Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eventfully Yours

I love February. Always have, always will.

Apart from the fact that weather is beyootiful this month ( yeah, right - have you SEEN the wet misery outside in Delhi today?), it's generally an active month - with a certain overgrown kid's birthday comin' up ...and a certain couple's Ten YEAR wedding anniversary (gasp! we're so OLD!)

Of course, I might not get to go to Gotye's concert tomorrow given that tickets are all sold out and after my initial excitement about this in November ( wherein I called the lady at Blue Frog and told her that Gotye was expected on 6th Feb while she protested that they didn't have their calender yet) - I basically forgot all about it until yesterday. And then, the conversation that I had with my husband put me off.

In the morning, he said 'I still don't understand why you got mad at me...'
'I TOLD you' I sulked 'I said I wanted to go to Gotye for my birthday.'
'I didn't understand what you were talking about...Initially I thought you were saying Gautier furniture, where we bought our Sofa set from...'
'Yes, very funny and all that, but I TOLD you that he is the one who sang Somebody I Used to Know.'
'Yes, you said that' my husband said patiently 'so then I thought you were talking about some guy from school or college that you used to know...I'm telling you, you should be more clear.'
'Listen' I was very petulant 'When your wife is saying that she wants to go for a concert as the only birthday present she really wants, you should be more excited.'
At this, he just burst into snorts of laughter. 'Honey' he choked 'You lost right to say ''This is what I want for my burday'' when you were TWELVE.'
'I have NOT lost the right' I sulked some more 'Anyway, you forget it, I've asked my sister to take me.'
'Oh, okay' He said mildly, and then after a pause 'So, will he stand there naked, expecting the audience to paint him?'

Sigh. We console ourselves by watching the video yet again, then.

Separately, I was supposed to have this session around my book ''Just Married, Please Excuse'' at the World Book Fair today, which got rained out. But now it's rescheduled for 10th February, 1.30-2.30 p.m. at Hall 1R, Pragati Maidan. I'll be in conversation with Richa Lakhera, another HarperCollins author who has debuted with her book 'Garbage Beat', and it should be an interesting session.
I figured if I put this up early enough on my blog, a few of you who happen to be there might drop by. So here's hoping to see you there!

Thirdly, my second book, with the current working title ''The Story of Sid'' is scheduled for release in September this year. I'm quite impressed with my publisher, who has sent me a detailed schedule with actual dates and all. This is very different from last year where everything was, let us say, rather free-flowing by comparison. ( Translation: When is my book out, guys?... Soon, Y, Soon. Another biscuit?)
Yes, sirree, I am mighty impressed.

Lastly, as I've mentioned a couple of times - it's my burday week. And even though my husband claims that I'm too old to ask for presents, the only thing I want from you is to take the opportunity to delurk. I know commenting seems to be a bit of a pain these days, but I do want to hear from you on this particular point - what do you like about this blog, and what is it that you'd like to see more of here? Feel free to say anything. I can't promise I'll be able to do it, but I'd really like to take stock at this point - this is important to me and will help me figure out a few things. So go ooornnn ....say it, why doncha?

After all, mera happy burday hai!

* Shuts ears to Vijay's snorting choking derisive and altogether insensitive laughter*


  1. I loved the humor in some of your v. early posts esp. regaling us with the inhabitants of your home, your life and the kids. Lovely, lovely humor, you got there Y.


  2. Hey Y! Long time reader (have been reading from the days you were in Bombay, in fact), first time commenter.

    Love your style. Love the 3 Ps. Love your superwoman capabilities. Also, my birthday is coming up too! Fellow Aquarians, unite! *High fives and all*

  3. Y! A very happy birthday to you, you utterly charming and genuinely funny girl you... May the year bring you almost everything (it would be a bit boring if you got everything, no?) you want .
    How about sharing something related to the industry you work in? In addition to all the entertaining stories about the famille Y ..

  4. Happy birthday Y... Many many happy returns of the day.. May your every wish be fulfilled and your second novel turn out to be a bigger success than first one also..

    As for the birthday present, I love every single post of God. Came to your blog from someone's entry in the JMPE contest, first ordered the book, loved it and then read the complete archive, every single post. Enjoyed your journey and would love to read future events. Love your humour and style of writing..

  5. Happy Birthday Y... I pretty most love all your posts....about kids, Vijay's awesome sense of humor;)

    Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary..biig milestone...

    And I have commented here before....still have not got my hand on your book...hubby coming back from India is going to bring it...waiting eagerly..

    Congratulations on your second book...


  6. Delurking here. A very happy birthday to you. I enjoy the humour of everyday life which you present very eloquently. Being a struggling professional mum, I admire how you juggle so many facets of your life with a young family. I will comeback for more of your writing, not particularly concerned about a topic per say.

  7. Happy burday! I think everyone has the birthright to be excited for their burdays, no matter what their age, so you go Y!

  8. Happy birthday, Y! I knew the Gautier angle was begging to be mentioned (maybe 'cause that's the first thing that crossed my mind too?) ;-).

    I love many things about your writing. If I were to pick one, it would have to be the organic humour. I appreciate that, even more now that I've read a few other published bloggers whose writing seems a bit contrived. So, kudos to you for keeping it au naturel!

  9. A very happy burday to you Y!! You like Gotye, really? I've heard "Somebody I used to know" umpteen times on the radio, and still can't figure out the lyrics. The man needs to stop mumbling IMHO. Sorry, did not mean to diss your favorite performer and all. I hope you have a happy wala burday.

  10. Happy Birthday Y!!
    Its the family humor which makes me delurk, i might have not commented but i think i have read almost all of our post :)

  11. A very happy bday to You. I came to know of your blog while reading a review of your book from another blog R's mom. So I read the book first and then the blog. I appreciate the humour. Loved it.

  12. Not delurking pre se, just popping up from a loooooooooooooooooooong absence to say hello and wish yer a Happy Birthday!

    I love how you find the funny in pretty much everything! As someone with zero sense of humour, completely incapable of making jokes, this is really precious to me :) I could barely keep it together at work last week when I read of your adventures going by the Metro. Tears, suppressed snorts, the works ... really glad you haven't stopped blogging despite being a published author :)

  13. Here is a delurker... Wishing you a Happy Birthday. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and am looking forward to reading more. I like the optimism and positive attitude you portray. As a working mom of two kids, I can relate to part of your life and I keep thinking "I don't know how she does it". When I feel stressed out, I come here to gather some energy and a good laughter. Keep'em coming.

    You are never too old to wish things on your birthday! After all, it is the only day in your life that can be about YOU.

  14. Happy Birthday Y. Your early posts got me hooked to your blog - they were pretty darn funny. I used to comment quite regularly; You stopped responding, so I stopped commenting.

    Have a great day, and year ahead.

  15. hello there and happy birthday! I have commented here before, long time back. I am a regular reader of blog.
    and yes, I loved your book, made my husband read it too.

    I love it when you are regular ;) and its great the way you do your blog. I am a mommy of 2 too, its interesting to see someone juggle many different things..and like the light hearted feel to your writing.
    looking forward to your second book. good luck!

  16. Delurking as per request from the Burday gurl :)

    Happy wala B'day and all that to you!

    Keep coming by here, especially to read on actual convos ( with the husband, kids or any street vendor) you put down here. They make me smile :)

  17. awwwwwwwwwwww.. that is so sweet... I'm just happy that I'm not the only person in the world who gets so excited about one's budday!!!!

    So here's wishing you a fabulous year ahead. Looking forward to your next book :)

    Now about the blog... I totally love it. The voyeur in me thrives on your stories and antics. Keep it up please.... :)

  18. I'm a regular reader & loved your book too! I'm a mother of a 1 year old, & the post that I loved best was 'blessed' : ) looking forward to your next book and a very very Happy birthday

  19. Happy Birthday Y!!! Hope you are having a wonderful birthday week! Just read that you got to see Gotye...yay for you! I have heard his 'Somebody that I used to know' song and love it! Need to hear more of his songs.
    Love your blog!! The wittiness, humor and also occasional serious tones keeps it interesting and relateable. I am one of your off shore followers - so when I was in India for a vacation in December one of the things I was looking forward to was buying your book :)
    Keep up the awesome work!!

  20. Delurking to wish you a happy birthday.
    They say laughter is the best medicide and you provide lots of it in your blog. Thats what makes me a regular here. Kudos to your blog and JMPE

  21. Happy Happy Birthday!! Your writing style, your witty stories, your everyday humour... it's all good! So keep them coming :)
    May God bless you!

  22. Happy birthday Y! I've recently started reading your blog - after reading about your book on Mad Momma's blog.
    I love your blog - it's fun and the introspection you do about your life and career is sort of comforting.
    Have a great week, day, year!

    - Anupama

  23. Delurking. On one compulsory working saturday, when everyone knows no work happens, I read your entire blog. Love everything about it, especially how you manage to juggle so many things ! Happy Birthday, btw.
    - sumita

  24. Delurking as a b'day present. Happy happy to you :)

    As a suggestion, more regular posts. Like a post every Tues and Fri? And or, layout change. Tis' been this way for a while now?

    Good luck with Sid and his life. Can;t wait to read it.


  25. Happy Birthday! Started reading your blog which was rcommended by my daughter. Very interesting and funny!Enjoying:-)

  26. It pains me not to find fault with writings other then Classics.... Well first, Belated Happy Burday for 2013 and will try to wish u around feb, this year.U share the month with my Hub (14th feb). Second I will re-read this post to find something annoying.Till then Take it as a compliment.... :D Smile dear Yashodhara.... I can't maintain the poker face anymore... I am smiling broadly... ur post is hilarious... will browse more, visit more u r added to favs. as good bloggers are hard to find. Seriously.And don't ask Y? :)


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