Friday, February 22, 2013

The Cycle of Life

I don't know why I bother.

There's this one cycle shop just five minutes from my home. Last year, on my birthday, my husband convinced me to buy this one pink-cycle-with-a-basket which I blew thousands on, and have used exactly four times so far.

So today, I'm pretty sure the guy saw me coming from miles away. The cash registers would have started ringing in his head as soon as my head bobbed into view. Because I don't shop often, but when I do, I go so way overboard that you wouldn't believe I'm actually an unwilling shopper.

Let me start at the beginning.

Peanut, Pickle and Papad have several cycles of varying sizes. There are six in total - but all of them very kiddy-type. Except for one cycle which is Peanut's that reasonably grown up, despite its training wheels. This naturally is the most coveted cycle in our home and there is never a moment's peace about this.

Rinki, my maid, remarks how Peanut never gets to ride that cycle when they take it to the park, and how the twins also keep fighting over it. So I had the bright idea of buying cycles for the twins. I told Peanut that the twins would now get their own 'big boy' cycles so that she could get to ride hers.

Great, she said, and wanted to come along for the shopping for the Bruddas.

On the way, however, as I should have anticipated, she decided that she was the one who needed a 'bigger' cycle because this one was for a 'Four-year-old' only and she's now 'Five-plus.'

Yeah, right, Peanut. Shut up and help me select cycles for your brothers as promised.

Twenty minutes later, we were heading home with a new Big-girl Pink cycle with Basket and Bell for Peanut. The puppy dog eyes, coupled with the fact that she's been sick, were all too much for me to resist.

Then I had another idea. Clearly, Peanut's old cycle was now going to be given to one of the twins. Which meant only that I had to buy another identical cycle to that old cycle and we would be fine. Except that I knew that I was kidding myself because there was no other such cycle that I had spotted in the shop. However, I decided I was going to buy just one more cycle and the twins would just have to learn to share or fight it out.

I reached home and while Peanut played with her new cycle, called up Rinki, who was in the park with the twins and my other maid, Kajal.

'Rinki, bring Pickle home' I instructed. 'Only Pickle.' I figured I needed only twin for size - they're identical after all.

She came home with Pickle, but as we were heading for the car, Pickle all excited at the prospect of a new Bye-cycle, who should come toddling up with Kajal but young Papad, who as Kajal put it ''had overheard Rinki on the phone'' and also wanted to go shopping. Irritated, I bunged both the twins and Kajal into the car and headed back to the cycle shop.

I told them on the way categorically that we would be buying only ONE cycle and sharing it.

Forty minutes later, we were heading home with one spankin' new red cycle with basket and bell and one spankin' new orange cycle with basket and bell. Unfortunately, they didn't have two cycles of the correct size in the same colour. Initially there was a scrap because both the twins wanted the orange bike, and then both of them wanted the red bike - eventually Pickle settled for Orange and Papad for Red.

So I ended up spending heaps of money, but at least I figured, there would now be Peace At Home.

P.S - The last hour was spent in punishing Pickle for pushing over his Orange cycle in a fit of anger, since he decided that he really wanted the Red cycle after all. And currently, he is screaming the roof down because his action of pushing his cycle over loosened the bell and he therefore now hates it beyond all reasonable measure. So here we go again. Back to square one - or you might say, we've cycled around right to the very beginning .
P.P.S - I hate cycles. Passionately.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I GotYe Babe

I went to yesterday's Gotye concert at the Blue Frog.
Excited that I'd managed tickets at the last moment thanks to some very good and resourceful friends. Sheepish that I was just like one of those yuppies who've pretty much heard like two or three of his songs.

It blew me away.

He is stunning in almost every way. As a musician, he is incredibly versatile. I lost count of the number of instruments he played...mostly percussion, but plenty of other things as well, many of them being instruments that I can't even name. The band members were all fantastic, but I could pretty much keep my eyes only on Gotye throughout.

You know how some people are good in the recording studio but actually can't sing to save their lives and go all over the place on stage, particularly with vocals? This guy was unbelievable - not a note out of tone, not a missed beat, amazing energy - and an endearing personality, liberal doses of humour in between song and much grace.

My friend whispered into my ear, looking up in awe ''He looks like Jesus.''
I nodded mutely, thinking Jesus wasn't Hot like this, dude.

I've been to a few concerts - not that many, I guess - INXS, Joe Satriani, Roxette, Elton John and some others I'm forgetting now - and I've actually enjoyed each one of them. But nothing comes close to this man and his crew.

I also lost the sheepishness about never having really heard much of his music beyond the most popular songs. Each song was a discovery in itself and I can't think of a better way to be introduced to his music than seeing him perform all those songs live - showcasing that the popular songs were only the tip of the iceberg as far as he's concerned. I don't think I can describe his music at all, actually. Words fail me, apart from saying that it's beautiful.

Blue Frog was a fairly nice venue - the only thing that really annoyed me was when people in the back ignored Gotye's plea to keep the chatter down for some of the quieter songs because it was disturbing. A bunch of people (sounded like some very drunk and desperate women) were merrily chatting and laughing away and I found myself wishing they'd found some other venue to haunt for the night, since their agenda clearly was NOT the music. But despite this, most of the people there seemed to be listening and truly enjoying the music, and that always makes for a great atmosphere.

Ah Gotye. You're a true artist. Respect.

P.S - nice shot, eh?
P.P.S - don't forget to delurk here! It's Happy Burday week!  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eventfully Yours

I love February. Always have, always will.

Apart from the fact that weather is beyootiful this month ( yeah, right - have you SEEN the wet misery outside in Delhi today?), it's generally an active month - with a certain overgrown kid's birthday comin' up ...and a certain couple's Ten YEAR wedding anniversary (gasp! we're so OLD!)

Of course, I might not get to go to Gotye's concert tomorrow given that tickets are all sold out and after my initial excitement about this in November ( wherein I called the lady at Blue Frog and told her that Gotye was expected on 6th Feb while she protested that they didn't have their calender yet) - I basically forgot all about it until yesterday. And then, the conversation that I had with my husband put me off.

In the morning, he said 'I still don't understand why you got mad at me...'
'I TOLD you' I sulked 'I said I wanted to go to Gotye for my birthday.'
'I didn't understand what you were talking about...Initially I thought you were saying Gautier furniture, where we bought our Sofa set from...'
'Yes, very funny and all that, but I TOLD you that he is the one who sang Somebody I Used to Know.'
'Yes, you said that' my husband said patiently 'so then I thought you were talking about some guy from school or college that you used to know...I'm telling you, you should be more clear.'
'Listen' I was very petulant 'When your wife is saying that she wants to go for a concert as the only birthday present she really wants, you should be more excited.'
At this, he just burst into snorts of laughter. 'Honey' he choked 'You lost right to say ''This is what I want for my burday'' when you were TWELVE.'
'I have NOT lost the right' I sulked some more 'Anyway, you forget it, I've asked my sister to take me.'
'Oh, okay' He said mildly, and then after a pause 'So, will he stand there naked, expecting the audience to paint him?'

Sigh. We console ourselves by watching the video yet again, then.

Separately, I was supposed to have this session around my book ''Just Married, Please Excuse'' at the World Book Fair today, which got rained out. But now it's rescheduled for 10th February, 1.30-2.30 p.m. at Hall 1R, Pragati Maidan. I'll be in conversation with Richa Lakhera, another HarperCollins author who has debuted with her book 'Garbage Beat', and it should be an interesting session.
I figured if I put this up early enough on my blog, a few of you who happen to be there might drop by. So here's hoping to see you there!

Thirdly, my second book, with the current working title ''The Story of Sid'' is scheduled for release in September this year. I'm quite impressed with my publisher, who has sent me a detailed schedule with actual dates and all. This is very different from last year where everything was, let us say, rather free-flowing by comparison. ( Translation: When is my book out, guys?... Soon, Y, Soon. Another biscuit?)
Yes, sirree, I am mighty impressed.

Lastly, as I've mentioned a couple of times - it's my burday week. And even though my husband claims that I'm too old to ask for presents, the only thing I want from you is to take the opportunity to delurk. I know commenting seems to be a bit of a pain these days, but I do want to hear from you on this particular point - what do you like about this blog, and what is it that you'd like to see more of here? Feel free to say anything. I can't promise I'll be able to do it, but I'd really like to take stock at this point - this is important to me and will help me figure out a few things. So go ooornnn ....say it, why doncha?

After all, mera happy burday hai!

* Shuts ears to Vijay's snorting choking derisive and altogether insensitive laughter*