Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's in a name?

If this is going to be anything like the zillion diaries I have attempted to keep at various points of time in my life, this blog is a temporary thing.

But I think it is going to be different - for one, this is meant to be a public diary- unlike one of my earlier diaries, which was made public during Recess by a group of 'friends' when I was the tender age of twelve. This kind of thing would tend to put you off writing down your private thoughts (especially if like me, you had your own personal, witty, insulting nickname for almost everybody in school). If I ever feel strong enough, I will perhaps write about that incident one day!

In the meantime, welcome to my thoughts. I promise you nothing.

Just a bit on the name - I picked it for no other reason than my name starts with 'Y', my husband has converted that letter into an outstanding nickname for me, which results in a lot of confusion for other people and sometimes ourselves. Imagine, if you will, a typical clothing store in Mumbai. The hunt is on for something that I will like to wear beyond the first two times ( including the trial room occasion).

Short,pink-shirted store girl to V (my husband): Sir, what about THIS one?
V (half turning to me, without taking eyes off the ghastly item): Y? Y!
Short, pink-shirted store girl (walking away, offended): Well, I just THOUGHT you might like it. Never mind. ( In her head, continues: Feel free to ruffle up all the merchandise and walk out without buying anything, you two demons)

Right then; so that's why the name. And fair enough, right? Y On Earth Not?


  1. check one two three, the comments work!

  2. so not only do you scrap on your own scrap book but also comment on your own blog. tsk tsk.

  3. It's good to come to your blog, Y! I did always say you should keep writing, and it's wonderful to see you've come back to it.

    I bet you can guess who I am now!!!!

  4. Thanks for pointing us to your first post. I am currently obsessed with bloggers turned authors. Trying to put together how they turned their dreams into reality. Hoping some of the magic rubs off on me.

    But I know that more than anything it is the tough job of sitting at the desk day after day and typing word after word to complete that long project of a book. And then going over it again to polish it.

    Was looking for inspiration. Found that and more. Thanks!

  5. " Y " on Earth did it take such a long time for me to stumble on your blog????

  6. Thats a sweet confusing nickname! Makes me wonder what nickname would my hubby chooses for me, ie if I ever get married..

    I am officially starting today to catch up with your posts..randomly used to read..but going in chronological order today..starting from this post

  7. It's 2013 . So much for a temporary diary . And did we ever hear about "that diary you speak about in this first post .

    Lurking on and off on your blog - when I need a side splitting laugh



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