Saturday, January 5, 2008

This is the stuff Marriage is made of

It's a lazy, beautiful Sunday afternoon. The weekend is almost over for my hardworking husband. This really his day to relax. On this day, he usually resists the idea of a bath strongly.

However, given that I have bathed fairly early on in the day, and even our baby has been massaged and bathed, he clearly feels a little grimy in comparison. He somehow musters up the will power to get out of bed and goes to take a nice, hot shower.

He comes out sparkling clean. He looks like he's washed his hair today, and in fact, I think he may have used my shampoo for this. I watch out of the corner of my eye as he checks himself out in the mirror. Wearing a fresh T-shirt and track pants, he looks like he's even contemplating combing his hair. Indeed, he now looks around and spotting my hairbrush, picks it up and starts to run it in deft strokes through his hair.

I bury my nose in my book again quickly, so that he doesn't figure out how closely I've been watching him. I wait until he finishes with the final stroke of the hairbrush and turns away from the mirror towards me, with the faintest trace of satisfaction on his face.

That's when I look up from my book, glance at him with all the nonchalance I can muster, and suggest in a sweet voice,

'Honey, why don't you have a bath now?'

Oh, that single moment of wide-eyed, red-faced, blustering indignation.

When you've been married almost five years, it's these little moments of pleasure that give you maximum joy.


  1. If your boy likes his booze, but often attempts to regulate it, I also recommend the false yet stern, "I'm sure that's the sixth gin n' tonic, not the
    fifth. That's beyond today's quota, eh?", which may be received with either a) red-faced, buzz-destroying guilt b) "Ah what the hell! Too late to stick to it now, so might as well keep the buzz alive".

  2. LMAO! How did you pull that off with a straight face?
    Reminds me.. I have to pull the "Ogo shunchho!" on Baby some day soon in the corridor. :wicked grin:
    Sadly, I'll probably crack up as soon as I've said it.

  3. lol! my V does that to me, at times... :( and it's not even close to 5 years of marriage!

  4. Hmmmm - I am uniquely unqualified to comment on marriage - or for that matter on pleasure and joy. Remarkably that doesn't stop me from leaving a comment.

    Incidentally Facebook informs me that "Y is now married". Many congratulations.

    I am too gutted by the cricket to go on.

  5. would not have guessed that the sweet face hides a truly wicked person! your poor hubby ...: )
    but inspiring post for all us wicked people.

  6. Dipali: Nyahahahaha (diabolical laughter)

    Null pointer: Sadly, there is no counting where he is concerned :-(

    Suki: Ha ha - it takes practice. That's what my grandpa says to my grandma! 'Listen, dear'?

    Rayshma: Get back at him somehow. What is marriage good for if not puerile games such as this?

    Ganju: Uhhh.Yeah. Okay!I am uniquely unqualified to comment on Cricket.

    Mona: :-) Clearly you know this game

    Sur: Haha! I only look innocent and pure. But I am pure evil.

    Quirky Quill: Indeed - see comment above :-)

    Nutty: Stop sympathising with HIM all the time.:-)

  7. Nice post! You have a very nice style of writing.. Shall sure come back for more.. :-)
    Btw, you are tagged.. Do take it up when you find time..

  8. Adorable. You need to have a black teeka photoshopped onto every pic you post. And darling, please get the peanut to a good homeopath...I cant recommend homeopathy enough. Take care.

  9. Oops. this was meant for the previous post. And am going to try this out for my hubby. Difficult, since the man makes such an infernal racket while bathing that its difficult to fake a have you bathed yet thing with him...

  10. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! You are the funniesssstt!!! :D The queen of humor if I may say so! :)

    (Notice Ganju squirm, he was once christened the king of humor by urs truly! :D)

  11. Hahaha..loved this trick!! I must use it too someday.


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