Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So, Due Any Day Now?

...umm...well, not really. It's only the 30th week or something. Another 6-8 weeks to go, one hopes - but yes, I am about as big as I was with Peanut when I delivered. Gah!

Big, clumsy, uncoordinated and irritable. More than my usual self, I feel. No wonder they've been giving me subtle hints at work about staying at home and working from there. Subtle hints including 'It's embarassing to see you in office'...and 'Go Home Now!'. Whatever, people. Be careful or the fat lady sits on you.

Of course, there's no point in whining about it, but the fact is, I'm running out of people to whine to so I might as well whine on the blog for just a minute or two. I recently saw some videos of myself from months ago where I'm running around in a pair of fitting jeans and T-shirt at 58 kilos. Now, at almost double that weight ( oh all right, it just fees like it), the only thing I can actually wear out of the house are my good ol' Mom's salwar kameez's.

I'm going to have to keep up the weight gain over the next few weeks so that Pickle and Papad grow properly. Thankfully at the latest ultrasound a week or so back, they had both grown well - the month before Pickle was substantially smaller than Papad - but now, Pickle is the bigger one. We were quite surprised by this development and I was examining the previous ultrasound reports with some curiosity to make sure we hadn't mixed them up earlier, but Vijay mildly informed me '' Confusing them may be a lifelong issue anyway'' so I gave up.

So yes, the most important thing is that they grow well, and therefore the cribbing about the weight gain ( and the pain and the discomfort and the heat and how nobody including Vijay will ever know what it feels like...ooops!) must stop. Therefore, stopping.

(Thin People Piss Me Off).


  1. Bop them on the head, the ones giving you subtle hints. No reason for you to be subtle, right?

    Crabby mood apart, your writing style remains sassy and sharp!

    more power to this thin hating lady!!

  2. You'd be the fittest of them all, pretty soon. Chasing three babies will ensure that.

    All the best Y. Take care :)

  3. I got that a lot too when I was about the same stage as you; alarmed, terrified, 'are you going to deliver on the office floor?' looks. The good part was I got my way a lot more in meetings :D (you have any urgent, pending work issues- now's the best time to crack 'em!)
    Hope P&P arrive safely and soon! And with you on hating thin people- don't got back to being one of them as soon as you deliver okay?

  4. Assuming the corollary is true, you must really love me then.

    Don't worry though, we will be thin again. I think. Right now, just make sure you pad those babies up nicely.



  5. All the very best Y!! Do keep writing to vent off so we will have some entertainment...Good luck..


  6. good luck Y! btw you might already know this, but this month's Mother and Baby magazine has done a special on twins. might find something useful in there :)

  7. oh well! you will have to hate yourself soon enough! :p

    till then let P & P have their space, eh?!

    all the best yet again Y!


  8. Nice to read ur post....again....after 1 month...How can you not write for 1 whole month...With pickle, papad, peanut and Ajay around you must be having lot of events to write should think about your blog followers also :-D...Hope to read the next blog soon from junior Chetan Bhagat ;)


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