Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Just So Fitting Somehow...

...that just over a year ago, I wrote this.

And now I actually have a new little person to share my obsession with mangoes.

Yep, Peanut has been given some today and has proved to just lurve it. Considering how many mangoes I ate during my pregnancy, this is hardly what you might term a shocker.

In fact, now that I think back, neither is the fact that I put on 24 kgs instead of the recommended 14...

But there I go again! And while this was certainly not the point of this post, I must say this. I have been reading lots of women bloggers in the last few months and I can tell you this, ladies - we all DO obsess about our weight. The stereotypes about us are all just being proven true by us, time and time again. Some of us write posts about our struggle with weight loss, which is fine. Some write about the successes, which are nice to read ( You B****es...just kidding!). But a lot, and I mean, a lot of us, make numerous references to our weight, usually in self-deprecating terms. Even when we're trying to be funny, what we really want to hear is 'Oh, you're not fat' or 'You look like you've lost weight, actually' - oh, bah! What pathetic attempts at fishing for compliments. And of course, I'm as guilty of it as the rest of the people I'm talking about.

I don't know about you all, but I'm getting a little tired of it myself -the truth is, I think I look pretty good. And even if I didn't, I don't think regular jabs at myself would help my self-esteem any. Therefore, I'm putting an end to this, at least over here.

So rejoice, peoples! You will no longer hear this person rambling on and on, moaning endlessly about her weight. Come on! Who else is with me? We can call it the 'No-Talky-About-My-Weighty-Booty' pact, or something equally elegant. So WHO ELSE IS WITH ME!? SING OUT!


I feel so much better. I'm going to go have meself another mango now.

Oh, and also - does anyone have any gyaan on how much mango is okay to be given to an 8-month old?


  1. I swear I do not obsess over my weight... but the entire effing world seems to what with the 'You're soooooooooooo skinny' crap I get 24/7. I swear to God I could sock them all one in the kisser...hmpfh! I LOVE mangoes too!! Eat away... I can't wait to come back and gorge on them!!! :D P.S: Please please please get a snap of Peanut when she's managed to smear mango all over her tiny mouth... I do think it's the most adorable thing! The cleaning up after not withstanding of course, but I bet you won't complain of that :)

  2. There with you! But I'm one of those good gals who has never complained about the excessive weight. Rather have been pretty good at not letting others know how much extra weight do I have :P

    As for how much mango to give to a 8 month baby, not too much.. just once slice at the max..since mango is supposed to have 'garam taaseer' it might give upset tummy to the baby if eaten in excess.

    BTW, where are you that you are getting mangoes already!!!??? I've just seen safeda here in Delhi which I primarily use to make mango shakes or home made icecreams.

  3. (Gush alert)

    * You an absolutely refreshing person. absolutely. *

    (long comment alert)

    I did use to fret a lot about putting on weight in the beginning ... but then tired of it, when i realised that (a) skinny is NOT healthy (b) curves are nice (c) I love food and (d) i was anyway unable to lose weight - so somewhat a case of sour grapes too.

    So now i am (kind of) peaceful about the way i am.

    I do want to be fitter, though... which is to say, have stamina enough to climb stairs up to the seventh floor when the lifts aren't working. Or take a hike.

    (confession alert)

    P.S. guilty of self-deprecation.

    my only defense is that it's occasional and brought on ONLY if prompted by "you still look just the same" or "you should put on some weight, you're thin". I then tell them i'm a lot heavier than i used to be.

    and i WILL stop that, can imagine how crappy it sounds. Thanks :)

  4. Hell yeah on the mango obsession. Impossible to find a respectable mango my side of the planet though.
    Oh, Y - you're not fat!

    null pointer

  5. Yay Peanut the Mango-Lover!

    As for the weight, I have the same feeling about it as any other issue. Denial isn't getting us anywhere. So why not hire a physio and get ourselves that workout twice a week?
    (Those who don't have the money rarely have the luxury of putting on weight actually. It's a sobering thought.)

  6. with u! i've made peace with the fact that i'm never going to look like i do today. so i may as well be happy with it. and surprisingly, i am! :)
    i miss india d most in mango season! :( miss eating mangoes with family... :(

  7. Mangoes?? SLURRRRRP!! I'd go with what ~nm said about giving mangoes to babies.

    To tell you the truth, I was getting tired of perfect little women complaining about their weights too :P I'll join the NTAMWB group with you! Count me in.

    @Suki: "(Those who don't have the money rarely have the luxury of putting on weight actually. It's a sobering thought.)" - Not true. I have many, many pounds to lose and I can't afford to hire a personal trainer or a physio as you call it. Come to think of it, I don't have the time either, to workout even two times a week. And I know it is crucial for me to find the time, but what do I do? Give up cooking dinner, or not talk to S and J, or not even take the baby in my arms? :(

    Y: Here I go breaking the pact within 7 minutes - whining about my weight :D

  8. Singapore : the land of mangoes 365 days ! Yippeee !!

    Only, not as great as our homeland though....would love to get my hands on Chawsa's and slurp away sitting in front of the cooler on a sweltry afternoon :)

  9. im in!!!!!!!!
    with the no moaning about weight. well, actually ive been in for many years, snh, probably wht im STILL there. but yay! the more people the merrier

  10. I agree that too many women obsess about their weight. But I don't agree that all women do this. And I think I may be the exception but I hope that more and more women grow to love themselves a wee bit more. Clearly you don't read me as vociferously as I read you, hunh?!?!?!?!

  11. shite. i commented on your post from one year ago, instead of this one.
    go look. i'm, for one, too lazy to go get it and put it here.
    mangoes. sigh.

  12. Loved reading your posts. I'm almost 37 weeks preg right now and have already put on 17-18 kgs, so I'm sure I would gain at least 20 by the 40th week. Anyways,as you've said, I shouldn't and won't be worrying about it. Ur so lucky! I miss eating mangoes :(

  13. err... *timidly raises hand* I wont be joining. I love obsessing abt my weight. it distracts me from the other things I obsess over - things that I have no control over!


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