Sunday, September 16, 2012


Vijay (Examining himself in the mirror): Is there a preponderance of blue in my clothing?
Me (Flabbergasted Silence)
Vijay (looking over at me): Well?
Me (carefully): Preponderance, you said?
Vijay (offended): Yes, so? I know many words!
Me (unable to contain myself): But YOU used to say stuff like 'Main Dress Change Karke aata hoon!'

(It's true. He did.)


  1. So much for being the husband of a published writer!!! :)

  2. Great Vocabulary.I learnt a new word.:)

  3. ha ha :D Writers are finicky. btw, Yashodhara I read your book and it is really nice. No attempt to impress with the vocabulary and all fancy stuff. Straight from the heart.

  4. Hi Y. Nice theme of the blog. Happy to see the fresh new look.

    Happy Blogging!

  5. Nisha -hai na?

    Bikash - thanks, and I was getting sick of the old template. Want to find something unique. Actually, want to move to wordpress. Soon!

    Goingbeyondthepages- thanks very much, glad you liked it. Do see if you can review it somewhere if you get the time ! :-) Much appreciate.

  6. Y, Preponderance eh?? flabbergasted is the opposite reaction to it, very apt :)


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