Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quick Hello


Am in Delhi for a quick visit, that's why the lack of posting. I can tell you guys have been missing me, especially on Friday...(215 visitors ...but... 485 page reloads!!)

Either you're all having a tough time waiting for the weekend...OR my biggest fan (the ubiquitous Ganju) has been truly vela!

Will post soonly,

Much Lowe,



  1. Hahahaha. Pray tell, why have I been singled out for public humiliation? And please avoid using the term ubiquitous in my context - it makes me sound fatter than I am.

    Speaking of making me look fatter than I am I recently bought myself a new sweater. In this country sweaters are made of cotton, which seems ridiculous. This particular sweater has these horizontal lines that hypnotise me when I look at them. It actually looked quite wonderful on the shelf in the shop. But I look nothing like that shelf. Sigh.

  2. umm.. i sure am missing d posts! and u!!
    p.s.: lowe, as in the agency...???

  3. Its part of my daily ritual:

    9 am swipe access card
    9:05 am check mail
    9:30 am smoke
    9:35 am read Y's blog

    Im deprived of my daily does of bloggin world


  4. Ganju: I assure you, you look more like a shelf than anyone else I know.

    Rayshma: I am back! And noooo...not lowe...looowwwe...

    Arrow: No more woes, here's your dose!

  5. Chandni darlin': Till Sunday afternoon wonly...sigh!


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