Thursday, June 17, 2010

So where are the Twin Moms? which of course, I mean mothers of twins.

In general, it's really been hard to find good resources for twins. There aren't that many books that I've been able to find here, and even online resources have let me down. For one, do you know that in Babycenter, you can't even sign up as a Mom pregnant with twins? Ridiculous!

I mean, I know we're a minority, but still...there are just such few websites I've found that give you a proper week-by-week development update for twins, especially identical ones. Double bah!

So just do me a favor, huh? If you're a mom of twins who blogs, or know of such moms, could you please leave a link to direct me to the appropriate blogs? Would be much obliged.

I know a couple of such moms have already commented on my recent posts, will dig them out, but repitition will not be minded ( mound? nah...but minded doesn't sound right either...damn...should avoid the passive always).

Thanks muchly!




  1. Hi,

    For a mom of twins , who also blogs,
    try this link

  2. From here in the Uk there is this (not sure if any help at all):

    and there is always:

    Any use?

  3. *delurking*

    my aunt has twins - they are now 16, but im sure she can talk to you about some stuff. if you email me i can put you guys in touch.

  4. I read this blog at and she is a mother of twins. Hope it helps!

  5. Here is a good one, Y. Have a ball!

  6. Hope these links help:

    Wish I could help more.


    Julia has 2 year old twins and you will *love* her blog!
    I am a long time reader, btw and love, love your blog :)

  8. You could try this:

  9. Some shameless self plugging. What?! y excuse, You asked for it :).

    MNamma, is a mommy of twins and a singleton as well. She has commented on this post of mine so you should be able to reach her blog.

    I do not blog much, but do have tons of advice, so feel free to email me :)

  10. Hey congratulations. Here after ages.
    Noor at has twins, but someone's already mentioned her. Right. Will be back if I get some more useful info! Take care

  11. Hey, MRC, 30in2005, Mincat, Doli, Kavitha, Ceekay, Anon ( why not leave name :-(...), Shilpa, AA_Mom and Meira...

    That was super prompt and nice of you. Thanks, and each and every link definitely helps. Really, really appreciate it.

    You guys are really the best!

  12. Cautionary warning -- Itchy makes it look really easy. Don't fall for it!

  13. someone should get the octa-mum to blog.
    There is another blogger who is pregnant with twins right now, will ask her to get in touch with you.

  14. im the expecting with twins mom that aneela is referring to :) been to your blog a couple fo times because mona recommended also when I found out about the twins but since i was busy staying low key i didnt comment :/

    i hear you there are NO websites that give you enough details or uypdates and its most frustrating esp since you want to know MORE. :D
    i see your two are identical :) mine are fraternal but i dont know the sex yet due to positional and husband issues :P am working on husband position will depend on kids hahah

    how are you keeping?

  15. y, i adore this twin mom: i read her religiously, she's really insightful and her girls are adorable.
    she has some twin resources on her blog, i think or atleast talks about some on her blog. head over and take a look!

  16. i have no idea if my comment came through! i have twins en route too!

  17. oh and there's this one too:

  18. Sue - will keep that in mind!

    Aneela - thank you, will check leaving1302 out!

    Leaving1302 - sister!!! many many congratulations! will pop by.

    Mona - thank you and thank you :-)

    I repeat: you guys are the best :-)

  19. and one more!

  20. and yet another -


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