Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I think I hate Salespeople

The Stroller

(Phone conversation, trying to complain about the instruction manual)

- Smarmy chap from Sunbaby, on the phone: What exactly is the problem, Madam?
- Me: I have already explained it to your marketing manager in detail, and also sent an email.
- Smarmy chap: Oh, yes, Madam, but could you please tell me once on the phone?
- Me: (Sigh) I bought a stroller of yours...Baby Pram 200...and the instructions in the manual are nothing but a bunch of random words - it's all is a person supposed to know how to use the product properly?
- Smarmy chap: Oh, yes, Madam! I know what you mean. But Madam, you see, that is Chinese English. They speak English very differently from us.
- Me: What? What is Chinese English? And how is that the point - if the product is selling in India, shouldn't you at least ensure that the instruction manual is making sense?
- Smarmy chap: Oh, yes, Madam! But what to do, Madam? Madam, let me tell you, we have such a problem with those people - we can't even understand the emails they send us!....blah, blah...
- Me :... (dumbfounded, wondering who is supposed to be complaining to whom)

In any case, I am using my spare time to send irate emails to sundry Sunbaby IDs, and will not stop till I get a reply. Also, I've returned the stroller to Little Kangaroos and plan to pick up another one. This time, I will let Vijay choose it so that I can blame him for it later.


The internet connection: MTNL

And then there is stupid internet connection thingy. When I moved to Mumbai, I tried to get a broadband connection from every possible angle - but for some reason, nobody seemed to want to sell me one.

When we tried getting it from MTNL, there turned out to be some silly paperwork required because they had some address wrong in their records. After that, one fellow kept calling up and promising to come over, but did not. I finally called him and insisted that he come on a particular day. He showed up, all surly, and was quite rude even though I offered - and he accepted - some tea while he worked. The connection worked for two minutes and then there was some 'ADSL' problem, whatever the heck that means! And the guy still had the nerve to ask Vijay to pay him a 'service charge' - namely bribe/tip! Jerk.

Eventually, when it did not work, Vijay called some customer care number and got some senior people's mobile number - and after he spoke to them, miracle of miracles - the internet started working! The only problem after that was that I got no less than 22 follow up calls over the next few days. I am not kidding here, 22 calls - to ensure the internet was still working.

Typical conversation:

(Ring, ring)

The K: Halloo, Kaun? ....(handing the cordless phone to me) Logta hai bandh ho gaya
Me (taking the phone and pressing the talk button, with a weary sigh) Hello?
MTNL person: Hello? MTNL se bol rahen hai, aapka internet chaalu hai na?
Me: Haanji, par yeh mere ko eleventh...eleventhwa...gaira..gairwa call hai...aap phirse please mat call kijiye
MTNL person: Kya? Itne call aapko aaye? Aisa to nahin ho sakta. Achha, sorry.

(and so on, until call 22).

I have now trained the K to press the talk button when the phone rings, and say 'Haanji, kaam kar raha hai' as an answer to any question that is asked on the phone. So if you call me, please frame your desire to speak to me as a direct order and not a question - or you will get the same response from her, followed by the dial tone.


Internet connection 2: Reliance

And this one is just not funny. While I was trying to get the MTNL connection, I was also trying to get the Reliance Broadband thing. This idiot called Kunal spoke to me, sent a guy over to collect my documents and a cheque for Rs.500 and has disappeared - it's been over four weeks now and nothing, except promises to get the connection for me, or to refund my cheque.

For the last two weeks, he has been avoiding my calls. I am cleverly trying from different numbers, but he's one up on me because he is pretending to be a new person everytime I get through 'But Madam, I am Vicky, Kunal is on the other line' or 'But Madam, I am Sunil, the call has been forwarded to my number' - ending with the promise of 'I will find out and get back to you'. I don't mind calling again and again - he's got Shakira's Hips Don't Lie as a caller tune, and I like that song.

I am resisting the temptation to put his mobile number up here for all those of you who want to hear the song, too. There's enough nastiness in the bloggy world these days - and anyway, I would like to believe, as I do in the offline world - I'm one of the good guys.


My new hairband:

Finally, we went to Shopper's Stop the other day to buy something, and as we were leaving, I spotted just what I had been looking for - a guy was standing outside the store peddling rubberbands, hair clips and the like. I bought the stuff I needed from him, and then spotted this nice black and white hairband. I don't really wear hairbands, and have been especially wary of these since Abhishek Bachhan has started wearing one, but I couldn't resist picking it up and looking at it.

Me (examining hairband, unsure of whether it will fit): Yeh issi size mein aata hai?
Young Peddlar guy (glancing at baby in Vijay's arms) Haan, madam, yeh bilkul sahi size hai, baby ko barobar fit aayega.
Me (annoyed): Par mere ko apne liye chahiye.
Young Peddlar guy (with a wide grin, not a trace of shame, looking at my head which is at least twice the size of my four month old daughter's): Haan, madam, ye bilkul sahi size hai, aapko barobar fit aayega.

I glared at him for this obvious lie, but then could not resist the urge to burst into laughter at his cheeky grin, and at the cheek. I actually bought the darned hairband, too, paying around three times its actual value. He obviously charges a premium for standing outside Shopper's Stop.

Did I say I hate salespeople? I don't know, I kind of liked this guy, though. Still hate the others.


  1. Hypothetical(?) situation:
    "Hello, Y ghar mein hai kya?"
    "Haanji, kaam kar raha hai." :SLAM:

    Falling Apart Laughing

    Well, it makes sense except for the grammar, but knowing what "kaam kar raha hai" means in this case makes it side-splittingly hillybillarious!

  2. :falls off chair lafing:


    That was hilarious! BTW, m Suki's friend.

    Me mum's in BSNL (which is what the rest on the country has instead of MTNL, they are same basically) and I can understand the follow up calls. But even then, 22 is just ...ummm...fantastic!!! LMAO!

    It is typical government Red-Tapism. But at least they dont have agents who can scam you. :P (Yes, I like being on BSNL DataOne BB!!!)

  3. Y, don't mind the silly boy. He goes about advertising DataOne BroadBand everywhere he goes, LOL! I tell him his mother should pay him :P.

    BTW I really hope the pram thing works out. Salesmen, REALLY!

  4. call d bosses at reliance also! u've already trained K, so fear not the follow-up! :D
    hairband barobar fit aaya kya?

  5. I will call and ask "Y ghar pe kaam kar rahi hain kya???"

  6. ok, you had me giggling through all the stories....canot figure which one made me slip off my chair.

    see thats why i go through all the mommy bloggers in the morning before starting work, atleast one of them will put a smile to my grouchy face.

  7. LOL LOL. Funny stories all of them.

    Pssst Go for McLaren if you want a "real" stroller, you will not be spending your time with sales people. Then again, it's wonderful blog material :)

  8. juniors is pretty good. inexpensive and reliable. and i know it's available in india.

  9. My dear friend Y, whatever can I say?
    No matter how I try I can't think today
    Comment? I can't
    Rant? I shan't
    It's all work for me and alas, no play

  10. Ha! For all my taste in music - I happen to like Shakira's hips dont lie too :) Oh btw - im just one of the millions who probably read your blog.


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