Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Be Careful What You Say to Peanut

...because almost 3-year olds may take things literally.

I was snuggling up to her last night and trying to express how I felt about her, and thought I would use terms she would understand.

Y: 'Peanut...I love you...more than I love chocolate, you know? And icecream...and...'
Peanut (eyes wide open with alarm): 'NO, Mama!'
I was taken aback by this reaction, until she continued

'You have to NOT eat me!'


  1. hahha. The next stage would probably be where she asks if you like her better than V :P

  2. hmmm i can understand her concern considering she thinks you are the stork who just swallowed the twins whole.

  3. Hello, you have got company. I just posted something similar..:D

  4. I just started following you..quite entertaining! :)

  5. Oh but that's the cutest!

  6. congrats on the twins...sending you all our prayers and love.


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