Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letter from A Newly Married Man

...and someone who happens to have been my reportee years go. His honest little email about what he thought of Just Married, Please Excuse shared below - with his kind permission of course. He informs me he was anyway going to write this as a comment on the blog initially :-) but wasn't sure I would want it up here...But Y On Earth Not, I say!

Hey Boss,

Finished reading your book.

Let me start at the beginning - I used to love your blog, during the married, pre-peanut phase. It was sarcy and incredibly funny. Then it became more warm/cute-funny, and I gradually lost interest. (I don't like babies and have never held one). Also, there has been a spate of books by Indian women around the theme of love/marriage/the right-boy in the recent past, all of which have been terrible. Some I read, and hence I know. Some, you didn't even have to read. The blurb was bad enough. I expected a sappy, cheesy book - '2 states' blended with a momma-blog.

So I bought your book out of loyalty.

And I'm glad I did. 

I loved the book. It was nothing like I expected. It was sarcy, funny, warm and really nice. I could relate to the characters. Ofcourse, it helps having known Vijay, Vivi and you. There is some advice hidden inside without being preachy. And it felt incredibly honest and true.

Am now trying to get my wife to read it.

Awesome work! Can't wait for the second one.

Proud of you!


P.S - I love hearing that men like my book too. Yay! 


  1. Congrats :)
    I agree to the bit about ' some advice hidden inside without being preachy' (esp. that I mean) :)

  2. Hmm...I am waiting for some free time to come. SO that I too can read Y's debut novel.:)

  3. Congrats! Long time reader, but never delurked ;) Honestly, did not want to read a simple book about a newly married couple. Plus, I read your blog and didn't want to hear the same thing again.

    BUT with all these good reviews, you have convinced me that I have to get my hands on your book! It sounds like a good read :-)

  4. Hi, I totally agree with the line above "and it felt incredibly honest and true"....

  5. asked for the book at a couple of book stores in bangalore but they dont seem to have it in stock.. Oxford book store and Sapna (formerly Crossword)


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