Sunday, January 20, 2008

Give up

Vani and Pranay come over for a pleasant Saturday evening.

As it tends to happen, there are two parallel conversations going on -the women talking about one thing, the men about another. In between, the men pause briefly to listen to our conversation.

Y: ''And have you seen this movie, French Kiss? It's quite sweet''
Vani: ''I have seen it and thought it was rather silly'
Y: ''It is silly, of course, but also rather funny - Meg Ryan is cute in it...and I even like Kevin Kline'.

At this, Pranay turns to Vijay and asks 'Kevin Kline? Yeh kaun hai?'
Vijay explains confidently 'Wo chaddi hoti hai na...'

I am aghast to hear this 'No, that's Calvin Klein. And is that all you have to say about a brand like that? Chaddi?'
Pranay rushes to Vijay's defense 'Nahin, yaar, achhi chaddi hoti hai...'

I officially give up.


  1. Vaise chaddi to kafi achchhi hoti hai...


  2. LOL!

    Waise Y, ultimately to chaddi hi hoti hai na :D


  3. WELL, chaddi to hai..aur acchi bhi hai..

  4. Totally hilarious! I so want to be there at that moment when all these funny things happen with you! Like I said before, your hubby and his friends are so entertaining!

  5. LOL!! u shud go & buy a CK fragrance and demonstrate ki "sirf chaddi nahi hoti..."

  6. Chandni, Cee Kay, Childwoman: Amul...Lux...VIP...these are chaddi brands...Calvin Klein? Oh never mind. I know you're doing it just to bug me :-)

    Sue: Never mind!!

    Mona, Dipali, Still Searching: Yeah, it's a riot out here.

    Rayshma: It's a lost cause, I tell you.

  7. Ah, young Suki, welcome back. Glad you are amused.

  8. no no, we insist that a chaddi is a chaddi is a chaddi!

    BTW this is more sophisticated...the VIP's, and Amuls of the world are referred to as Kacchhas!

  9. oye, calvin klein actually makes some awesome chaddis.

  10. Amul a chaddi brand???? NO! It is a BUTTER brand. So there!

    And yes, my first comment was only to bug you. Served its purpose :D


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