Monday, November 13, 2006

Four Corporate Lives

(A tribute to four IIM-Bangalore students who are now haunting four different corporate corridors)

It's early on Friday evening, just about 5 o clock,
And Aravind's lightning quick moves send Wipro office into a shock,
Was it a bird? A plane? Or Superman that just whizzed by?
None! It was Super-chaddi - Tambi saying 'bye'!

Now imagine Tuesday morning, roughly 4 a.m.
A poor HP manager's life is in mayhem
Fat Ganju calleth at this unearthly hour, voice all hoarse,
'Not well today, boss - resting,no,no, not at the golf course'

And Whoever said our dear Manav M was Mean?
Singlehandedly he keeps IBM's monetary flows clean
Gives out cash awards to those who deserve it most
'For you, Manav!..Thank you, Manav!..Mention not, dost!'

She floats in like an angel, every morning through the door,
The Unilever world reverently wishes, like her, there were more,
Beautiful, Savvy, Gracious, Intelligent and Kind!
But Alas, and alack, and a-Lal is hard to find..


  1. Thank you. If you want to know why, have a look at

  2. HAHAHAHAHA - lalesque you're a genius!! a little delusional ... but a genius all the same :)


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