Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Married Please Excuse: Another update

Some more Just Married, Please Excuse Reviews are up! Not sure I'm getting all of them, but here go a few more:


By my extensive calculations on the subject, 98% of the roughly 50 reviews I've read so far are very positive. This makes me do my happy dance. *Does Happy Dance.*

So I am flummoxed by the logic of the average retailer.

'So you've got only 2 copies of my book in stock?'
'Yes, Ma'am. We had 10, 8 sold out last week.'
'Oh, that's great. So have you ordered more now?'
'Bilkul, Madam...just let these last 2 finish and then we will place the order...will only take a few days after that to get more copies.'

This makes me sink to the floor and weep. *Sinks to floor and weeps.*

(Why, God, WHY? Have you guys never heard of re-order levels or whatever term it was that we studied in  supply-chain or whatever subject that was? HUH? Seriously, people. Help me out here, will you? Participate in my giveaway and let me know where the book is not available at this point of time.)


  1. Hi,

    Loved the book and have recommended it to a few friends too.

    The story seems so real and witty... i did not want it to end. At the end of the book I was longing for more.. much more!

    I could relate to so many instances and i wanted to go back and re-read and re-read them again!

    Although I did find a couple of pieces missing (or maybe it's just me who wanted the book not to end and have more to read).

    This is the kind of book a couple can read together and enjoy it.

    I could almost visualize the whole story. I smiled, laughed and cried with you in the book!

    Great work!


  2. hmm..nice conversation with the retailer :D

  3. A new review...

  4. Welcome to the world of Indian retail. They do this to text books too, which is why people are going online in droves..


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