Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Future in Computers?

Yep, she's always going for my laptop, she is. I like to kid myself that it's me that she loves, but her eyes really light up when she catches sight of my laptop - and she goes wild trying to get to it so that she can bang on the keys and watch the result on the screen.

So far this has resulted in her discovering a few features that I never knew about - and considering I don't have a clue as to how to undo them ( apart from unleashing her on it again, which really isn't the smartest thing to do), I have been trying to distract her from this.

Vijay has gone and bought her a keyboard ( as in the large casio thingy) which is roughly four times her size. It definitely amuses her - for around 5 seconds - and then the clickety clack of my fingers deftly moving over my own keyboard cause her to shift her attention right back to my laptop, and she's over here in a flash - before you can say 'Peanut, wait, no, whoa...dammit!'

Ah yes - almost as a direct result of this obsession, Peanut has learned to crawl. I was really in no hurry for this development, and indeed we have to double our vigilance - and I have to get some serious babyproofing done. But yes, a fitting development this is, having taken place just a few days before her 8th month birthday.

Which is today. Happy 8th month, little computer genius! ( Man, I sound like the K now...whatever!)


  1. Why is she always facing away from the camera, in all the pics you post :(

    i love the froggy pose though.

    Why aren't you posting often :(

    Need my daily Y-dose. waaaaah!

  2. I'm surprised, no, shocked, that Vijay hasn't bought her a laptop yet!
    For her eight month b'day?
    Happy Eight Months to you , Peanut-
    you've brought so much joy to so many. God bless you.

  3. Duh duh - pay close attention to what she does on the computer. You might just learn how to use this fancy new thing called the 'Internet'. And remember - it's only 'hardware' until your 8-month old baby shows you how to do it :)

  4. Y! oh Y!
    Your opinion poll does not include one of the key reasons I enjoy visiting this blog; and that is
    ....the Ganju-Y digs....vs the Y-Ganju digs.
    Seriously, you guys ought to be a part of a sitcom....think about it "alternate career"

  5. happy 8th!

    Congratulations Y!

    And Peanut, keep going at the lap top :D

  6. Nice to "see" her after such a long time....Kabir is totally in love with my laptop...given that I WFH...youcan understand how muh I end up doing when he is awake!

  7. has she begun tasting the comp? has she begun inserting cds and any other object in the comp?
    has she begun using it as a wonderful shelf for her toys that will possibly communicate with the screen?

    now might be a good time to prepare for it.

    or just go out and get her the latest apple a day keeps the doc away : )

    she is 8 months old! happy 8 months peanut!

  8. happy 8th month Birthday peanut! Please continue to keep us enthralled with all your antics :-)

  9. Happy 8th Peanut.
    You look cute as a button...even when facing away from the camera :)

  10. While I try and sleep, at night my mind continually wanders to the fact that Sri Lanka now have two players whose names contain "Thilan Thusara" [Yes I knew you were going to point out that one of them is Thilan ThusHara", but what is an extra H among friends?]. I mean what are the odds of having two Thilan Thusaras? Isn't one enough? Shouldn't there be a limit to the number of Thilan Thusaras in a test team?

    Just for the record here's the Sri Lankan team that just beat the West Indies:
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    6. Tillakaratne Mudiyanselage Dilshan
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    10. Herath Mudiyanselage Rangana Keerthi Bandara Herath
    11. Muttiah Muralitharan

    Wow - if I ever have a child I won't need to buy a book of baby names. I'll just go through this list. And please don't steal my idea lest we both have kids named Hewasandatchige Asiri Prasanna Wishvanath Jayawardene.

  11. Can't believe that these past 8 months have zipped by so fast!

    Congrats to Peanut and both of you!

  12. brace yourself for other exciting tech-milestones, including the ever-popular random shuffle of keyboard keys, burying favorite alphabets inside flowerpots and the fatal victory-pee to show the laptop who's boss.

    btw, whenever Nibbles decides to take control of my laptop, I pop up windows media player with the visualizer and it totally calms him down for a productive minute or so(not sure what the long-term effects of psychedelic, dancing swirls will be)

    Null Pointer

  13. lol. happy 8th month peanut!
    you know it just gets better especially once she figures that she can actually pull out those yummy keys.
    have fun trying to keep them out of her mouth, or turning the house upside down looking for it.

  14. arrey, i meant to ask if you have settled down and are back to reading blgs, or are you still caught up with unpacking etc. thats why the ...y, if you are reading this...

  15. Aww....she looks so cute!!! Happy 8th month birthday to Peanut.


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