Monday, December 10, 2007

You've got to be kidding me!

So we bought this baby stroller for Peanut on Saturday. There were a few different types in the shop (Little Kangaroos, Bandra), but I spotted one which was looked reasonably lightweight, yet about sturdy enough. It was a Sunbaby product, and we've bought a couple of Sunbaby items which have been okay, so we ended up buying the stroller, too.

And then we took the baby for a stroll yesterday, and somehow it was a bit awkward - I guess we're just used to having her in the sling now, so she seemed very far away from us (New parents. Really!). Plus, since it was a Sunday, it was just too crowded and everyone was gawking at her - which usually I don't care that much about but I guess this was bugging me because it was in conjunction with how far away she seemed, and also the fact that this stroller had only a seat belt that went around the waist and legs (and not the arms, the saleswoman had said the earlier models had arm straps, but apparently they were not desired by users of the product) Sigh.

Anyway, today I sent it back to the shop with Vinod and they say they will install straps for the arms. Since this was my major grouse, I thought, okay, no problem then. It will be fine.

But then I was flipping through the instruction manual and I see loads of spelling mistakes, which is always a real piss-off. I really did not think we were compromising by purchasing this stroller, it was expensive enough and seemed to meet our requirement. But this instruction-manual-spelling-mistakes thing is a bad sign, I think - it really makes me lose a huge portion of my confidence in the brand and the product.

Just when I got through the instructions, another sheet fell out. And this one really took the cake. Much like the Mr. Bear toy, this one too seemed to just have a bunch of random english words thrown together. You think I'm exaggerating? Allow me to reproduce the same for you, word for word:



Installation and dismantlement of the cup support

Such as pursueing and show, at the upper and lower holeses of cup support and cup srpport who push rod pay bear and ask that a hole had is aimed at, It wears washer insert and make a reservation and sell and twist upper nuts, And then twist small board hands closely. On the contrary, twist the next nut, pull out and publish and orient selling, namely put the cup support removably.


What in God's name is that supposed to mean?

Never before in my life have I had to buy so many things where quality is the key - and it is pretty disappointing to spend thousands of rupees and then get stuff like this.

And what kind of a reason would that be to return the product - your frickin' instruction manual makes no sense, buddies! I think I will need to speak to the Sunbaby people because I'm fairly sure the Little Kangaroos people will just pass it on to them anyway.

Unlike the Mr. Bear toy, which by the way, looks pretty good in comparison now, this one is not funny because a stroller is an important purchase, and one needs to be totally comfortable about its quality and safety. Plus, we bought this ourselves, it was not a gift. Such idiotic things as this 'manual' just do not inspire much confidence, if you know what I mean.

In the meantime - anyone want to buy a slightly used stroller? Nah, I wouldn't do that to you. I need to convince myself this stroller is okay - else I plan to go and smash it over the head of the smarmy saleswoman at the store - who incidentally also kept referring to Peanut as a boy (apparently, in Mumbai, this is a 'baba' as opposed to a 'baby')

The word 'Bah' comes to mind. And I would like to officially state for the record:



  1. My goodness, Y. Good luck with that. I can imagine how the instruction manual thing feels! :(

    And yes, if it turns out otherwise than okay, do return it and ask for a FULL refund!

  2. Uffffffff! What a turn off-the silly manual.
    No, I dont think you will ever be able to like the stroller now.
    Not you, nor Peanut.

  3. I find that society in general and salespeople in particular are infinitely more bearable if you, as a practice, throw hard and pointy things at them at regular intervals. Personal experience suggests that 9 minutes is the optimal interval.

    I would recommend carefully taking the stroller apart thereby giving you more pieces to throw. Your stroller to throw ratio should ideally reach 24, if you do a good enough job of dismantling it.

    But really, it must be terribly frustrating. My sympathies to you, to Peanut and to the now undoubtedly injured saleswoman.

    PS: The pimple's much better, thanks for asking.

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  5. We were gifted a pram-cum-stroller that didn't come close to living up to my standards. But despite having inadequate support belts, a less than perfect bottom, everything, it didn't hurt him because he learnt not to bang himself against the rods. He learnt not to slide off the pram -- and therefore sit better.

    If you're unhappy with the stroller, put it aside and try it after another month or two. Once she is sitting confidently for long periods, seatbelts will be a little less vital.

    Oh, and carrying a kid while on a walk is a good workout. Soldiers carry weights and train, didn't you know!

  6. The instructions were indeed Bah-worthy!

  7. i agree with sue..Carry the Kid!! :P

  8. Sounds like someone not entirely competent has translated the manual from Chinese to whatever that language is.

    Can understand the disappointment. Think there was a reason why our parents did without all these fancy things!

  9. So... I just realised two things :

    1) Ive become entirely dependent on your blog for my daily dose of happiness... considering the fact that in the morning I check the blog before my mail, and repeat the action many times in the day, even though the chances of you posting again are slim

    2) You might not be able to post this regularly when you go back to work in a few months.

    boooohoooooooooooooooooooooo !

  10. must be chinese manufacturer - is Sunbaby chinese ? You know you could make a tag of this - most hilarious instruction manual bloopers .

  11. Gosh we handled the advertising for Lil Kangaroos for a while and trust you me, I refuse to have anything to do with them now...

  12. What a lovely instruction manual! You should frame it and put it up ( after you return the stroller)!

  13. I just chanced upon your blog from the other Mommy blogs. I can understand how important a stroller purchase is but am immpresssed with how you have made the situation light and humorous!

    Enjoy your style of writing will keep coming back for more laughs!.

    Hope the stroller issue gets resolved.

  14. Am not as impressed as my keyboard made it out to be!


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