Friday, September 28, 2012

Email from a Young Lady

Put up here with young Surabhi's permission. It really put a smile on my face. 

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Hey Yashodhara,

At the very outset of this mail, I want to congratulate you on JMPE. A friend recommended your blog, and I read what you wrote in six years,all in a day. After that, the urge to read some more got the better of me, and I immediately ordered your book online. I was wondering if the book would live up to what your blog is. Whether one particular story would do justice to your style of writing. I was pleasantly surprised. The book was all that and much more. It is simply written yet pretty smart. It makes you roll in laughter in parts and in others makes you pause and ponder about similar situations you have faced. It is not the typical 'fat lonely girl finds her guy and lives happily ever after',but it is every modern woman's happily ever after(with some glitches),in print.It is honest and engages you,making it un-putdownable. Congratulations again!!!

I am a 23 year old working girl, who is journeying through life.I too am a fiercely independent, big city D.U pass-out, who wants to get better every day. I see myself settling down in a few years(hopefully)!! The kind of cliches surrounding a working woman, the challenges and choices we face, the 'timelines' we are supposed to stick to, often scare and disillusion me. I think after reading your blog, what I have realized is that it can probably all be managed. Cliches broken, and some mistakes made, yet be managed fine.Thank you for being sort of an inspiration like that ;)

It is great to read your blog regularly, and I hope you continue writing and many many more books come your way!!!

Best of Luck for that and everything else.



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