Sunday, November 12, 2006

Panic sets in

Within the hour, I realise that this is it! I am putting up my own thoughts in my own words for actual people to see! ( Aren't you happy you can count yourself falling into the category of 'actual people'). Not that I have ever had any issue saying exactly what I think, but somehow the written word is just different, isn't it?

Unfortunately, as I write this, I realise I am already beginning to ramble. And I must therefore, at this early stage, clarify expectations (hey, I work in management, that's what I do: I 'clarify expectations'!).

This blog is for me to ramble. Occasionally, you may chance upon a particularly rare insightful life-altering thought, but the chances of that happening are quite insignificant. For that, go to Osho's blog or something.

Having said that, I will be writing what I think and I invite you to write back what you think back (?)

Either way, you get to know me a lot better. And Isn't that just wonderful?



  1. Yay! I am an actual person! But not yet actualized I think.

  2. Welcoming your rabbling as a fresh burst of air in this busy world. Would love to communicate and get to know you...written words is a kind of documentation, which at a later time frame when you read the same, you would doubt whether you yourself wrote all these crazy statements! :-)


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