Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mini Overboard!

Related to the previous post -Mini just sent this to me, and it's too much of a prize for me to resist putting up.

This is the actual picture of Mini falling overboard while river rafting.
Let me orient you a little:

a. Brash Marty the Instructor is the one at the back, in the yellow helmet.

b. Right in front of him, to his left, is Mini plunging towards a jagged rock and for some reason, looking extremely happy about it. (Edited to add: She is the littlest creature on the extreme right of the picture - I forgot to mention the helmet was too big for her head and she looked extremely cute as it kept slipping over her eyes)

c. Skipping one girl to Marty's right is moi - grinning away, looking out to the other side of the raft, oblivious to the danger that the beloved cousin is in.

d. The American girl right in front only looks like she's falling overboard - she recovered her balance pretty well. She wasn't always lucky though - she was the one whose Bikini Top later fell off under the waterfall.

e. The guy right behind her, in front of me, was John, an investment banker from London, with a rather high pitched voice. He was pretty happy about the whole bikini thing.

But Mini's smile at this moment really takes the cake. I don't know if you can see it clearly, but believe me: it's as if her life's ambition -of getting smashed between a rock and a boat -is finally coming true.


  1. Gosh! Mini had said something about falling off a boat, but she was so casual about it that it hadn't registered! She really was in DANGER!

    I have two questions:
    a) How did she get back on?
    b) Who took the picture?

  2. Ok, my first question has been answered in the previous post.... BUT WHO TOOK THE PIC?

  3. Oof..trust a mother to make a big deal out of an everyday, simple little near-disaster.

    And I don't KNOW who took the pic, Mash, there were people stationed around for it I guess..stop YELLING AT ME, I didn't push your daughter overboard!!

  4. That Marty chap has the fixed rabid, leering glare at the American Lady when someone was falling off the boat on the other side.. he was planning that waterfall trick already...Sicko..

  5. Just what I was thinking, thamks, Shome!

  6. Jest you wait, 'enry 'iggins, jest you wait! Countdown has started, and we'll see who fusses over her baby....

    And no, m'dear, I don't think you pushed your sis overboard. You conveniently left that to Marty, didn't yuh!

    Heh heh, heh! gotcha!

  7. This was even more hilarious! Great blog! You made my day!


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