Monday, March 10, 2008

Peanut and Adi's Play Date

...was set up for last Friday. It had been a while since I had last caught up with Parul (well, actually, it had been a week or so - a nice, leisurely 2.5 hour lunch at Out of the Blue, where we both ate a lot, drank wine and even had our palms read, of all things!). Anyway, I thought it would be nice to let Peanut and Adi socialize a bit, since the last time they met, they really didn't seem very interested in each other.

So the K, Peanut and I got ready and went over to meet Padma, Adi and of course, Parul. Had a really fun day, and Parul and I talked about everything under the sun as usual. Peanut and Adi's naps were taking place at different times, but there was around half an hour when both of them were awake and ready to play. They stared at each other for a bit, Adi looking at Peanut for longer, but Peanut deciding to initiate the action by grabbing his foot - rather forward of her, if you ask me. But after this, they spent most of their time competing for the toys that Parul took out of Adi's toy box. When Parul tried to read a book to Peanut, telling her that the pig says something along the lines of 'Oink, Oink' Adi came crawling over like a shot, to 'feel' the pig in the touchy-feely book.

It was rather amusing when they both decided to ditch the toys and go for my camera instead - and kept grabbing it from each other resolutely. Parul put a stop to it before it got ugly. For obvious reasons, I couldn't get a picture of that.

Adi has grown even more handsome. He has had a haircut sometime back, and has the cutest dimples. Like Peanut, his cheeks are so large that I had to ask him which are bigger, his face cheeks or butt cheeks. He didn't look very amused at this. I tried to pick him up, but he wasn't having any of it and just wriggled out - that kid is strong! I am going to have to do some major body-building to keep up with Peanut as she grows bigger. And boy, can that kid crawl. It's very cute to see him make a beeline for everything that looks remotely interesting in any part of the room. Cute, but scary. I must babyproof before Peanut starts to crawl.

The most amazing part of the day for me was Peanut's reaction to my being affectionate with Adi. She was playing on the floor with the K, while I was sitting next to Parul and Adi. I reached out and touched his cheeks while Peanut was looking - and she freaked, starting to cry and getting very agitated. I moved my hand away in complete surprise, and she started to settle down. I reached out again and tousled his hair, and she reacted in the same way again, getting even more upset. After my third attempt to prove that this was really her first clear show of jealousy, Parul called me an Evil Woman, which of course I am not - so I went over to hug my baby and shower her with kisses. Jealousy. Negative emotion. Felt great, though.

The funny thing though is that I've read that babies have no real sense of 'self' at this age - and that's why when she looks in the mirror, she's supposedly thinking that it's another baby she's looking at - but when I'm holding her in front of the mirror and hugging her, she's never reacted this way - which makes me suspect maybe she knows the difference between a Mirror-Peanut and an Adi. But then again, there's an extra Mama in the mirror too, so maybe she's ok as long as she's got her own holding her. Who knows? Babies are a mystery.

Got to go now, I think my mystery's pooping.

Edited to add: I am uploading the Kala Tika as suggested by Parul because Peanut and Adi look so adorable together. I think she was actually kidding, but hey. Who am I to argue in the face of illogic? Plus, she goes to the gym and all and looks stronger than me, so here goes. Thanks, Dotmom!


  1. heh heh...verra nice..I am linking to this post.

  2. Lovely, do some mircha and namak too. Am a total convert to that now. And of course, when are we meeting again???

  3. Gorgeous, both of them. And I agree with Parul - while I wanted/had a feeling this baby would be a boy, the next one had BETTER be a girl. Or the husband has had it.

  4. Lovely kids:)
    Poor Peanut getting J-awwww.

  5. Both babies look so adorable :) Good job on the kala tika.

  6. hopped skipped from paruls. kids look so cute and i think its amazing they are even acknowldeging each other. my 9 month old studiously ignores other kids- but loves the one in the mirror. i foresee issues :)

  7. Fully adorable. They deserve the kala tikka :)

    Btw, I decided to tag you. Go on, do it when you have time :)

  8. Sounds great. We had a baby-inclusive party ourselves last Sunday.

    Are you, like Parul, now also thinking of another kid???

  9. Parul: It was really great fun, yaar.

    Kiran: Come on, you don't believe all that - I read your post on Krish's food issues and know where this is coming from, though :-)

    Mala: I had thought it would be a boy too, but was so glad it was a girl. I think we're glad whatever we get, actually!

    Dipali: Yeah...poor thing...(snicker)

    Homecooked, Mona, Timepass: Hai na? Good photography also, na?

    Leaving1302: 9 month old little narcissist, eh? Haha!

    Cuckoo: Awright then, will come and check out the tag. Be like that!

    Sue: about NO! But the astropalmist that Parul and I visited last week said that I'm going to have two boys - and the right time for one of them is right now...yeah right. 'right time'. I think not.

  10. no setting them up darlings! They look like siblings :D

  11. BTW, been evil and tagged you. Yup, I am still in shock, but chose to believe the Aristozyme worked. If the nazar utarna worked so well, them docs would be out of business wouldnt they???

  12. had so much fun reading this that i blogrolled you, tho am not a mommy blogger, in fact am not even the babies are 2 cute..ummah!!

  13. Very cute pic of the two of them together!

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  15. Atleast they weren't tearing each other's hair out!

    Sigh... so cute they look... maybe they'll get married some day :D

  16. That ws sooo cute. I oohed and aahhed over it then probably forgot to comment or Blogger ate it up. :P

    Today was my budday(I turned 19 if you have to know) and we had a surprise party at Dipali's place. Sue came over and some other friends, and we had a BALL. And then everyone left, and Dipali, The Baby and I were left discussing blogs, books, music.. and singing
    apna to pai-jama

    Yes, even The Baby, not a blog-hopper on the Momma blogs, knows half of your blog thanks to me by now :P.
    It would have been sooo lovely to have you here!

  17. Where have you gone, it's been so long.

  18. Thanks everyone - sorry, no time to reply right now - just wanted to wish Suki a very happy Belated birthday - and yes, definitely wish I had been there too! Glad that Good ol' lashtic ka pay-jama gave you all something to laugh about :-)


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