Thursday, December 6, 2007


After writing such a nice list of things I am grateful for, I waited coyly for Vijay to read it. He did read it eventually, and his face broke into a slow smile when he came to the end of the post. He put his arm around me, pulled me into a hug and whispered gently in my ear...

'Couldn't think of a tenth one, could you? That's why I'm there, isn't it?'

Humph. Can I just take it back?


Also, he did the song-spoiler thing again.

When I was a mere child, I was taught this really sweet song by my grandpa, a brilliant musician who has been a sitarist by profession.

'Kitni... Sundar... Pyaari Chidiya,
Rang-Birangi... Nyaari Chidiya,
Aasman mein wo udti hai...
Phir bhi kabhi nahin dadti hai...'

And Peanut loves it as a lullaby, especially because I use exaggerated hand movements to denote flying birds - recently, I've been putting her to sleep with this with a fair amount of success.

Well, yesterday, Vijay ruined it. He was watching me sing it at night and the baby was just about to drift off. All was peaceful and right with the world. But then, just as I reached the end and repeated the chorus for the last time, Vijay chimed in to sing along - loudly and emphatically substituting the main word with 'Chaddi-yaan'.

I glared at him and he stopped almost immediately, but not without a satisfied smirk first. It's all over now. I can no longer sing this song without imagining many, assorted, colourful chaddis floating off fearlessly into the sky. This makes me burst into angry giggles everytime and this is not very soothing for Peanut. Angry giggles. Who knew they were possible?


In happier news, one of my best friends is getting married. Yayy!

Manav the Mean Mover, as we have known him in IIMB, has gotten engaged - and that too, to what appears to be a very nice, sane, lovely young woman. Such happiness!

This makes him one of the first of my really close friends to get married. Further, he has the unique distinction of being my only friend who is also truly liked by my husband (no, no, you other guys, he likes you too...sigh...).

Therefore, for many years, Vijay and I have referred to Manav as 'our social circle'. We are delighted that our social circle is going to double in size, as a result of this upcoming union. Oh yeah, we are also happy for the young couple.

The wedding is in March in Delhi - and EVERYONE is invited!

(Sorry, Manaww, couldn't help it. You don't mind a few extra people at the wedding, do you? No, they are not strangers, they are my bloggy friends!)


  1. "Kitni... Sundar... Pyaari Chaddi-yaan,
    Rang-Birangi... Nyaari Chaddi-yaan..."

    Just trying to visualize...
    wow, this is hilarious!

  2. Speaking of chaddi-yaan - I've had a large pimple on my butt for the last 3 days. Sitting has been extremely painful. And the pimple is right on the chaddi line making my chaddis excruciating. For the last 2 days I've been wearing boxers - which have made it much better. Just thought you might want to know.

    Moving along, why exactly have you combined a post about underwear with aayeee Maaaanaaaaaav? But yes, very well done Manav.

    And finally - I have faced rejection from you on two successive posts. Last time you forgot to mention me in what you're grateful for, and now you have sliced me out of your social circle.

    I'd write more but tears are welling up in my eyes. But I think it's the pimple.

  3. Chaddiyan.....hhahahhahahaha...
    sitting in office, Laughed so loudly that my manager who sits fairly far away also stood up and asked me the reason....Oops (so much for not reading blogs in office rule)

    @Ganju - Now i look forward to your comments as much as y's posts

    @Peanut(i know she can't read but y can pass along the message) - I am coming to tug at your cheeks soon (in 18 days to be exact).

  4. Laughed my head off again! Angry giggles- yes, quite possible- what with our Martian counterparts, why not!
    I'm just trying not to giggle uncontrollably in front of anyone else.
    Looking forward to Delhi in March!
    Congrats to Manaww!
    Ganju, profound sympathies. Get well soon.

    *smacks forehead*

    One question - how do you make exaggerated hand movements while making Peanut sleep? Aren't you using your hands to rock her? Please don't add to my troubles by telling me that you are NOT rocking her to sleep and she drifts off by herself cos that would you know, really be the last straw!

  6. Gaurav: Well I'm glad someone reads my comments. Y resolutely refuses to acknowledge them, except in rare moments of emotion - like her 100th post.

    Dipali: Ah thank you - it's already better.

    Parul: WHATTT? Did I hear you correctly? Parul, you KNOW that you NEEDED to read my comment. It was your fate, your destiny. Thank the good lord that you did.

  7. Hmph. Am i not your friend or does V only pretend to like me?

  8. Many congratulations to Manav.

    I do hope Peanut's papa will be helping out with her Hindi homework. It's "darti", not "dadti", i.e. if the poem refers to fear :)

    I'm totally addicted to your blog. Just so you know :)

  9. Thank you Ganju, now I'll dream about Vijay's flying chaddi and your butt tonight.

    Y -- that's it, I'm staying away from this blog!

  10. hey.. was going through suki's blog and stumbled upon yours.

    Incidentally, one of my best friends from school got married tonight.

    It hurts...and at the same time it feels nice...

  11. LOL Hilarious! flying chaddis and a pimple on the butt. it's a lovey sunday indeed! to echo another blogger, ganju's comments are as delicious as yr blog posts. could well say that they have become complementary items.

  12. I agree with Aqua. :D

    Between the hilarious meeting with Panu at a wedding, Peanut's "chaddiyaan", the bzz-bzzing, great chocolate @Rs 150 per kilo... mmmmm... and more hilarious stuff, this is COOL!


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