Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's Peanut Upto These Days?

Well, it's all very fascinating. For me.

Anyway, here's a quick list of what she does nowadays:

- Sit up very well; lean forward and balance on her knees; attempt to crawl and fall flat on her face. Seriously, I'm in no hurry to have her learn to crawl. Especially after today, when she propelled herself backwards, almost right off the bed - I caught her in the nick of time.

- Move forward in a rather singular fashion - she fixes her eyes on the object she desires - and then lies flat on her tummy; rolls over on to her side; and then rolls back onto her front again; basically inching closer and closer to her destination through this rocking motion. How do kids figure this stuff out?

- Cling on to me like never before. She is apparently okay when I'm not around - but the second she hears my voice from another room, or catches a glimpse of me, she gets very agitated and wants to come to me immediately. This was extremely gratifying in the beginning but it's getting to be a pain - especially because I don't like her to be upset this often.

- Make a strange dancing motion while sitting - rocking back and forth to her own internal rhythm. She also flicks her fist back and forth again, appearing mesmerized by the movement of her own hand. It is all rather amusing to observe.

- Clumsily attempt to be a more active participant in the game of peek-a-boo- lifting her bib onto her own head and then bringing it down with a swooshing motion and a laugh.

- Smack everything that she can get her hands on, to see the sound that it produces - the table; the plate; her high chair tray; the bedsheet; my tummy and thighs. Everything.

- Attempt to speak and make the strangest sounds possible - long-drawn out grumbly sounds; high pitched squeaks; gargly sounds; blowing raspberries; I know she's going to be able to roll her R's as a result of some of the vocal exercises she's been doing. Unlike my mom, who's always teased for not being able to do so.

Yeah, she's a real hoot. The most fun person I've met in a while. I am really enjoying the process of getting to know her. And she seems to like me quite a bit, too, for some reason.

It's nice.


  1. Choo Chweet!!! Have fun


  2. Sounds good! Enjoy getting to know each other, girls.

  3. Cute!

    btw, I cheated and voted twice in the poll, okay?

  4. It's fun reading on what your little girl is doing these days....and looking forward to Kabir doing similar things soon! Being a Mom is the best fun ever!

  5. much cuteness from Peanut :)

    for the poll...i want to choose multiple do i do that?
    but i dont want to select 'All of the above'.

  6. Swati - thanks!

    Dipali - We will, we will...

    Stuti: Ha ha - that's quite alright :-)

    Shilpi: Isn't it, though?

    Nomadz: See Stuti's comment above - simple enough - just vote twice! :-)

  7. Awwww... soooo cute!!

    P.S: I noticed most of my comments are always.. aww so cute... obviously I have nothing more intelligent to say in front of the stories of a goo-goo-ga-ga baby! :))

  8. yes, yes, this getting to know each other is possibly the most bewitching time i have ever been through.

    happy bewitchment!(sorry for making up words...)


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