Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 Years Today! Holy Cow!

It is our marriage anniversary today. 5 years. This is some landmark na? It's not quite golden or silver...but maybe bronze? Copper? Something? Help me out here!

Anyway, it may not be commemorated by any precious metal but what the hell! I believe that 5 years is a long time. So much has changed - and yet, much remains the same. Actually, that sentence is completely meaningless but I've always wanted to use it.

Wow! I am rambling on and on, aren't I? I have no idea what to write. I can't say anything very gushy or romantic as this is a public space. And neither am I able to be my usual flippant self about this.

I guess I will just balance it...

...By saying that I am lucky enough to be married to the most amazing and wonderful and unselfish man in the whole world...

...And to counter that mushy sentence, I will now narrate last night's conversation...

Exhausted Vijay puts Peanut to sleep and falls into bed next to Y.

Y: Honey, have you brushed?

V: (wearily, stifling a groan) Yes, I have.

Y (suspicious because she knows he hates brushing at night and has to be reminded daily): Really?

V: (indignantly) Of course

Y: (snuggling up, not really wanting him to get up) Okay, promise?

V: (closing his eyes, sighing) I promise.

Y: (knows him too well) Promise you have brushed?

V: (without missing a beat, gaining confidence) Promise!

Y: (all the suspicions returning) Promise you brushed today?

V: (thinks a bit) Promise!

Y: Promise you brushed at night?

V: (pauses to consider this one) Promise!

Y: Promise you brushed TOnight?

V: ( Inaudible guilt-ridden mumble, pretends to drift off to sleep)

...both break into giggles and actually do go to sleep ...until Peanut cries 30 minutes later, to be lifted out of her bassinet and placed between us for the rest of the night. And that pretty much sums us up.

Yes, sir, 5 years is a loooong time. Everything changes. Everything changes but you! Hey, remember that song? ( I will not gab on about how cute my then boyfriend Robbie Williams looked in that song's video way back in 1998 or something, as talking about my past always irritates Vijay). Instead, I dive into a poem that I will make up as I go along:

You say po-tay-to, I say po-ta-to,
Actually, you say alu-gobi and I say Chicken Pesto,
Coz you're vegetarian, and let's just say I'm NOT,
And you always feel cold, when I'm feeling hot,
I'm of average height, you're over six feet tall,
You're skinny as a stick, I'm round as a ball,
That reminds me, Cricket is your favourite game,
And I can't stand it, I think it's just so lame,
You like old Hindi movies, I prefer Hollywood,
You could say that we're Mr Desi and Mrs Pseud,
Because you like the Great Indian Laughter Challenge,
Which I think is for the Mentally Challenged,
And when you catch me watching the OC on the sly,
You roll your eyes heavenward and ask Why, God, Why?
You take your time shopping, and I'm like In-and-OUT,
You sulk quietly when upset, while I not-so-quietly shout,
WHERE is the common ground, I ask, HOW will we survive?
Well, we've done pretty good these first five years, so bring on the next five!

And with that cheesy, badly metered excuse for a poem, I end this post. Happy Anniversary, honey!


  1. Wow! Many happy returns...
    Given what we have heard about Vijay... he seems to be a gem of a guy and hope this time together lasts forever....

  2. Congratulations!

    And the fifth anniversary is supposedly wood. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_anniversary) Maybe buy furniture to celebrate? ;)

  3. aww, y that was sweet! congrats, hon! here's wishing you guys many, many blissful years of matrimony.

  4. LOL! I am in splits, just read your delightful, 'excuse for a poem'. Many, many happy returns to you both:)

  5. Happy anniversary..Y and V.

    loved the poem.
    hugs to the Peanut.

  6. That was right up there with the best of them poems.

    Many congratulations. And to many more anniversaries to come, hic!

  7. Hey.....Happy Anniversary.You shouldnt worry about what metal your anniversary symbolises.....just ask your hubby to get you a diamond.That should do it,I think :)

  8. happy anniversary...

    and you did balance the mush
    with the ummm brush rather well !

    have a wonderful day.

  9. happy anniversary... and may you do the cicken dance on your 25th. canes and all.

  10. Awwww... so cute that poem was! Happy Anniversary! You guys are so opposite and yet so happy together! Gives more meaning to the phrase "Opposites attract"!!

  11. Omigosh Happy Anniversary!

    You two rock!

  12. That was so cute,Y.
    Happy Anniversary to you and the immortal singer of Lashtic ka pyjama!

  13. happy anniv!!
    and umm... i liked the poem... i cud visualize shaggy singing it... :D

  14. Hey Y,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) A very happy anniversary to you and your husband! And that poem at the end was not that badly metered. The important thing is that it expressed your feelings perfectly.

    Hope to read more stuff here!

  15. Most pulitzerish - or whatever it is that they give for poms - type pom, that.

  16. wow..ur poem is so cute! it's just like my hubby n me..he is into cricket, non-veg, hollywood, in and out shopping....I am a veggie, hate cricket/sports, love bollywood and love shopping :-)


    p.s. sorry to hog ur space, but the poem just made my day!

  17. good going!!

    Happy anniversary to both of you!!

    Hope the next five are just as good :)

    Lots of love

  18. Many Happy Returns to you and Vijay... and wishing you many more to come! Lots of love to the Peanut :)

    - Namrata

  19. Dear Everybody,

    Thanks a ton for your wishes - Really appreciate them...


  20. Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more years of togetherness !!! and Oh My Gaawd!!! That is the exact same conversation we have at home ... these hubbies... I tell you.. whatever will they do without us???

  21. Happy Anniversary! Came across your blog yday and have been reading it in my spare time. U have me in splits!

    Please do not stop writing.

    Cheers! Have a great evening!

  22. forgot to mention, love the poem definitely not badly metered...

  23. A very happy anniversary Y! Love the poem!

  24. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  25. Hey! Belated Anniversary wishes to you! And I just loved the spontaneity of the poem! Too good!

  26. Happy Anniversary :) do a post on your wedding, pls? not that I expect it to be a comedy riot-but then i'd like to see your sense of humour applied to such a significant day :)

  27. Hey, happy anniversary, Y (though it's a little belated). Hope you have many many glorious years with Vijay and Peanut :-)

  28. dear Y, happy anniversary and congratulations to you and Vijay!

    Here's wishing you loads of good years ahead. Ive been away from the blogosphere, hence the delayed but heartfelt wishes.

    sweet poem too :)!

  29. you are a poet with great potential :D

    hope it was a blast !!! bring on the good posts too!


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