlier, is already crawling and despite his rough start with the jaundice and all that - or perhaps because of it - he's the tougher one.
His cheeks are like two eminently bite-able apples. They are incredibly big, round, red and faintly chapped thanks to the Delhi winter. Quite adorable.
Papad is the sweetie - the youngest one, the baby of the family. He's got very shy smiles, and slightly sparse hair unlike Pickle's thick black crop. Papad is a very good little baby in general.
We took them for their development check up at 6 months a week or so ago -and the specialist made a comment on Papad making Pickle do all the hard work - he lay around peacefully watching Pickle grab at, bang on and otherwise experiment with all the new toys. The specialist said 'When they're older, he'll say you go the movie to Mum about going...and buy a ticket for me too'.
Somehow the image of my not-so-identical identical twin sons at about the age of 15 talking to me about their plans to go for a movie hit me with a jolt. These little babies aren't just the teddy bears I think of them as sometimes...they're going to be two strapping males. Peanut's bodyguards.
Prospective suitors for my daughter are going to be chased off by others saying ' out for that one...her twin brothers are toughies, they really look out for rher'.
Already she's so fond of them and vice versa - she makes them laugh all the time. I think they're going to have a really special relationship. And of course, there are times when she wants to act like the third twin. A couple of hours back, I decided to put clips in the twins' hair to make them look like cute little girls so of course Peanut had to get into the act as well. The three of them were a real sight to see.
Man, I've made some cute babies. Well done, Y's uterus.
Now where's that Kala Teeka again? It's one of those posts, isn't it? Well, I couldn't help it.
Three is a good number.


  1. Three is a magic number!

    I have firmly believed that children should have a choice about whom they will gang up with/against. And all those essays about fav sibling? very important.

  2. adorable, adorable, adorable

  3. ohh... I so want 3 kids :D (have none now)..

  4. Lovely! I can just see them as handsome young men looking after their pretty sister:)

  5. Lovely post and it completely resonated with me.. I have twins too and they are so dissimilar a youngster from the society actually asked me "aunty are you sure they're twins? How do you know they really are twins?" All I could say was "That's what the doc said".
    PS: Sympathies for your daughter .. she's going to have a pretty restricted love-life with brothers like that.

  6. Beautiful post! Twins is fun, isn't it?

  7. The best part, if I had to choose? "Peanut's bodyguards"!


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