Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yes, this seems about right. Even from the last pregnancy, I remember the last few weeks being the most frustrating.
I have now completed 35 weeks, and while twins are considered full term at 37 weeks and most twins are apparently delivered before then, I may even go close to 40 weeks (gasp) which will mean end of July.
My doctor says she'll do an internal exam tomorrow to get a sense as to how long, but frankly, I don't believe here, because I remember her doing that 3 years ago and saying 'by 11th July, definitely!' and towards end of July, there I was, still overdue.
Anyway, the upside of all this is that I will be spending more time with Peanut. She's a bundle of laughs to be around now because she's talking and saying all sorts of things, including:

* ( When Vijay and I are hugging and she is dutifully trying to unentangle us, and we're frustrating her by linking up our arms again once she's unentangling our legs and vice versa)
'Thass not funny!'

* (Another time when Vijay and I were standing in front of her and smiling down at her, with his arms around me, she suddenly brightens up with an idea)
'I kin take a picture of you!'

* ( When her favorite uncle, Ajay draws a big fat man on her little slate, and asks her to guess what it is)

' Thass Mama, she got a fat tummy'

* (After biting into my cotton skirt and tearing a small piece off with her teeth, and seeing the horrified expression on my face, which is wiped out by her immediately following words)

'It was a mistake, Mama'

* ( After telling her Masi to put on the Annie DVD for her, and being told that they would have to ask me first whether it was okay)

'But Maasi! Why don't we just ask YOU?'

* ( After unsuccessfully trying to persuade me to let her watch TV in the living room at night, since it's 'dark and time for us to be in the bedroom')

'I gottan idea…ask what your idea is? ( I ask her what it is, curiosity getting the better of me) ...The idea is... let’s get Daddy to bring TV here in this room so we can watch Ceebeebies'

So I guess if I focus on this stuff, the waiting isn't going to be that bad.


Hi there. Go on, say it. Well? WELL?