Monday, January 28, 2008

Too Many Posts...

...are running through my head right now. I am groggy and rambling right now. Amongst other things, I want to write about the following:

Peanut is now six months

Dipali tagged me to write about a material object that holds many memories...

Sango tagged me to write a letter to myself of a year ago...

My leave now draws to a dangerous close and my child is still not eating anything to speak of - or taking the bottle yet...

I randomly want to write a post about early memories and my one single near death experience...

I have yet to write that post on the 'advantages of having working parents' which I wrote as a kid for some school debate...

Then there is a post on cooking, what I have actually learned to cook over the years, thanks to Vijay...

And another random one on jingles from fifteen to twenty years ago that are STILL in my head...

Oh, dear...what to do...what to write...

Right now, this is all I can manage. What a let down, eh.


  1. oi, left you something on your orkut, couldn't log in on fb and blogger was being a biyatch.
    hope it gets easier on you and soon.
    happy 6th, peanut.

  2. happy 6th peanut

    and Y, cheer up! It all gonna be good.....

  3. you want us to vote or something? :p
    Writing what you really want to, shouldnt be so much of a struggle for you!

  4. interesting times ahead... waiting for all those posts.. buck up, Y!

  5. Hey, Dont you worry.. this too shall pass! :-)

  6. :hug:

    It'll get better.
    Happy 6th month Peanut!

  7. aww, chin up!
    and this was more like a "preview of things to come" :)

  8. BAH. I just typed out a really long comment and when I hit "Publish your comment" it just disappeared. BAH. I hate technology. Hate it with a vengeance. Ah vengeance - that reminds me of my original comment:

    "That reminds me ....
    Duh Duh - do you remember the shoe shop project we did as a part of our Marketing course? There was this shoe shop on Brigade Road called Sango (with due apologies to the person called Sango - whether on or not on Brigade Road) where there was this ultra-aggressive salesman who almost beat us up because we tried on a zillion pairs of shoes and didn't but anything. Of course in the end we showed him. We gave Sango a poor rating in the shoe shop report and had our vengeance.

    Vengeance comes in strange forms, doesn't it?"

    Okay maybe it wasn't that long, but still. It was a pain to lose the comment. If I lose this comment I WON'T re-type it.

  9. hmmm.. One of my friend here says that Ganju means Bald.. Due apologies to the person called Ganju but this is strictly my friend's opinion.. :-)

  10. Sango: Hahaha - well played, my friend. Well played!


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