Friday, January 26, 2018

Why I'm Glad I Had Kids. They're Amusing.

I'm hurrying my kids up for school and going "and don't you lose your Vogmasks! You know they're expensive!"
"Yes!" Says Pickle " 18 thousand rupees!"
"Well, 1800 but whatever." I am then overcome by guilt. "but if you ever do lose it, it doesn't matter. You know you're worth like a million million INFINITE rupees to me, right?"
"Why not dollars?" Papad pipes up, conversationally.
I stare at him.
"Just go to school".

I think I just got the most earnest, best compliment in the world.
By my seven year old, Papad. He hugged me tight while saying Goodnight and declared
"I wish I could get YASH tattooed on my SOUL!"


I hear my twins arguing about something. They are speaking rudely to each other. 'Tu ne kyon kiya?' 'Maine nahin, TU ne...'
I interrupt 'Guys, speak nicely. And you know you're supposed to say Aap to each other.'
They pause for a second to look at me. Pickle then turns back to his brother, and bows his head, making a sweeping gesture with his arm, announcing 'Papad, Aap bahut bade gadhe ho.'


And because some things are just worth recording for posterity - 

1. Peanut's old letter to our old help Rinki when she learned that she was getting married. 

2. Peanut impressed by the tallest building in Dubai

3. Peanut sends a clear message about her brothers

4. I find Papad's diary with the following filled in rather matter-of-factly

5. A rather formal invite to a small picnic gathering

6. Heartbreaking to know you're not the favoured one. It's hard being a twin.