Thursday, March 6, 2008

Conversation with the K

I'm watching Discovery channel while having my lunch. There is a fascinating feature on the dinosaurs, and how they were wiped out.

'Yeh kya hai?' I turn around to see the K is at the door, squinting with frank curiosity at the TV- obviously wondering what these strange creatures being shown on the screen are.

'Yeh...dinosaur kehte hai' I tell her, forming my next sentence carefully 'Yeh pehle hote the'.

'Achha, achha. Pehle hote the', she mutters, and I turn back to the TV. She asks 'Pehle kya hote the?'

'Yeh...aadmi se pehle hote the...' I say, trying hard to explain. 'Bahut pehle'

'Achha, bahut pehle' she says, seeming to understand. She adds 'Yeh aadmi log ko khaate the?'

'No', I can see this is not going well 'Uss samay aadmi nahin the, na...yeh pehle ki baat dikha rahen hai...' I struggle to find the word for millions and give up 'Hazaaron saal pehle ki baat hai'. I find this phrase inadequate and try to make up by flailing my arms emphatically and saying 'Hazaaron, hazaaron, hazaaron...'. I stop waving my arms after I nearly fall off the sofa.

It seems to have worked. We watch the rest of the feature in peace. I am quite happy to have imparted some wisdom in her direction. And then she springs her final question.

'Toh ab yeh aadmi ki madad karte hai?'

Ah, the K. Always a sucker for a happy ending. Unfortunately, it wasn't so for the dinos. Sigh.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Classic!!! You've mentioned you've known her since childhood... did you have such incidents then too??

  2. you and k together are priceless! And so are V and you together. What fun!

  3. errrrr....ur hindi is that bad eh??

  4. Your title startled me because I keep referring to my husband as "K" in my blogs.

    Blogger is not letting me sign in with wordpress, so commenting Anon.

  5. LOL!
    was it ur hindi or her comprehension, i wonder... hehehe!! :D
    K & u haven't watched Jurassic Park together? the hindi version, i would recommend. :D

  6. saenkdo, karodo saal pehle ki baat samay aadmi nahi bana tha...sirf ye jaanwar ...oh chuck it!
    U did well!

  7. Rayshma, you hit zee nail on zee head. Ask Y tell you the Gantha-Gadha story some day...

  8. hehe... Y, cud u pls tell me the Gantha-Gadha story? pretty pleasee?? :)
    p.s.: thx mash! :)

  9. This is so funny and great attempt in making K understand :)

  10. I remember one time trying to explain to my help at home (he has been with us for 25 years now) about aliens.. that's tougher!! And in addition, this conversation was in Oriya.. believe me, much tougher than Hindi!

  11. ROFLMAO ! Hilarious ! Why did I never wander here before ? Love your blog !


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