Another rollicking ride from the bestselling author of Just Married, Please Excuse, Sorting out Sid and There’s Something about You. 

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Natasha is a badass boss. Just how badass? She can make a grown man cry, she can whip a team into shape, she can meet her targets and she won’t take bullshit from anyone. 
Of course, getting the job done is never enough for a woman in a man’s world. When it’s time for her long-overdue promotion, she’s passed over for Rishabh Sethi – a smarmy rake who apparently has ‘people skills’. He knows just how to push her buttons and it's driving her up the wall. Thankfully, the very desirable Nikhil – he of the quiet self-assurance and distracting dimple – is around to make the office tolerable. With a crotchety old neighbour, an unrelenting friend and a tumultuous family history in the mix, Natasha is suddenly beginning to find that everything she's ignored in the pursuit of success is now coming back to haunt her.

But don’t worry. She’s bringing her A-game. She always does.

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  1. It's a nice book. It beautifully demonstrates relationship dynamics in not only in corporate world but also among people during the middle adulthood stage when as people we are more rooted, have our preferences,perspectives, style of life, more settled and balanced etc etc. The best part about her books is I like the way how strongly she puts each character as in how beautifully each one stand up for themselves (be it Natasha, Nikhil or Rishabh) despite the fact that they are validated/ reassured by others or not. Furthermore, its typical of Yashodhara, when she writes, she can make inculcate interest in mundane things. Its so free of unnecessary fuss and drama and the story flows so smoothly. Its an interesting read.


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