Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have you ever played Taboo?

I've played it only a couple of times but it can be a regular laugh riot.

The essence of the game is: you pick a card, and on top of that card is the word that you have to make your team members guess; and below that are five words which are closely related to the word on top- the deal is that those words are 'tabboo' and therefore, cannot be used in the description of the top word. It can be quite difficult to do this, and the other team members have to keep an eye on you, and scream 'taboo' if you use any of the taboo words. This can be a lot of fun - but only if you're the one screaming 'taboo', not if you're the one desperately trying to describe the word, under pressure of the fast-emptying hourglass. Obviously, the more words you successfully get in that limited time, the more points you get, and so on.

For example, your guess word could be 'Drive' - but your taboo words would be 'car', 'steering wheel', 'bus', and so on.

Vani and Pranay were over the other day, and we were playing it - guys versus girls. Vani is great at describing the words - and while I suck at that, I am pretty decent at guessing. Plus, we squealed and appealed louder every time, so we were beating the guys hands down.

But fortified by a few rounds of whiskey, Vijay and Pranay were starting to shape up and get their act together. Pranay became surprisingly good at describing the words, and Vijay started rocking the scene by guessing them quickly.

On one round, Pranay was going through his cards rather quickly - clearly, they were on a roll. And so, he was rather pleased to see such a simple word- 'Sweep' - on his next card. Of course, the taboo words were 'Chimney', 'Clean', 'Dirt', and so on. But this was still very easy.

'Okay, now this word... is something... that the guy... does outside the building... every morning...!' He said, confidently, already reaching for his next card - so sure was he that his partner would get it right.

Obviously, he hadn't counted on Vijay, who replied crisply, with equal confidence and authority, also apparently gearing up for the next word:



  1. LOL!
    this is a good game and thanks for explaining how it works...will try it out sometime.

  2. LOL!! So did they finally get it right or not?

  3. LMAO!

    but that's what I guessed too! :deer-in-headlight-stare:

    ... and now I get it.
    Disoriented me.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!! Hats off to your hubby's sense of humour!!

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  6. Have you ever played Taboo?
    A poem by Ganjoooo

    Have you ever heard a cow moo?
    Have you ever untied your shoe?
    Have you ever eaten meat stew?
    Have you ever played Taboo?

    Have you ever tried to woo?
    Have you ever needed him to coo?
    Have you ever been just you two?
    Have you ever played Taboo?

    Have you ever used the loo?
    Have you ever done susu?
    Have you ever needed to poo?
    Have you ever played Taboo?

    A poem by Ganjoooo

  7. Ganjoooo - you are priceless!!!

  8. Meira: Yes, but weren't you Meirz some time back? Stop confusing me.

    DC: Yes, it's real fun. The drunker you are, the funner it is.

    Ceekay: Yeah, they did, eventually, despite all the laughter. Heroes.

    Suki: come on! you did not!

    NM: what sense of humour? it was a serious guess.

    Ganju: Bravooo

    Stuti: Ditooo

  9. hahhaa....this was a great post...

  10. Stuti, Stuti how do you do?
    It's been a while since I met you.
    So what's up? What's new?
    Oh, and also - thank you.

  11. DID TOO!
    and lol, Ganjoooo!

    Yes, still disoriented. :P

  12. Oh god this is hilarious!!! My personal Taboo gem is this ..

    N: This is what women use to make themselves "happy" (eyes closed in dreamy expression)

    Everyone else thinking: Vibrator? But hesitating to say ... meanwhile ..

    J: EPILATOR!!!!

    Everyone: ROTFLing.... and living to tell the story on other ppls blogspace!

  13. Childwoman: Thank you :-)

    Ganju: Shush!

    Suki: Okay, fine!

    Unpredictable: I hope you made J use an epilator to see just how happy it would make any woman!

  14. Delurking, rather late actually!
    But taboo is such a gem of a game.

    I still remember going "bringing together your palms in jubiliation, different people" for 'High-Five' a long long time ago :)


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