Friday, April 4, 2008

Conversation with Chatty AD

I know, I know, I just said posting would be sporadic. I can't help it if Vijay's flight is delayed due to the rains. Beautiful rains!

The phone rings, and I see it is an old friend of mine, AD. He was to pick me up the previous day for a meeting with another friend, N - who has just had a baby boy around a month back. For some reason, I had missed a couple of his calls (as usual-heh heh), so I prepare myself for the inevitable and pick up.

Y (sweetly): Hi!
AD (rudely): Why don't you ever pick up your phone?
Y: Why didn't YOU pick up your phone when I called?
AD: Nonsense. You called only once, I called twice. I was supposed to pick you up, na.
Y: Yes, why didn't you pick me up?
AD: Because N decided she didn't want to meet us.
Y: Oh.
AD: Yes, she's just had a baby, you know. She was having one of those know what I'm talking about...what do you call them?
Y (Helpfully): Bad hair days?
AD: No, yaar. Silly. Those days...oh, I don't know. Anyway, she didn't want to meet us. Especially you.
Y (Aghast): Why, why me?
AD: Because you two haven't met for so long, na. If I go over, she can just leave me to my own devices and go and do her own thing. But if you go, she'll have to actually talk to you. It's an effort to make conversation, na.
Y: You obviously haven't been in a room with two women who've just had babies. There's plenty to talk about.
AD (muttering) Maybe I shouldn't be there for this meeting, then. Anyway, don't change the subject. She said why don't WE come over to YOUR place today.
Y: Haan, so come, na. Come today. Just land up this evening. It'll be nice. We can hang out here only. Oh wait - what about her baby, can she bring him out?
AD: Aha! That's the point. You've realized it very fast, after five minutes. You wouldn't get to meet the baby. Do you really want to meet the baby?
Y: Of course, what did you think?
AD: Haan, I thought so. But she was just in the mood to get out of the house, you know. So she agreed rather reluctantly to have us come over.
Y: But why can't she come over here, along with her baby?
AD: Oh, he's too small, yaar. Or maybe she can't manage him alone or something. I'm sure you know what that's like.
Y (hackles raised): What does THAT mean? I was managing Peanut completely on my own till she was around 3 months old - only then the K moved with us to Mumbai.
AD (interestedly): I guess you're just better with children than N, eh?
Y (backtracking): Wait a minute. I never said that. Why are you putting words into my mouth and trying to cause trouble?
AD (reassuring) : Don't worry, yaar. I would never tell N that you said that.
Y : Good, good. Wait a minute...I DIDN'T say it!
AD: Ha ha. Achha, by the way, I had a great idea. Since you're moving here, why don't you just get a job at Coke? It's a great place, dude.
Y: I don't WANT to work there.
AD: What are you saying? I love Coke. It's my favourite drink. And I have a friend there - they have great parties. I suggest Vijay joins Coke, then.
Y: He doesn't want to work there, either. He's already found a job.
AD: But their parties, dude. It's all Coke at their parties, you know? Coke Mugs, Coke T-Shirts. Everything Coke...
Y: ...and to drink?
AD: Coke, yaar, Coke!
Y: ...and rum?
AD (in a reverie, barely listening): Yeah. I love Coke.
Y: Why the hell don't YOU join them, then?
AD: Because they wouldn't take me. I have to be able to do something for them. I can't just go to them and say 'I love Coke', give me a job.
Y: This conversation is getting completely ridiculous.
AD: Why, yaar? You're being most ungrateful. I'm only trying to solve your problem.
Y: But I don't HAVE a problem.
AD: Just tell Vijay about the parties, okay? It may sway his decision.
Y: (resignedly) Okay, I will do that.
AD (changing track): IIMs are raising their fees, you know. H is damn happy.
Y: Why would your friend be happy about such a thing?
AD: Oh, because he is abroad doing his MBA, na? He was always upset about the fact that everyone else does it for much cheaper, here. So now he is very happy that all the other suckers also have to pay a higher price. Ha ha.
Y: He's YOUR friend. Can't expect anything else from him.
AD: Hai, na? Achha, don't change the subject. So when are we meeting N?
Y: Anytime, yaar. Anytime... I thought we were meeting today.
AD: Let's meet next week instead? That will give N some time. But she's damn erratic nowadays, you know, so we're going to have to live with it.
Y: (totally confused about the plan) Ok. Fine.
AD: Ok, then! I'll call you later.

I put the phone down, my head spinning.

And they say we women talk too much.


  1. Totally whacky conversation!! It will leave anyone's head spinning! :D

  2. i'd not even have remembered all of it!

  3. Ha! That could only be Dinakar.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oof please go ahead and delete my earlier comment - the identity was obviously meant to stay hidden - even if I AM wrong. Maha dumb of me.

  6. Thats assuming you can delete comments? Ooff someone stop me commenting. Take away my keyboard. Stop the typing. Stop.

  7. hahahahaha... precious!!, how come AD didn't feature here till now?... hahahahaha

  8. Oh my God! That was a pakao conversation!!!

  9. btw I voted because you are sooooo funny. Maybe I should change it to 'because your friends are soooo funny'

  10. I think your friend AD had too many Cokes! That was hilarious.

  11. Aditi Dhar, Is that you? How do you know Y? Is she even more notorious than we give her credit for?

  12. Nah not Aditi Dhar.
    Don't know the Y.Only know the blog.

  13. Ha ha ha...Aditi...I think what Amit is trying to ask you is how do you know HIM :-)...go on, leave him a clue, he is obviously intrigued enough to comment on my blog for the first time ever!

  14. Ha! I don't need a clue - I have all of them...
    Y, I'm impressed with your fame dudette - perhaps I was being too harsh when I said the Booker was just a few light years away :P

  15. :) Whats up M? How have you been? Mail me on - I've misplaced your contact details

  16. Very nice :) Yep will mail.


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