Monday, February 18, 2008

Some pictures from the Dahli

The lovely mango tree in Mum's new garden. Ain't it a beaut?

Another lovely tree below- I think it is a neem tree - it's looking this way because apparently it had some problem and had to be pruned, and will now re-leaf and re-flower. Much like the Mundan people keep telling me to get done for Peanut, although I have no intention of balding my baby. Anyway, I quite like the way this tree looks even now, it casts some interesting shadows in the garden, as in the previous picture, if you noticed.

Peanut catching some sun in the new garden.

Peanut getting gifts and playing with the wrapping paper, as usual.

Peanut and Papa (my 92 year old grandpa) doing some bonding.

Yeah. It was a good trip. No, a great trip. Must do it again soon.


  1. L-O-V-E-L-Y indeed, you should do picture posts more often, even though you manage to hide more Peanut than show her.

  2. Peanut seems really engrossed with the gift wrapping paper..

  3. Its been more that 48 hours...

    Why is Y not on earth...and blogging...why why why wh...Y???



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