Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hypothetical Situation

Wife, bored while out for a walk on a Friday morning, calls up Husband.

Husband: (all professional, clearly with someone else at work) Hello?
Wife: Hiya Hunneeee...
Husband: (melting only slightly) Hi!
Wife: Where are ya?
Husband: (as if she didn't know) In Bangalore today.
Wife: Whatcha dooin?
Husband: (back to business-like tone) Just about to get into a meeting, actually.
Wife: Oh! That's so nice! Do you love me?
Husband: (stiffly) Yes.
Wife: Say it! Say it! Say it!
Husband: (lowering voice) Kya hai...
Wife: (chanting) Say! Say! Say!
Husband: Hmm. I do.
Wife (not satisfied yet): Tell me I'm your shnoookybums!
Husband (aghast): What?
Wife: Shnookybums! Say it! Say it! Say it!
Husband (trying to cover up): Okay, I'm going to have to call you back on this one. Getting into that meeting now.
Wife: Nooo....first say it! say it! say it!
Husband (totally embarassed now): Okay, thanks. Bye...

If the wife finally hangs up and continues on her walk -with a smile so smug and gleeful that all passers-by do a double-take - maybe it is time for her to go back to her job, hmmm?


  1. You bet, shnookybums, it's
    back-to- office time for you:)

  2. hahahahaha oh you are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil! :)

  3. No, no, that does not mean that you can go back to work at all....cos that would take you away from writing the funnies.

    And previous post was also very dhansu...sab hil gaye!

  4. Dipali: Who said it was me! I protest! Hypothetical, hypothetical..

    Mincat: Meeow to you!

    Stuti & PR: I aim to please.

    Parul: OR it could mean fresh material :-)...Maybe not!

  5. LOL! Yes I could definitely remember a few such moments in J's life as well :P

  6. sigh. this wife is told-will have to get back to you on this one.

    i am told- go get a job- when he is in polite mode. or then- go get a life.

    sigh again.

  7. LOL!!!

    Hypothetical or not .. poor guy! I can't help but stick up for him!


  8. ok... how did u know i do that!?
    and no, doesn't mean it's time to go back to d job...

  9. Dare I even ask the man to say I love you? On the phone? Do I need my ears bitten off?

    Yes, snookybums. Get back to work. He can then take his revenge.

  10. Cee Kay: And did he ever SAY IT!?

    Sur: Hee hee. How rude!

    Shilpi: :-) Go back to work now!

    Nutty: There you go again...

    Gauri: Glad you think so :-)

    Rayshma: Good, that's a refreshing point of view!

    Kiran: Stop giving him ideas!

  11. Oh yeah! But that was before we got married and it was his mom standing behind him. Does that count? :D For the record, his mom didn't like me at all at that time, so the task was extra difficult!

  12. oh god! I've been doing it for years :D
    and it is soooooooo much satisfaction!


  13. Hahaha! Both you and your hubby are such funny people!! :D


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