Saturday, March 8, 2008

Brilliant - just Brilliant.

I haven't been watching much TV, but I happened to switch it on and catch this gem today. And thought I'd just do a quick post on it because it's related to this by the Madmomma and my earlier post.
It's the new ad for Cadbury Bournvita. Little child, around 7 years old, all cute and curly haired. Is sleeping peacefully at night. His mother comes and drags him out of bed. He is bewildered and asks 'Ma, raat ko kyon?'. She explains as she leads him to his study table, that this is the way that he will be able to do well in his exams, 'aur phir log kahenge' this juncture, he chimes in to complete her sentence with 'Dekho, Ravi ki ma!'.
She is struck by this insightful comment - but is not ashamed in the least - in fact, she is proud at the brilliance of her little boy. She produces a hot cup of Bournvita which is to help him study through the night and get that competitive edge. They are both very happy. The ad ends with a reprise of the main theme, with the little boy squeaking 'Dekho -Ravi ki ma!'.

Sigh. For now, I'm giving up on this issue. Wake me up a few years later when Peanut is giving her exams. But don't even bother at that point, if you hear her saying anything along the lines of 'Ab log kahenge -dekho - Peanut ki ma!'


  1. Really! Since I watch all ads on mute, I missed this. I keep bracing myself to watch the ads, if only for educational reasons. But just feel so pukey, I give up after feeble attempts.

  2. well if they do you have no one but yourself to blame. those of us who blog abt our babies need to get used to being referred to as - woh dekho - peanut/brat/bean ki ma :p

  3. THIS is a Trashy Short Story. But I guess sometimes advertisements reflect the times, and you can't deny this is 'ghar ghar ki kahani' in today's India:(

  4. Such a crap ad - hope it doesn't reflect what really happens...


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