Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quote of the Week -1

The K, delighted that Peanut actually opened her mouth to take in a spoonful of mashed banana:

'Kitna Shona Baby Hai! Aise Achhe se Khaaoge to Achhe Tareeke Se Khilaane Mein Kitna Achha Logti Hai!'


  1. Hope u had a great day! Wish you a great year ahead!

  2. Stuti: If you don't know the K's language by now, I am very disappointed in you! It's perfectly simple stuff. Hah!

    Trupti: Oh, the very same to you, same to you!

  3. hee hee.
    Now don't feel scared, I'm sure she'll feed Peanut with love and patience even if woh aise achchhe se nahin khaati!

    Happy weekend to you :)

  4. Im a bong, I totally get the K :)So proud of her.

  5. Anyone want to feed me???? Ache tareeke se khanewali???

  6. :D

    Aur aap bhi aise achchhey se blog karte rahte ho to achchhey se padhne me kitna achchha lagta hai. Nahi?

    Knock, knock. Koi hai??


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