Friday, March 7, 2008

A Trashy Short Story

She took a deep breath and looked up at him. His face was set in an expression of complete concentration - he was unaware of her gaze, lost as he was in the moment. He had turned this into an art form, and his hands moved up and down over her with the practised ease of someone who knows what he is doing, and who knows he does it well.
She sighed and closed her eyes. She remembered the days, in the early years of her marriage, when her husband used to be able to make her feel this way. Back then, they experimented with everything, spurred on by the giddy newness of their relationship. Discovering everything about each other was so much fun in the beginning.
It didn't last.
Now, they rarely did this anymore. And so here she was, with a complete stranger, telling herself that it was worth it, to be here, in these alien surroundings, just to be able to feel this way again. To be able to feel like a woman again.
He had finished now, and leaned back to scrutinize her expression. Her satisfied smile told him all he needed to know. He had made another woman happy, if only for a few moments - he gave her a smile just bordering on a smirk - but she didn't begrudge him that. Anyone who could make her feel this way about herself, deserved a little leeway - even though she knew, somewhere in the back of her mind, that the high she was currently experiencing, would only last until she got home and got into the shower.
For now, it was time to get back to her family. She got up to get ready to leave, ensuring that she straightened out her clothes and brushed them off properly. As she got out and walked towards towards the exit, she found herself wondering if her husband would even notice anything different about her tonight. She stopped in front of the desk of a bored-looking man. He glanced up at her and she asked 'How much?'. He quoted, in an indifferent manner, a sum that was much higher than she had expected to pay, but she didn't flinch. She just paid and left.

And knew she'd be back for more.

Because it was the best haircut she'd ever had.


  1. Hey!Kewl! ...just delurked to say...awesome story! ;D

  2. And will she post pictures of her wonderful haircut?

  3. LOL!!!! This is competition for Shobha Dey :)

  4. Suki: did you guessss...

    Bee: Thank you, thank you. :-)

    Sue: No, she won't - because it lasted only till the first shower.

    Rayshma: This is why I like you.

    IndianHomeMaker: You don't have to get abusive! :-)

  5. Lucid and Brilliant...


  6. Hmmm. How much. Could do with some...LOL.

  7. Wow....great story.Why do u call it trashy??


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