Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pickle & Papad

In a pregnancy which you believe is going pretty normally, you don't really expect to be told in your 20th week - halfway through for those of you not so quick with the numbers - that there are not one but two babies inside you.

Quite a roller coaster it is then, and the Highlights include:
''Here's one's the other''...
''What? My baby has two heads?''

''Of course, it's a twin pregnancy. Who did your earlier ultrasound?" ( tone implying it must have been some incompetent buffoon)"
"It was YOU, Doc"

....more mumbling and digging out of earlier ultrasound records and explanations of how ''this almost never happens"

...and followed by ''You're not going to cry, are you, beta?"

...and numerous other less funny incidents including your regular doctor going ballistic on you, saying things like

Ultrasound waale pagal to nahin ho gaye??....

Ek minute, Mind if I sit down, I'm reeling from the shock (?!?)...

Ab hum kya karen...?

Gee, I don't know doc. Kya karen?

...and even less funny ones like the scare that they are in the same amniotic sac ( they are not, a later ultrasound confirms), that they have Down's syndrome ( the test apparently has no meaning for twins, again recommended by our super competent doc and pooh-poohed by others)...stuff I'm too tired to even go into and am past caring about.

So at the end of it all, how do I feel, a month or so after the discovery of an extra baby?

Thrilled, frankly.

Tired, yes. Very heavy, yes. In some pain and discomfort, yes. But all that's quite irrelevant.

Three kids.


Anyway, task is now to keep them inside for at least another 8 weeks - so have been advised taking off work from Mid-May. Am thinking will listen to the doctors this time round, kind of important.

Net-net: send good vibes my way, eh? I need all the good luck I can get!

Finally: Papad was picked because the other options were -

Pickle and Pretzel
Pickle and Popcorn
Pickle and Parantha
Pickle and Pepper
Pickle and Patty
...I forget the others, but they were pretty forgettable.

Yes, they are identical.

Goodbye for now and remember... let the good vibes flow...


  1. wow!!! congratulations :)) coming to ur blog after long...

    all the best. pickle and papad are such cute names for the duo :)

  2. whoa!! congrats again, Y! This calls for a celebration! Let me go eat some icecream!!! *im grinning from ear to ear if you cant guess already*

  3. Hi there, delurking to say good luck & I totally envy you. 3 is a wow number!:)

  4. WHOA!!!

    I am VERY happy for you! You take care - wokay?

    Have you told Peanut yet? I am waiting to see her reaction to TWO siblings! HUGS. What was Vijay's reaction?

  5. Oh wow! Congratulations! And all the best!

  6. Oh My! I am a regular reader, though I don't think I've ever commented...

    Congratulations on the twins - that is certainly a (nice) surprise - and all the best for getting to term with both of them....


  7. Congratulations...and all the best!

  8. Oh, how perfect!!! Congratulations.. Sending good vibes your way.. Hold 'em in! The 8 weeks will fly by. :-)

    Awesome news! :-D

    PS: I like Pickle and Parantha!!!

  9. oh boy oh boy oh boy! That is some news. Wow. WOW. WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW.
    All the best for the babies staying inside for as long as they should. You take care now.
    Huge hugs, Y.

  10. identical twins!! wow!! congrats. !!! hav fun

  11. omg!
    congrats again y.
    this is NUTS!
    SO exciting!

  12. OMG!
    Erm...and also - Whew! :D
    Lots of luck and love and hugs! :)

  13. OMG OMG!!!!! :) congrats and many good lucks!!!!!

  14. OMG! This is HUGE news! Congratulations!!!! Many many many many many good vibes being sent your way :-)

  15. Flow Flow...
    Pretzel and Pepper..

  16. Wow! Gosh! Congratulations and good vibes. We had a lot in common up until now - same named husbands, two kids etc, but I think it ends here:-) I most definitely do not have another baby in there! Good luck to you and wow again!

  17. Hi there! Got here from indianmommies, and thought I'd delurk when I read your awesome announcement about having twins!! Congratulations on the double joy!! Loads of luck and wishes!

  18. Oh goodie, it's up on your blog now.

    Pickle and Papad are just perfect..well....accompaniments to each other.

    Love you loads and the three babies even more. Remember Adi and Peanut on their playdates, they used to look so adorable.


  19. Coooooooool... this is sooo thrilling!! three kids - awesome!! they are going to have such super duper fun i envy them already.

    Many many congratulations Y. And sending all the good better best vibes your way.

  20. congrats...when i commented on how great it is when good souls procreate I never knew the Good Lord decided to one up that!! Another blogger is having twins as well so I guess all that they say about computers microwaving our ovaries is wrong, in fact it makes us more fertile. Identical twins hmm.. so i guess I cant suggest Sania and Shoaib for the site under construction.
    This is such great gives me an occasion to recycle all my corny jokes:
    You can now use phrases like Umeed Sey Barh Kar when someone asks Kiya Aap Umeed say hain?
    hee hee
    what else? Yes, us creative types are over creative...we deliver more than asked for.
    And the talk with Peanut about the twins.
    You know how they say in films Tumharey Saath Khleney Keliye Khilona La Rahey Hain.
    And she will ask “And the other sibling? ”
    “Kabhi Kabhar Nahee Khelney Ka Bhi dil Chahta Hai”hahahahahah someone stop me. my lame jokes cup runneth over.

  21. Twins did you say? Yay.
    Identical to boot. Double yay!!
    Feel the speed of the gazillion good wishes coming your way.
    Take care :)

  22. Hey..Congratulations and best of luck..hope it all goes well...

  23. God bless girl :)

    Thrilled for you and sending you all the good vibes :D

  24. Congrats YLal....all the best and take care. Hope to meet you all someday! :-)

  25. wooohoooooooo!! enjoy.. All the very best!

  26. Wow!!! Twins indeed.... Loads of good vibes flowing your way... All the very best!!!

  27. wow..congrats...So u get to know only at 20 weeks abt the twins is it? usually the first scan at 8-9 weeks reveals all..Good luck..take all the rest u can now..

  28. wha...???
    congratulations!!!! God bless you and the babies.

  29. Congrats once again. WHat a story to tell the babies when they are older.

  30. Wow...that's a LOT of Good Vibes :-)

    Thanks everyone for your wishes...just hoping to get them both out safe and sound. Still a while to go...

    Nomadz - glad you like 'em :-)

    Boo - yes, yes, celebrate with non-nutritious empty calories while you can

    Su - hello and thanks

    CeeKay - thanks, Peanut is being told many stories, but I'm not sure she gets it yet. She's upto 'Pickle is Brother and Papad is Sister'. Am not arguing, although that's not possible! Vijay had a silly grin from the get go, which got wiped off due to the various scares, but is generally happy.

    Ro, M, SV - Thanks very much :-)

    Rhea - thanks, but fly by? HAH! I'm already looking and feeling 8.5 months pregnant...

    Dipali - yes, and will take tips on raising multiple kids from you once they come :-)

    Itchy - thank you. Are Ojas and Tejas fraternal? Tips from you will be definitely required either way!

    Mona - thanks. Yes, Nuts is right!

    Threedrinksahead, Penguin, Unpredictable - thank you :-), yes OMG also does a good job of describing it.

    A: It's NOT up for voting anymore :-) but thanks

    Maneka: That's what YOU think (muttered darkly)...don't be too sure.

    Veena: Welcome and thanks :-)

    Parul: Love you too, now go pop out yours and come help to Delhi and help babysit in another couple of months. Or how about we just hold our babies and cry together?

    Stuti and Quirky Quill: Glad you're still around :-) and thanks so much .

    Anon, Chandni, Compulsive Dreamer, Shilpi, Uma: Thanks :-)

    Timepass: No, you typically do find out at 12 weeks...apparently Papad was hiding behind Pickle, says the doc

    Madmomma: I know...thanks!This is all your fault in a way. Was convinced about having a second after reading about the Bean. Who knew they would end up outnumbering us!

    Sraikh: Yes, I have a feeling there are many other stories coming up too, though...thanks.

  31. I love the names...perfect...
    and wow identical twins:)
    Congratulations again to you and vj
    sending many many good vibes and prayers your way
    must get peanut and pranav together one of these days

    take care and hugs

  32. Congratulations and celebrations. You sure found it out too late. Well better than the bollywood scenario though.

    I know how tired you must be feeling, just remember that every joy is doubled as well :)

  33. super news! congratulations and all the best, Y :)

  34. Holy cow! Thats amazing news...heartiest congratulations :)

  35. WOW...twins :) Have a safe pregnancy :)

  36. Oh wow! Congratulations and congratulations- one for each P. And Papad totally rocks by the way. Golly I can't wait for them to arrive and you to start blogging about all their adventures!

  37. Oh wow! Congratulations and congratulations- one for each P. And Papad totally rocks by the way! Golly I can't wait for them to arrive, and for you to start blogging about their adventures!

  38. delurking to wish you all the best. will wait to read the adventures of Pickle and Papad :)

  39. Omigawd! I am going "Whooooopie!" over your news and I don't even know you. Well, I sorta do thru this blog that is:-) But soooooooo thrilled for you, dunno why. Happy, messy, scary, funny times ahead babes!!! All the best and all will be well:-)

  40. Wow! must be an incredible feeling! 20 weeks to find this out...unbelievable with all 3D technology and what not? All the very best wishes.

  41. I am happy for you. The scares were so NOT funny. Here's wishing you all the courage and cheer you need.

  42. Good thing I came to re-read. Last time, in the shock of the announcement I never even noticed they were identical twins.

    Gosh, fun times ahead, yo.

  43. WoW!!! Congrats and all my wishes to you. I Visited your blog for the 1st time....was curious to read your experience about Naadishastra. And let me compliment you for being such a good writer (you can compete with Chetan Bhagat). Your blog kept me hooked on for hours. I have read most of them. Continue is indeed a serious attempt to take life less seriously. Once your kids grow up, you should seriously think of writing novels like Chetan Bhagat which are simple, cute and narrates the instances of life in a way which makes a person feel good. And you have all these qualities....CHEERS!!!

  44. Welcome to the club! :) ...
    I just came into Indian Mommies site and just scrolled down and picked you to read first and come to your blog and whatdoIsee?!!! ...
    Hey, its a lot of fun too, as a twin mother of 15 month olds (a girl and a boy).
    Let me start with the first best news from twin momhood - delivery would be absolutely easy and smooth if its normal - since no matter how hard we try the babies wont be more than 3kg - even 2.5kg so quite easy to push!

  45. Hey delurking for the first time, cant keep the good wishes held up...lotsa love n blessings...

  46. Congratulations!

    I envy parents with twins. My prayers and best wishes.

  47. at your blog after a loooooooong time. and this is the post i read!!!

    remind me to lurk regularly- this blog sure knows how to pop a surpise!

    that said, sending many warm wishes, and loads of good energy your way.

    great news! take care

  48. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!

    congrats!!!! :)

    that said 20weeks? seriously? now i am scared! i mean i found out about my pregnancy only at 10weeks! what if my doc cudnt find the other one! but seriously! this is so cool!

    LOADS of prayers and positive vibes your way!



  49. Good heavens! I've not been here for a while and look what I find!

    Hearty congratulations! Sending LOADS of good vibes your way :)

  50. I vote for Purushottam and Prabhjot.


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