Saturday, March 22, 2008

Peanut through K's eyes

Of course, of course, the K is deeply in love with Peanut. She is very (overly) attentive and caring - in short, she thinks the world of her. She also therefore thinks that Peanut is to Superbaby what Clark Kent is to Superman.

While I've been writing updates on Peanut recently, I haven't mentioned the stuff that the K believes she can do. Such as:

* Wipe her own head with her towel when told - 'Sar ponchho!'
* Brush her own head with her hairbrush when told - 'Kangi karo!'
* Play peekabo on demand when told 'Tooki khelo!'
* Look at her feet when asked 'Aapke pair kahaan hai?'
* Recognize her own name, turning around immediately when you call her by it.
* Flick her wrist when shown how to do so 'Aise aise karo'
* Do her strange little dancing motion when asked to 'Dancy karo', or shown how to do so by rocking back and forth.

Oftentimes, people who don't observe her all the time (unlike me), are quite impressed by the K's demonstration of any or all of the above. This is quite amusing to see. Especially when I know that:

* Peanut's general tendency nowadays when given any object in her hand is to put it on to her head, especially when it's a large sized object. So when any cloth, bib, towel, brush is handed to her, she does it automatically. And then the K says 'Tooki khelo/ Sar ponchho/Brush karo' as the case may be - and gets very happy at Peanut's obedient 'reaction'.

* The highly impressive 'feet' of looking down at her own feet when the K asks her 'Aapke pair kahaan hai' is a great one. This usually happens when Peanut is having a meal on her high chair. Sure enough, as a response to this question, she peers down past her high chair tray to get a glimpse of her own feet. What is not so obvious is that the K, who is right in front of her, feeding her, is patting her feet underneath the tray while asking her this question.

* The name thing, of course, I have oft demonstrated - is really about the tone in which people tend to speak to a baby. In that same tone, even if you say 'Seth Dhanraj Daulatwala', she will still turn right around to look at you, and I assure you that is not her name.

* And as for flicking her wrist, or doing her 'dancy', it's rather simple. Whenever the K observes that Peanut is starting to do either of these actions, she immediately pipes in with the instruction 'Aise haat hilaao' or 'Dancy karo'. Peanut simply continues to do this but the less observant witness is floored by her apparently immediate response to the K's words.

Now, I'm not saying that some of this stuff above isn't true - Peanut, like all babies, is surprising us everyday with some new development or demonstrated understanding of a situation - and she does seem to play peek-a-boo, and for all I know, maybe she does recognize her own name by now. It's just the exaggerated extent of her daily achievements by the K, which sometimes gets to me a little.

But, far be it from me to spoil the party - oh, all right, I have tried often to spoil the party but since I simply cannot quash the K's enthusiasm, I am just giving up. Let her go ahead and believe that Peanut is the smartest baby on the planet, and then some. As long as she is around to lovingly and reliably take care of Peanut's basic needs properly, I'm perfectly okay with her trying to get Peanut to solve the Rubik's Cube in record time - maybe next week.


  1. So Peanut is all set to be featured in the Guinness Book of records/Limca book of records.. Good luck

  2. Kya "K" hai!
    Proud caregiver and then some:)

  3. oh you party pooper. i am not biased, but seems to like like little peanut is an achiever. do not mock poor k.

    and the rubiks cube, do time it properly...we all have to compare notes, dont mothers of christopher reeves dressed in chaddis over a body suit.

    y, you crack me up with your lovely posts. hope dilli treating you well.

  4. Oh my, that was amazingly hilarious. Should I say this, I wonder, but an angry you is quite the entertainer on the blog :P

    Nah, forgive her. In the end, you're Peanut's mother and she gets her learning from you, not the K.

  5. Oh ho. I thought you guys had decided on 'Seth Dhanraj Daulatwala'. Such a lovely name. What made you change your mind?

  6. hey, you know, i'm pretty sure k's got her facts right about peanut.
    and dude, speaking of peek-a-boo, hana's been doing that for a couple weeks. thanks for the reminder that i need to post about it!

  7. The Seth Dhanraj Daulatwala' had me in splits. But you new age moms Tchah. What's wrong with a little exaggerated showing off I say???

  8. Goodbye?! As in au revoir? Talking about your previous post...

  9. Where did you think up a name like Seth Dhanraj Dualatwala!! Hilarious!! Oh, and yeah, I know lots of people who think their baby or someone baby known to them is the smartest in the world! Infact, for someparents, that feeling doesn't go away even when the babies are adults...

  10. Did you say "touch Wood' before writing all these cute things about Peanut and K?

    Such caregivers are a rare variety! Keep her with you always!

  11. Hve been off Yonearth for some time...

    You traded the centre of capital for the capital....waaahhhh!!! so what happened to our basketball game.

    nyways, i think i can manage to reach you where home is...all the best to the super trio in you new venture...shine on

    and keep blogging....

  12. Sharrup, sharrup you party pooper you. Let the K have her fun. And who's to say Peanut is actually not doing all she says, we need an independent third umpire called in on this.

  13. Timepass: Thanks!

    Dipali: She is, isn't she?

    Sur: Yes, Dilli is good - so far...will see how it goes!

    Suki: Not angry at all - just making my peace by venting.. The K is a real gift.

    Mona Daarlin : Anytime!

    Poppins: Us 'new age' moms, eh? Ha ha ha ha. Good 'un.

    Ro: Will mail you :-)

    Still searching: Yeah, I know someone who's mom still thinks that way. I might even be married to him ;-)

    Nm: Oh, I intend to keep her. And yes,will meet up soon!

    Arrow: Yes, come on, then...and hey, can you bring Peanut's bassinet on the way over here :-)

    Kiran: Theek hai, I'm calling you in!

    Ganju: You'll be happy to know the only other name that came as close was yours

  14. Ha ha! Lovely post... at this rate Peanut would be done with schooling and college in the next few hours!!


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